Elective C-section for a first time mum –

My baby was breech and as a full time mum the word ‘breech’ was incredibly scary and unknown, in fact I cried my eyes out when the sonographer told me at 35 weeks, to then be given my options from the doctor moments later… “c-section or to give birth with baby in the breech position”… (yes that’s a thing 😱). As a first time mum who wanted the “perfect” birth, drug free, a water birth and all that jazz, the word ‘caesarean’ scared the life out of me however I now realise I really had nothing to worry about. Society makes you feel like if you didn’t give birth naturally, then you didn’t really give birth to your baby and people will commonly use the word “easy” and say “at least you didn’t have to go through all that pain” apart from the fact that you just had major abdominal surgery but hey 🤷🏻‍♀. I also found that every time you mentioned the dreaded C word (caesarean / c-section) everyone’s reaction is of horror and would normally tell you how they are sorry and would treat you as if you just had some really bad news, which made me feel like it was the worst case scenario … I feel so annoyed that I let myself feel this way, as it is fair from reality!!

Once I took a few days of feeling sorry for myself, I choose what was right for me and baby and booked in to have an elective c-section. I started to turn the negatives into positives & thought to myself, at least I won’t be 2 weeks late bouncing on a ball, eating hot curry’s and I won’t need that jug of water to wee with days after 🙋🏻‍♀😂

Leading up to the day I was terrified of everything surrounding the word “theatre” and I can hand on heart say I worked myself up for nothing!! Everyone that is involved in a c-section are amazingly supportive and instantly make you feel very relaxed. Everyone introduced themselves to me beforehand and talked me through everything and didn’t do or start anything without my permission. Yes it was nerve wrecking but I’m sure that feeling stands for whichever way you give birth. To be completely honest, your partners are the ones to watch, mine had to sit on the floor before fainting (massive eye rolls) 🙄🙈😂.

I hope by anyone reading this will reassure them that a c-section isn’t a bad situation but it is actually just as positive as giving birth naturally and to remember that you definitely DID give birth to your baby and it definitely wasn’t the “easy” option!!! Attending the antenatal classes with TBTBC, definitely helped me feel more prepared & less nervous. One of their classes is based on educating you & your partner of every possible birth scenario (definitely my favourite class out of the 4) and if it wasn’t for acting out what happens in a c-section and explaining the role of everyone in the room, then I definitely wouldn’t of been as mentally strong as I felt after attending their classes.

I think from all of this I’ve learnt that however you give birth / choose to give birth & however your friends & family gave birth, that you are amazing and no matter how you did it, what our body’s can do as women are truly incredible and something to be immensely proud of. I’ve gained a whole new level of respect for us women!! We truly are bloody AMAZING! 💪🏼✨

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