Hypnobirthing Cheltenham






Hypnobirthing Cheltenham


Hypnobirthing Cheltenham is a one- day hypnobirthing course is led by midwife, Beth. We like to think that hypnobirthing with us is that bit different. We have a very realistic approach to birth from helping labouring mothers all the time as midwives. A realistic approach though certainly doesn’t mean negative, it doesn’t mean we think “things go wrong.” We are big believers that all births, including the inductions, cesareans and forcep births can be amazing! This is what we want you to learn on this day. How to cope with labour in all situations and what you can do to make your birth calm and amazing in all situations. By doing this, you are then less likely to have intervention anyway. So it’s a win win!!


You will leave this day feeling excited for your birth and set with a toolbox of techniques to keep you feeling calm and in control (you guessed it!) … for all situations.


This day is always at one of our favourite hotels and spas. This is to give a relaxing feel to the day, plus as the day is always over lunch time we always pick a place where we know the food is going to be tasty. 


Course details:




Venue: Greenways Hotel and Spa, Shurdington.


Time: 10 am – 4 pm






Upcoming dates:


 We are currently not running these classes due to lockdown restrictions.. We are SOO EXCITED to start these back up in the spring for those due in the Summer. Please let us know if you would like to be added to a wait list for these classes by sending us a message through our contact us page. 




Is this course right for me?




This course is right for you if you have a uterus with a baby in it and you’d like to feel good about the birth. If you’re a first time, second time… 5th time mama then you would benefit from this day. The best time to come is any time from 24 weeks. Women have come as late as past their due date and still said what an amazing birth they had thanks to this day.


Partners/Husbands/Birth Partners- whoever is going to be with you on the day- is welcome onto this course.


This day doesn’t cover the ‘What Happens’ and anything on how to care for a newborn, so I would suggest if this is your first baby to come to antenatal classes too. You get a discount of 30% off hypnobirthing if you are doing antenatal classes with us.






What does the day include?




Everything you need to know about how to get a great birth.


Audios and hypnobirthing tracks for you to continue your practice at home.


A Hypnobirthing book, to refer to if you need to.




As much support as you need via phone or email up until your birth.




Why do The Bump to Baby Chapter Hypnobirthing?




The courses are led by midwives, meaning that the information is current, realistic and relevant. We do a 3 year degree to become a midwife and have done a hypnobirthing course on top of this. Most hypnobirthing teachers aren’t midwives, which means that you get the wealth of knowledge abput birth that comes from being with birthing women all the time.


No one has ever.. EVER.. left a review less than 5*. Those who do hypnobirthing with us always shout about their births from the rooftops.


You get FREE access to Post Natal courses on sleep, colic & reflux and weaning for after you have had the baby.


TBTBC run the buggy walks in Cheltenham too as we want to give new Mums that support network, where they may need it most.


TBTBC Won The Best Pregnancy Support Service in Gloucestershire.




How do I book?




To get involved in TBTBC hypnobirthing then click on the button below. When you book, please pop the course date that you would like to come along to in the order notes You can choose to pay in full by card or PayPal or you can choose to pay by direct bank transfer and pay a £50 deposit to secure your place. The remaining balance will need to be cleared 14 days prior to the course starting. You can pay in as many installments as you like, please use your surname or order number as a reference.