Feel calm and

confident about giving birth




Hypnobirthing online UK

You want the birth of your baby to be a calmpositive, empowering experience…


…but you can’t help overhearing the stories about births that left mothers feeling out of control, overwhelmed and scared.

The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course…

Will give you the information and tools you need to help you remain positive and feel in control in all birth scenarios.

Is led by qualified UK midwife, Beth, who has helped hundreds of women have a positive birth. This course will help you feel excited and calm at the thought of birth.

Our in person equivalent won The Best Pregnancy Support Service in the county.

Unlike many, our courses are priced to make them affordable to ALL pregnant women - a POSITIVE BIRTH shouldn't cost the earth!

What’s included:

35 Online Videos

Over 3 hours of videos covering all aspects of labour and birth. You can watch these videos as many times as you want, at a convenient time.

Checklists and Cheatsheets

Takes the guess work out of what you need for labour as well as post birth cheat sheets for mum, dad and baby.

Relaxation Audios

Downloadable audios to go in your toolbox of techniques to create calmness for your birth.

Ask questions to qualified midwives

Ask questions in our private group and get answers from qualified professionals.

A supportive Facebook group

Chat with other mums to be in our friendly Facebook group

All presented by Beth, a qualified midwife

Based on her experience at hundreds of births combined with scientific research.

What’s covered? Too many things to list them all here but the course includes:

Labour Stages

What to expect at each stage of labour including when to go to hospital and when to call your midwife for a home birth.

Reduce Vaginal Tears

You’ll know what to do to reduce your chances of this happening. And if it does happen, you’ll have all the tools so that you can sit more comfortably whilst cuddling up with your baby.

Cope with Contractions

You’ll be able to understand more about contractions and have techniques to use at home, in the car or in the hospital so that you’ll be welcoming your contractions when they come.

Calm Cesarean Births

How to make sure that you feel calm throughout, what to expect and ways to help recovery.

Smoother Birth

How to decide if interventions are necessary. How to avoid the unnecessary ones and how to make sure that you feel in control at all times.

Shorten Labour

You’ll be able to do things to increase your chances of a shorter labour and have the techniques to see you through a labour that might be lasting longer.

Start Labour Naturally

How to help baby come without an induction and also how to embrace inductions when they are necessary. How to make inductions a part of your great birth.

I did your wonderful online course with this pregnancy and it was a game changer! 


The course was just the best thing I purchased during pregnancy!


This course will teach you to feel confident about birth in all scenarios. Having a positive birth experience is about more than just one day.

Women who have a positive birth…

  • Are more likely to feel emotionally well in the post natal time

  • Bond better with their baby

  • Have a higher likelihood of breastfeeding (if that was their chosen feeding method)

  • Report their birth as a great experience

Take a sneaky peek inside the course here to see why people are calling it their “Best Pregnancy  Purchase”

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With GAME CHANGING downloadable checklists like these…


  • 35 videos
  • Preparation checklists
  • Hospital checklists
  • Ceasarean ‘What to expect’
  • Relaxation audios to download
  • And lots more

But, you don’t have to just take my word for it…

About Me 

Hi I’m Beth! I’m a midwife in the UK, mother of 4 and all round birth nerd 🤓

I started The Bump to Baby Chapter, with the aim of fully preparing Mums-to-be to have a calm birth in ALL birth situations.

I truly believe that having the right information lets mothers and their birth partners know exactly what they can do to have a great birth and step into motherhood the right way.

You can read more about my story here.

 Frequently Asked Questions


Is this course right for me?


This hypnobirthing and antenatal course is right for you if you have a uterus with a baby in it and you’d like to feel good about the birth. If you’re a first time, second time… 5th time mama then you would benefit from this course. You can start the course anytime from 20 weeks pregnant to 42 weeks pregnant (ideally the sooner the better.)


Why should I do The Bump to Baby Chapter Hypnobirthing over other online Hypnobirthing courses ?


The hypnobirthing and antenatal course is led by a UK midwife, meaning that the information is current, realistic and relevant. We do a 3 year degree to become a midwife in the UK and have done a UK hypnobirthing course on top of this. Most hypnobirthing teachers aren’t midwives, which means that from us at The Bump to Baby Chapter, you get the wealth of our knowledge about birth that comes from being with birthing women all the time.

Those who do our course always shout about their births from the rooftops.

You get access to our Facebook The Bump to Baby Chapter Online Group.

You get to feel excited about your birth and fully prepared in the lead up. And if you don’t.. you get your money back!

Why is the course only £34?

Following my (Beth founder of Bump to Baby Chapter) experience of how Hypnobirthing can make all the difference to your birth experience I wanted to make a positive birth accessible to all women. Which is why I have priced the course at the insanely low £34. The content and community is easily worth 10x this but you can get it all for just £34 (yes, really!)