Online Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Course




Online Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Course

How to Have A Great Birth



Is this course right for me?


This course is right for you if you have a uterus with a baby in it and you’d like to feel good about the birth. If you’re a first time, second time… 5th time mama then you would benefit from this course.


Why do The Bump to Baby Chapter Hypnobirthing?


The course is led by a midwife, meaning that the information is current, realistic and relevant. We do a 3 year degree to become a midwife and have done a hypnobirthing course on top of this. Most hypnobirthing teachers aren’t midwives, which means that from us at The Bump to Baby Chapter, you get the wealth of our knowledge about birth that comes from being with birthing women all the time.

No one has ever.. EVER.. left a review less than 5*. Those who do our course always shout about their births from the rooftops.

You get access to our Facebook The Bump to Baby Chapter Online Group.

You get to feel excited about your birth and fully prepared in the lead up. And if you don’t.. you get your money back!


Get access for £49.


What does the online course include ?


The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Online Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Course is designed to make sure that you are fully prepared and ready for all birth scenarios. It provides you with a tool box of techniques so that you can cope with contractions or feel calm during your cesarean birth. This course is by a midwife, meaning that not only does this course give you all the hypnobirthing techniques of other courses and books out there, it provides practical birth tips and what to expect in the birth process from a midwife who sees birth all the time- from inductions, to waterbirths to cesarean births and all that’s in between.


From this online course…


  • You will know what you can start doing NOW in your pregnancy to get yourself birth ready and stack the odds in your favour to get the birth you want.
  • You will have downloadable checklists from birth preference lists to hopsital bag checklists to post natal recovery tips so that you can get organised and prepped for birth.
  • You will have a tool box of techniques so that whether you’re having a home birth, hospital birth or an induction you will know what to do to be able to cope with contractions.
  • You will know what you can do to reduce your chances of having intervention and having a vaginal tear.
  • You will know how to make decisions in your pregnancy, labour or birth so that you always feel like you’re in control.
  • Your birth partner will know how best to support you during labour. How to keep you calm and how to talk to your healthcare team so you can get the birth you want.
  • You will actually feel excited for birth after this course.


Get access for £49.


We like to think that this online hypnobirthing and anteanatal course is that bit different. We have a very realistic approach to birth from helping labouring mothers all the time as midwives. A realistic approach though certainly doesn’t mean negative, it doesn’t mean we think “things go wrong.” We are big believers that all births, including the inductions, cesareans and forcep births can be amazing! This is what we want you to learn through this course. How to cope with birth in all situations and what you can do to make your birth calm and amazing in all situations. By doing this, you are then less likely to have intervention anyway. So it’s a win win!!

You will finish this course and you will feel excited for your birth and set to go with a toolbox of techniques to keep you feeling calm and in control (you guessed it!) … for all situations.