The Baby Chapter

Having your back for the first 6 months of parenthood.





So you want to feel ready & confident for life with a baby, but you don’t know how to sieve through the duff advice from relatives and online. You want to prepare yourself for any challenges you may face but you’re not sure what questions to even ask.

The Baby Chapter is an Online Post Natal Course…

To give you the information and tools you need to help support you & your baby from immediately post birth til your baby’s 6 months old.

Designed by Beth, a midwife and mother of 4, alongside her favourite baby and new Mum pro’s to give you the most up to date advice on answers to the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.

Is priced to make it affordable for all the expectant parents who want to prep for the first few months with a baby.

What’s covered:

What is to be expected in the first few weeks after a baby

From your post natal body to the support you’ll get from your midwifery and health visitor team.

Caring for your baby

From washing your baby to cord care, dry skin and how to change a nappy. Your baby care 101 and what to expect with your newborn.


Oh the million dollar question… “How to get my baby to sleep?!” This section will cover what’s normal in a baby’s sleep pattern, why broken sleep goes hand in hand with having a baby and how to encourage your baby to sleep.

Feeding your baby

From how to start your breastfeeding journey smoothly, to challenges you may face. To bottle feeding expressed milk and making up formula milk. All information is inclusive & free from judgement.

Colic & Reflux

This is from a more holistic approach. Opening your eyes to a baby’s recovery after birth and how this may impact life with a baby.


And when the time comes (around 6months) … Peadeatric Dietician Raph, will tell you everything you need to know about starting to give solid food. She’ll give you the low down on the debates and bust some myths for your weaning chapter.

Plus lots more from when to see a physiotherapist to your mental wellbeing as a new parent.

What’s included:

Over 45 short videos

Layed out in sections for you to watch and refer back to as you please. You can watch these in your own time and you have unlimited access to the course.

Downloadable Cheatsheets

Handy graphs and tables for you to refer to. From a baby’s nap guide to storage of expressed breastmilk.

Access to a Facebook support group

Chat with other mamas in our online village (Private FB group)

Ask questions to pros

With different health professionals doing Q&As for you regularly in the FB group to answer anything that comes up whilst in your Baby Chapter. Emails also welcomed for non FB users.

I am loving The Baby Chapter course. This is my second baby and I cannot believe how much I’ve still learnt, many tips that would have seriously helped me first time! I love that the course is presented by a qualified midwife, and then a host of other experts!


I have completed both the birth course and the baby course. I’m yet to have my baby, but I definitely feel a lot more confident about both. I’m going to keep referring to the videos too when baby comes along!


Take a sneaky peek inside the course here…

Click below to see inside the course

With GAME CHANGING downloadable checklists like these…


  • 45 videos
  • Post Natal Plan
  • Guides and tables to refer to
  • And lots more

But, you don’t have to just take my word for it…

I started the online post natal course when by baby was 13 weeks old, a bit dubious as I knew that a large chunk of the course wouldn’t apply to me. How wrong was I!! The sleep section is worth it’s weight in gold. It made an instant difference to by baby’s sleep, and therefore my sleep too. Plus, the videos for me and my mum bod I have started too, the physio exercises have been particularly helpful and something that I would not have known the importance of had I not got involved. There’s a weaning section too and more on sleep for the 4 month sleep regression, which I have to look forward too… I think!!  


I wish I had this with my previous 2 babies. It would have saved me a lot of time on Google!



About Me 

Hi I’m Beth! I’m a midwife, mother of 4 and all round birth nerd 🤓

I started The Bump to Baby Chapter, with the aim of fully preparing Mums-to-be to have a calm birth in ALL birth situations. 

But after birth can come more challenges from life with a newborn and the change that being a new mother and father can bring. I’m a big believer that knowledge is power so to give you the information that is not under my midwife hat, I gathered up those who were pros in their field.

These are all women who I have met along my own Bump to Baby Chapter, to those who have helped me with my own babies and post natal body and those who I have supported through pregnancy. They are all mothers and professionals with such knowledge and wisdom to share.

 Frequently Asked Questions


Is this course right for me?

There is a vast amount of information in this course so you may find it useful to dip in and out of it during your life with a baby or you may prefer to watch it all in pregnancy and then refer back to the parts as and when it comes up. You can get involved at any point from pregnancy to after baby is here. The later you join, the less sections in the course you would find useful. For example, if you enrol at the latest time of 6months then you may only find the weaning section applies to you. The course is useful for those on their first baby and also if it’s their 4th or 5th baby! Each baby and each post natal time is different.

Why is the course only £34?

I believe that all parents should have the knowledge that would help them in parenthood. The content and community is easily worth 10x this but putting a chunky price tag on it would not help me get this out to as many parents as possible. I’m a woman on a mission to help change the narrative surrounding birth and the way we support families after.


Why should I do TBTBC?

The course is made up of many different experts in their fields, from midwives to peadeatricians, to physiotherapists, to cranial osteopaths, psychotherapists and sleep consultants. This is to give you evidence based advice. But we all also and above all are mothers, so all advice that we give comes from a place of both compassion but also empowerment. We are big on championing women and are all in our fields of work because we want to improve the lives of women and their families stepping into motherhood.