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The Ultimate Birth Affirmations

How to use Birth Affirmations in pregnancy? Everyone has their sayings that they repeat in their head when they need a little pick me up. It might be a, “ Come on... You’ve got this!” before you stand in front of your team to do a presentation at work or “Stay calm,...

Emily’s Positive Birth

Imogen Theia (Immy) ~22/10/2020 at 10.26am ~8lb 12~40.3 weeks ~First time parents ~Waterbirth at MLU using tens and breathing techniques ~Positive transfer for placenta removal A huge thank you for this course, it taught me everything I needed to know for birth. I...

Natalie’s Positive Induction Birth Story

This positive induction birth story is with Natalie’s first baby. She used breathing techniques, hypnobirthing & encouragement from her husband.

Positive Cesarean Birth – Emma’s Story

Emma Litchfield Birth Story – Unplanned ‘elective C – Section' -Hector Andrew Litchfield   I just want to start this Birth Story by letting you know that you can have a positive birth even if it ended up being something you never even imagined.   My story starts 6...

Georgie’s Positive VBAC

This positive birth VBAC story is with Georgie’s second baby. She used breathing techniques, hypnobirthing and had a positive water birth

What you can do to reduce vaginal tears in birth?

Ok ok I get it.. it’s not the most nicest of subjects to talk about and I’m sure you’re all crossing your legs as you read this 😵. But rather than focusing on how horrid this may be or worse still sticking your head in the sand, start thinking about what YOU are going...

Creating An Ideal Birth Environment

Your Birth Environment - Why is Birth Environment So Important? Have you ever noticed how much you act from your environmental cues. Your Mum pops over with a plate of cookies and she leaves them on your dining room table. You weren’t hungry, but now you’re eating a...

What is Hypnobirthing? Facts or Fantasy.

If you’ve landed on this page then I’m sure you’ve heard this term thrown around many times ... I’m sure you have heard it talked about amongst those positive birth stories but wonder whether it is all too good to be true. A good birth is something that only happens...

Alice’s Birth Story

Positive birth story - Induction - FTM - 40+11 My induction was booked on November 3rd at 40+11 after 2 unsuccessful sweeps. The pessary was inserted at 11am and I was told they would check my cervix in 24 hours and see if any progress was made. I started watching...

Positive Birth Stories: Jessica- Big Baby

Positive birth stories big baby…. This birth story is Jessica’s 3rd baby, a big baby. She used breathing techniques, hypnobirthing and had a waterbirth.

The Bump Chapter

Vic’s Story

Vic’s Story

#MeetTheTeam This is Vic.... she is the newest member of TBTBC squad and has been doing lots of behind the scenes bits and bobs. Here is her story ❤️ I thought it was about time I removed my head from the sand and came to say hello! My name is Vic and for the last 8...

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Matt’s Birth Story – A Dads perspective 💥

Matt’s Birth Story – A Dads perspective 💥

This story made me ball like a baby 😭 What a tribute to his wife & new baby girl. Thanks for sharing your story with us Matt 🦸🏻‍♂️🦸🏻‍♀️ A birth story……..From a first time Father 💥 After my partner had started having contractions on Friday night she gave birth to...

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The Birth Chapter

What are the pros and cons of an epidural?

What are the pros and cons of an epidural?

Epidural anaesthesia is a local anaesthetic that’s injected between two vertebra in your back. It usually removes all pain and most feeling from the waist down. The epidural anaesthetic numbs the nerves that carry the pain impulses from the birth canal to the brain....

The Baby Chapter

Things To Celebrate From 2019

Things To Celebrate From 2019

2019 was my third year doing The Bump to Baby Chapter and it was a wild one. Wild like in this above photo wild, surviving the nights, managing 2 young children at home, writing blogs and scheduling emails at 2am with a baby on my boob, or walking around with her on...

Breaking Dad

Breaking Dad

As I lie on the floor trying to write this, with my 7 month year old daughter crawling all over me, clawing at my note pad, shrieking in my ear and doing her best to be impossibly cute, I’m ashamed to admit to how I’ve felt before;...