Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This birth story is with first time mum Laura who delivered baby Robyn via cesarean section. Laura’s labour progressed naturally, but following some dips with her baby’s heart rate Laura used EBRAN to decide a section was the best option for delivery. Laura describes her cesarean section as a calm experience.

In the early hours of Monday 30th morning I had some period type pains which came and went, from about 5am, but they eased off after a few hours. So I got up and carried on with my day,  went for a walk etc. Around 5pm that evening the period cramps got going again. I settled on the sofa with Greys Anatomy and just tried to relax to see of things would happen. They slowly started ramping up a bit, bouncing on my ball helped. My husband cooked tea and we had some dinner. By 7ish they were definitely coming stronger so I ran myself a bath, spent 2 hours in there and used my breathing when each contraction came. 

Once I got out I felt it was time to call the hospital, just to let them know things were starting and we’d probably be in at some point. They told me to call when when the contractions were closer together. I then had my bloody show, which did panic me slightly, I knew to expect it from the course, but it was more than I thought it would be. I called triage back and they reassured me this was normal. 

My husband helped me put the Tens machine on which definitely helped. I got to the point where it was too uncomfortable to sit down so I spent my time swaying through my contractions. The worst part of the pain was in the tops of my thighs! It was around 11pm so got into bed and tried to rest. This lasted about 10 minutes as I just felt I had to be upright and moving. Would definitely recommend a Tens machine!

Things continued to ramp up and we called the hospital just before 2am and they said to come in. We arrived and they checked me and I was 5cm! They didn’t have a bed on delivery suite so advised we go for a walk (not ideal). Though I did appreciate the fresh air. After another hour or so we went back and waited to be taken to delivery. Finally got taken around 3 hours later. I’d asked for gas and air by this point, would also 100% recommend! I carried on swaying through my contractions. 

Unfortunately there were no pools, but once in our delivery room they ran me a bath, which was so nice. Obviously had to take the Tens off, but still had the gas and air. I think my waters may of went at this point, but it was hard to say!Midwife checked me at 7am and I was 6cm, was a bit disappointed as I felt things had ramped up so was hoping to be further along. She asked if she could break my waters if they hadn’t gone and I agreed. There wasn’t much water, but once this was done things definitely went up a gear. I found I’d have one stronger contraction which was much harder to breathe through and then one not so bad. Again, the worst pain in my thighs, but I still didn’t want to sit down!

Around 9am they checked me again and I was 7cm, at this point I was exhausted and asked if there was anything else I could have. They didn’t want to give me pethidine as babies heartbeat was a little low at times, so suggested an epidural. This wasn’t in my plan at all, but after reading through the risks I decided to do it, so I could get a bit or rest and hopefully relax to speed things along. They wanted to do a blood test from babies head to check oxygen levels and also put the monitor on her head. Not going to lie, in between contractions this was not pleasant, the gas and air got me through. 

Once they’d done that they administered the epidural and I have to say it was amazing! Took around 20 minutes to kick in, but wow. I could finally relax a bit. My husband went to get some food at this point. The bloods from baby came back on the edge of normal so they said they would monitor and repeat in an hour and I seemed to be stuck at 8cm dilated. Baby had also turned back to back.I wasn’t allowed to eat in case of c section so to watch my husband eat a toastie and lemon muffin, so jealous.

The blood test was repeated and the result was just below normal. Her heart rate was dipping on and off so they advised they thought a section would be best to get her out safely and the fact I hadn’t progressed any further than 8cm.. I cried at this point, think out of exhaustion and being overwhelmed. But I knew it was best for her and me. 

The section was actually so calm and despite my husband nearly passing out in the corner it was such a calm experience! Our beautiful girl was born at 12.48pm weighing 6lb 10 and was worth every single second of pain / discomfort. I’d do it all again for her. 

Even though it wasn’t what I wanted at all and nothing went to plan, the course definitely prepared me for every outcome and I felt calm making decisions. Technically the section was classed as an emergency, but I never ever felt panicked and I would say I had a positive birth!

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