⭐Positive birth story⭐

Our little girl was born 6.50am 6th November 7lb 6oz.

Thanks to this course I was really relaxed about giving birth, I felt that she had to come out and there was no point in worrying about what might happen but I felt I had the knowledge to deal with anything as it came. I was lucky there were no complications but I think being so relaxed helped.

Started contractions Thursday evening and gave the hospital a ring when I got to 5 minutes apart, they told me to ring back when I got to 2-3 minutes apart. So rang back then and my waters had broken by then too and they said it’s up to you if you want to wait at home longer or come in so I waited another hour just using the tens machine at home. This bit I found a bit weird because I had no idea how far along things were and didn’t want to get there to be sent home again.  When I was assessed at 3 or 4am I was 6cm so they called my partner for me who was waiting in the car park and then he was with me throughout.  

I hadn’t made a plan but I liked the idea of the pool and there was one on the delivery suite so I spent most of labour in there. They needed me to get out to check if I was ready to push and once I did I couldn’t be bothered to get back in so gave birth not long after at 6.50 am.

I had been doing all the things recommended to avoid tearing but she came out with her hand over her face so did tear a bit but had a bit of gas and air while they did the stitches and it was actually nothing like as bad as I imagined.

Thanks to Beth for all the advice through the course and thanks to everyone in the group for being so supportive of eachother x

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