Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story is with first time mum Gemma, who after 6 episodes of reduced movement used EBRAN to make the informed decision to have an induction. Gemma describes her birth so positively, and her power photos are just incredible!

⭐️ Vaginal birth – gas and air, tens machine, paracetamol and codeine ⭐️
⚠️ Induced on due date due to reduced movement concerns

🌸 Arabella Blossom Thomas 🌸
Due date – 5th May, born on 7th May at 2:13am weighing 8lb 1oz

After six episodes of reduced movement during my third trimester, I accepted an induction on my due date following the guidance of the consultant and using EBRAN. I had three sweeps between 38+5 and 39+5, each time I had cramps and lost more of my mucus plug. I’m of the opinion this helped because I was ‘favourable’ and 1cm when my first induction gel was inserted at 12 noon on Wednesday 5th May! I had to stay in hospital for the gel, which is really what I didn’t want! I’d requested the Foleys Balloon induction so I could go home for 24 hours but this was advised to be ineffective as my body had already began to dilate.

 From 10pm Wednesday to 5am Thursday I was contracting every 3-5 mins – this was bloody intense! I really felt them so was freaked that established labour would be unbearable! I used my Tens machine, codeine and breathing techniques to get through them. I was alone in hospital that night which also made it pretty scary! But the breathing and Tens really helped me through.

By the time my husband arrived at hospital to visit at 9am the contractions had stopped. I was fed up that I’d gone through constant contractions for them to suddenly stop! At 12:30 I was 2-3cm and felt like my hard night had been for nothing! I tried to stay positive but honestly I felt really down and scared by this point. Another gel was inserted to help get things moving again. At 1pm we went for a walk round the hospital, I made it to the car park and had four strong contractions! They made me loose my breath so up we went back to the ward to pop the tens on again. More codine, a few big hugs from my husband and a cry at the midwife got us examined earlier than they wanted to – to my delight I was 4cm and could go to the labour ward!! It was now 2:30 and I was adamant I was having an epidural as the pain contractions were super close and I was panicking a bit! How would I get through this!?

We were wheeled to the labour ward where I was introduced to gas and air – bloody hell this stuff was UNREAL! Suddenly I was having a great time – I mean it! Music on, dim lights, essential oils, bouncing on my ball, tens machine and gas and air. The next hours flew by as I was high on the gas and air! I felt empowered, strong and realised I totally had this! (See pic if my power stance) At around 5:30pm my waters were broken and I was about 6cm, the midwives were really happy with this and said by breaking my waters I shouldn’t need the hormone drip as my body was doing it all naturally. 10:00pm came, still vibing with the music, bouncing away, dim lights etc and I was 8cm!  At this point I asked for codeine – the midwife tried to insist I had pethidine as I was becoming pretty tired. I insisted on the codeine. Much to her surprise this really took the edge off the final few hours where I fully dilated by midnight! The tens was on full whack and the gas and air being used to the full. 

It was time to push! I tried to be upright and forward on the hospital bed but after an hour of pushing like this the babies heart rate was dropping. I was sitting on the bed upright like an armchair, gas and air still being used. What amazed me is that by this point the tens machine was too strong! I just used the boost every time I pushed but it was turned way down. I’d expected this bit to hurt the most but it just felt like a huge relief! I pushed like I’ve never had in my life – found this way harder than I expected because the calm breathing goes out the window! And I was so focused on that before so it was like undoing what I’d practised so much!

Anyway, and hour of pushing and Arabella arrived at 2:13am! I didn’t need to be cut – To my amazement as I knew this kind of position would be harder for her to navigate through. A few stitches were needed as I had a 2nd degree tear but that was it! That didn’t hurt having had anaesthetic down there, and I didn’t didn’t feel the tear happen which I’d worried about so much. (Four days later and I’d never know that I’ve had stitches down there).

I am in absolute awe of my body – this birth was a scary scenario for me on paper, I’d desperately wanted a water birth – but hand on heart it was the best experience of my life. I’m blown away by how my body worked and how strong I was in the moment if it all. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! This course taught me to see the positives, let go of what you can’t control and focus on my breathing. Thank you so much Beth Kitt for this course – It wouldn’t have been the positive experience it was without you.

To all other women – you CAN do this! And you will rock it!! X

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