Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This birth story is with first time mum Amy. Amy was advised by a consultant to have an induction at 39 weeks due to her baby showing a low weight at growth scans. Amy used EBRAN to decide to agree to an induction and delivered her son Theodore the following day.

👶🏼 Positive birth story 👶🏼 Introducing Theodore Arthur James Hogan born 27th July 2021 at 5.52pm weighing 6lbs 5oz. FTM, born at 39 + 1 via induction.

We’d had a relatively straight forward pregnancy with some growth scans at 33/34/35 weeks due to little one measuring on the 10th percentile. At my 35 week scan they explained that while baby was measuring small they were happy with how he was progressing as he had stayed on the 10th percentile line and been progressing each week. They booked me for a reassurance scan at 39 weeks just to be on the safe side. I felt completely reassured from the previous scans, however at our 39 week scan little one had dropped below and was sitting in between the 3rd and 10th percentile line.

After a 3 hour wait 😩 we finally got to speak to the on call consultant who recommended that due to the decline in baby’s growth we go for an induction. The consultant also explained that due to babies positioning they were unable to assess the blood flow to babies brain. After using EBRAN we decided to go ahead with the induction the consultant explained that they would check the next available date.

At this point I thought we would maybe have a couple of days and asked for a sweep as I had already been experiencing some contractions on and off. The consultant agreed that I could have a sweep to see if I could get things moving on my own. At 6pm the consultant came back and had booked us in for an induction at 8pm that evening! They explained that there would be no need to do a sweep as I would be checked then and they try to limit the amount of examinations you have due to the risk of infection. 

We had a mad dash home to eat, get our stuff and get our heads around what was happening and arrived at the labour ward around 8.30pm. I was put on a monitor and the first pessary was inserted at around 10pm, the midwife explained that I was already 1cm dilated and my cervix was about 1cm thick, at this point my husband had to leave. At 4.30am the next morning I was checked again and was 1-2cm dilated and my cervix was about half a cm thick and the second pessary was inserted. The midwife explained that they would look at breaking my waters the next morning, I’d been having on and off cramps since the first pessary was inserted so was hopeful things were moving in the right direction.

I couldn’t sleep and started to panic a little that I would be hooked up to monitors and stuck in a bed so I re-watched the course videos on inductions and read some positive birth stories.

I’d hoped for a water birth or a room with a bath/shower to use water as pain relief in labour so the next morning asked if I could have a bath. My little one had loved baths during pregnancy and it was almost like our time together where he would kick away so I actually got quite emotional at our last bath together and was really happy that I was able to have one last bath with him in my belly. It also really helped with the cramps and back ache! 

I was taken to the delivery suite at about 9.30am and started on antibiotics as I had tested positive for strep b in pregnancy. My husband joined me at 10am bringing lots and lots of snacks expecting to be here for the long haul! At 11am I was 2 cm and my waters were broken. The consultant explained that as I was a first time mum they usually put you straight on the oxytocin drip, I used EBRAN and asked for a couple of hours to see if I could get my contractions started on my own which they agreed. I stayed as mobile as I could and was bouncing away on the birthing ball. By 1pm I was having regular contractions about 2 in every 10 minutes, I was started on the oxytocin drip at this point as they weren’t as often as they would have liked and had to remain on constant monitoring.

At this point I was uncomfortable but was trying to put off pain relief as long as possible as I didn’t know how long the induction process would last. My midwife was incredible she explained all my pain relief options and we spoke about things we could do to stay as close to my birth preferences as possible. The lights were kept low and music was on in the back ground which helped distract me. I explained that I wanted to be as mobile as possible and wanted to give birth on all 4s as I’d learnt this was best from the course. 

Once the drip started things started to ramp up a little, I put on my tens machine and used my breathing in for 4 and out for 7 and kept bouncing away on my ball which I found during contractions really helped me focus, my husband also got out the lavender and put this on a flannel for me. At about 3pm things had started to get very intense I had put pain relief off as long as possible and started on gas and air. I was living my best life bouncing away on my ball with my gas and air, I had made my own playlist but was really enjoying listening to all the cheesy songs on smooth radio and remember singing away into the gas and air mouth piece 😂 

At 3.30pm things had gone up another level my midwife had asked me to get off the ball as I was bouncing too much they kept loosing contact with my little one. The bed was raised and I was bent over with my husband rubbing my back. I was contracting constantly for about 25-30 minutes the drip was turned down. After about 10 minutes things started to calm down a little and I was getting a break in between contractions but I was exhausted! 

At about 4-4.30 I felt like I needed to poo/push 😂 and asked the midwife if I could go. I cried to my husband and had my ‘I can’t do this’ moment I was so worried I still had hours to go. We decided that I would have some pethidine so I could have a little rest thinking I would still have hours for it to get out my system before my little one arrived! I told the midwife and she sent for some pethidine, while we were waiting still having my ‘I can’t do this’ moment my body started pushing for me and the midwife got me on the bed to check me at about 5.15pm I was 9 and a half cm dilated and ready to push! We didn’t have time for the pethidine but I didn’t want it at this point I was ready to meet my baby! 

We got on the bed and started to push I tried to push on all 4s but they kept loosing contact with little one and his heart rate kept dropping. The midwife suggested I get on my back and explained what was going on and that he needed to come out quickly due to his heart rate. I couldn’t quite get into a rhythm pushing and using gas and air and as little one needed to come quickly I was told to lay off. After 20 minutes of pushing I could feel babies head which was the best pain relief of all! Theo was born at 5.52pm and placed onto my chest which was the most incredible moment of my life. We were able to feel the cord pulsing and my husband was able to cut the cord which he loved! I did have the injection to help deliver the placenta as the midwife explained that haemorrhage is a side effect of the oxytocin drip so it would be best. I had a couple of grazes and we enjoyed lots of skin to skin and were able to get our first feed with some help from the midwife! 

We stayed in for 24 hours to Theo could be monitored as I had tested positive for strep B in pregnancy.

I had the most amazing birth experience and am so thankful for this course. It allowed me to remain focused and in control at all times and also helped me understand what was going on and how I could best help myself in labour. My husband was incredible he also watched the course videos and kept passing me water and Vaseline for my lips. He also kept telling me positive affirmations which really helped! I’m also so thankful that my husband did the course with me, he was amazing during my labour and knew exactly what to expect and he remained calm throughout. I’m so glad that we both got to enjoy our son being born into this world 💙

I absolutely loved every moment of my pregnancy and labour I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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