Her whole face lights up when she looks in my eyes, like my eyes are the best thing she’s ever seen.

When she hears my voice, even when it’s just a whisper, she stops to hear me. And even though she can’t yet understand what I’m saying she hangs off my every word.

My body, with all its lumps and bumps is the comfiest place to sleep, better than any Premier Inn mattress. My skin is more comforting to her than the finest Egyptian cotton.

She’ll cry when she feels alone, her bottom lip will turn upside down and when I hold her close she knows that she is safe. The closer the better.

To her.. My boobs are the best boobs in town!

This baby of mine so small and new knows nothing more than me.

Soon her eyes will look far past me at this beautiful world…

She will know the mayhem of her siblings and the dog. Her face will light up when she sees them. She will enjoy colour and toys, or Peppa Pig. She will see the trees, flowers, hills and shout “I can see the sea!” With the same look on her face how she looks at me now.

She’ll get excited at the sound of her Daddy coming home from work, her siblings waking up in the morning. Soon her favourite nursery rhyme, her favourite band, her most inspirational teacher will be the sounds that grab her attention.

She’ll no longer fall asleep in my arms. She will want her space. She’ll want a big toddler bed, she’ll learn to nap on journeys in the car, she’ll want her own room. Soon sleepovers will be the best thing to do on a Saturday night.

She’ll find safety in others, her Daddy, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends. She will learn independence, freedom and will enjoy her time away from me with others she will grow to love.

She will soon be weaning and loving the tastes of things other than milk. She’ll discover the wonders of chocolate and spices and feel the excitement of going to McDonalds.

I’m looking forward to her exploring and discovering the world, watching her find wonder in it all. But for this moment whilst she’s little and cwtched up next to me I’m going to enjoy being her only world 🌍.

Soak in your little ones as well as the sunshine this weekend.