I started writing this blog at 38 weeks pregnant. Sooo pregnant that this baby needs to be born soon but far too pregnant to get up off my lazy arse and do something about it! So I have compiled a list on things that can be done that doesn’t involve hiking hills.

1. Raspberry leaf tea– This is something that can be drank from about 34 weeks pregnant. Lots of women say that it helps with avoiding going over due, raspberry leaf tea is something that tones the uterus. What some research shows is that it makes your pushing stage shorter, I’m guessing because your uterus is so toned from drinking all that tea that your contractions may be stronger. Either way this one is always worth a try as you can drink a cuppa whilst sat down scrolling Instagram. Plus you don’t even have to leave your house for it, I got mine on Amazon Prime 👌🏼. (Not to be used by women who have scars on the uterus from previous caesareans or surgery)

2. Dates- Another one that can be taken from 34 weeks. So 6 dates a day for 6 weeks prior to your due date and some research has shown that this means that you are less likely to have an induction and also less likely to have a hormone drip in labour. Again, for this one you can just sit down, chill out and eat dates. To make this one really lazy you could even send out hubby to the supermarket to get them.

3. Clary Sage- Mix a couple of drops in some oil and you can rub this one on your bump, or you can put some drops in a cup of milk then mix it in the bath. Clary sage is a utero tonic, which means that it can stimulate the uterus to contract. This one should only be used from term and shouldn’t be used if you’re having a VBAC.

4. Bouncing on a birth ball- In front of the TV (as this is a lazy girls guide after all!) This will get baby into an optimum position to navigate through your pelvis. Also, remember U.F.O- being Upright and Forward means your pelvis is Open an extra 28%. it also means that gravity is lending a helping hand encouraging baby’s head to put extra pressure on your cervix.

5. Nipple stimulation – One of the most effective ways to kick start labour. Stimulating your nipples makes your body produce oxytocin, which is the hormone that causes contractions.

6. Hot curry- Order this by take out if you can’t be bothered to cook. There is some truth in this old wives tale. A curry may irritate your bowel, which may then have a knock on effect to your uterus. If you like curry, then you have nothing to lose.

7. Pineapple- There’s thought to be hormones in a pineapple that act on the cervix to soften it. Yet, you would have to eat a truck load of this to get to an amount that it would have effect… and then it’s probably going to give you a jippy tummy so would work in the same way as a curry. Again, if you like eating pineapple you have nothing to lose.

8. Sex- They say that these induction methods were invented by a man… Sex and a hot curry.. hang on a minute?! But sex is the most effective way to induce labour as it releases oxytocin in your body, sperm also has prostaglandins in which softens the cervix. Prostaglandins and then oxytocin are the drugs used in a medical induction, but the artificial forms.

9. Reflexology- I had a wonderful reflexologist who would come to my house to do my treatments. So I could sit in my PJS in the middle of the day and she would come over and do her thing.

10. A bath- anything that you do to feel relaxed will tell your body that you are ready to give birth. It’s a primal thing, if we are feeling too stressed the message we are giving to our body is that we are not in a safe place to give birth. So do something that keeps you calm, whether that be a bath, massage or listening to a meditation audio.

After trying all of the above, the day I went in to labour was the day I left the house. I though to myself, I am not going to spend another day at home waiting for this baby to arrive. I met a friend at Wagamamas and felt great for getting out the house and not wishing myself into labour. That evening it all started.

Good luck to all those waiting for your baby to come!


Photo creds Little Cheltenham

If you’re reading this and thinking that it’s too late for antenatal class but you’re close enough that you are realising that you want to know everything about what’s in store for you for labour and birth then not to worry, we have you covered. You can find out all about birth and tips on how to make the process smoother with midwife, Beth’s online course.