Belle’s Positive Homebirth Story

Belle’s Positive Homebirth Story

During my first labour, I was a rabbit in the head lights. It left me feeling I couldn’t do it again. However, after friends had positive experiences with Beth’s course, I felt I could if I used hypnobirthing.
It was great to have the videos to watch over many evenings with my husband and to be able to talk them through. I knew a home birth (given pandemic and my first experience) made me feel best and I felt prepared to push for this if needed, as I was consultant led until the end.

On the Friday, I woke up to my ‘show’. I didn’t want to get too excited so baked, rested, went for a walk to keep baby in a good position. By tea time, we knew it was game on as the ‘show’ kept coming and pains grew, so we set up front room with the pool, lavender in diffuser, lay my birth plan out (a printable from Beth), stuck up my encouraging photos and mantras (Beth’s ‘you can do anything for 60secs’ was very useful). The contractions were every 10-12 minutes so we went to bed to try to rest in between. Through each one, I used the 4/7 breathing method and kept my hands open as Beth taught. I kept viewing the contraction pains as positive as they were getting me closer to meeting my daughter. My husband and I discussed what would happen if the night took a turn and I had to go to hospital, focusing on ‘control what you can and let go of what you can’t’ that we learnt on the course. As the pain increased, I took some paracetamol and moved to using my Tens machine which I found helped hugely. It also seemed to quicken the contractions (or coincided with this) so they became every 2-3 minutes, meaning at 1:30am we rang the hospital. By this point, contractions were best coped with stood up. I started on my isotonic drink as I didn’t feel like eating my energy snacks.

The first midwife arrived at 3am. Because I seemed so calm during contractions, she said she expected to send the second one home for a while. However, when she checked me at 3:30am, I was 7cm with waters ready to break, which she admitted she wasn’t expecting and I felt proud of how I was doing, following Beth’s tips. My husband got to filling the pool (with saucepans and a bucket after the hose wouldn’t connect, but I didn’t panic and kept with the breathing and swaying to my playlist). I asked when I’d be checked again, but the midwife said they’d go by how I progressed so I realised this would be about listening to and trusting my body – which is what I wanted. I started on the gas and air one of the midwives brought from the hospital, and using that with the Tens – and dancing of all things – really helped when waiting for my waters to break. I used my husband as a leaning post during a contraction, which helped a lot too. Beth’s story about wanting photos has resonated with me, so I asked my husband and the midwives to do the same for me.

My contractions built, and with one I felt the pressure grow and release as my waters burst. I knew my baby was almost here then so got into the pool, leaning over the side of it on my knees to stay UFO – trying to breathe and bear down as I felt her coming. I definitely got the sting and ring of fire, but kept using the gas and air and breathing, with my husband supporting me, because I didn’t want to push her head out until my body told me to. Her heart rate dropped so they said I needed to get her out on the next contraction, which I did by listening to my body and bearing down, pushing with all my might.

Faith came out in one go at 5:11am, weighing 6lb11oz. I enjoyed holding her in the water, loving talking to her, but then felt my placenta pushing so got out of the pool as I needed the placenta birthed ‘on land’ as I wanted it encapsulated. My husband treasured his skin-to-skin time whilst I was doing that. 

Afterwards, a midwife checked to see if I needed stitches but no tears at all! I felt pleased about the use of the water, listening to my body and the perineum massage I’d been doing in the weeks leading up to the birth. I’d had an episiotomy with my first, and felt that was because I was labouring on my back, not knowing any different. As one of the midwives went to leave, she called me a warrior and that will stay with me forever, knowing I proved to myself that I could have a positive birth!

I just want to say though, to any expectant parents, that I pushed myself too hard during the next few days, and ended up with fatigue due to a pre-existing medical condition and in hospital for tests. Be kind to yourself. I should’ve taken more of the advice on Beth’s notes there about recovery time! The body has just got through a marathon! 

Nevertheless, my husband said that this course helped him so much after the pandemic cut him off from appointments and being able to ask his own questions. This course enabled me to have the positive birth I wanted and to feel empowered to make decisions and use my voice. I’m forever grateful!

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Claire’s Positive Birth- Emergency Cesarean Birth

Claire’s Positive Birth- Emergency Cesarean Birth

On Monday 1st March my waters broke at 2am while I was sleeping, I managed to get to the bathroom so no mess to clean up, called my husband to tell him to get my phone but that he could go back to bed. I rang the birthing suite to inform them and they explained I could come in to be examined or I could wait until the morning. After doing the bump to baby chapter antenatal and hypnobirthing classes I decided it was better for me to wait at home and get things progressing there. I went back to bed, mild contractions started 30mins later and I gave myself till 6am to get in the bath (husband still fast asleep). At 8am we went to the birthing suite where I was examined and confirmed I was 3cm and that my waters had broken, I was told to go home and come in when the contractions got stronger. Went home, bounced on my ball and concentrated on my breathing techniques in for 4 out for 7 at 1pm the contractions were a lot stronger so I decided it was time to go in. I had an amazing room in the birthing suite with great lighting. (I asked to move, as the first room was too bright with windows ). I was all about making the room my own so I took my own diffuser with light, music and essential oils.

The contractions were still coming so I was examined and was 3cm, I couldn’t get in the pool till I was 4cm. Fast forward to 6pm contractions thick and fast no gas and air as still 3cm so all I had was my breathing and it was my life line! I was examined again and still no movement. The midwife then suggested diamorphine, this was the only thing I had written on my birth plan that I didn’t want because of the feelings of sickness. She explained that it would allow me to sleep a little as I’d been going since 2am and that I needed to rest, i decided that it probably was best as I was exhausted. Diamorphine and anti sickness injection and I was out for the count, best two hours sleep I had all week. At 10am I woke feeling like a different person and ready to dance this baby out… it was explained to me I had till 2am (the 24hours mark) to get to 4cm otherwise I would have to be induced. So at 1am me and my husband had a dance party and I moved and moved and moved.

Since waking I had had no contractions most likely due to the diamorphine, I was examined and still 3cm. The midwifes kept checking to see if the contractions had kick started again but no luck. At 8am on Tuesday I was taken to be induced by the hormone drip, contractions were coming in thick and fast approx 1 min apart, so I just concentrated on my breathing (my husband would count, occasionally getting the order and counting wrong) at 1pm I was examined and yep 3cm but also there was some swelling on baby’s head. Baby’s heart rate kept dropping so they turned off the drip, at which point naturally I started contracting so then had to have an injection to slow my contractions. I was told I needed to have another internal examination by the consultant to check on the baby, at this point I refused (think this was probably my 5th internal examination and they were particularly stressful for me) she advised I could have an epidural to have the examination in which I gladly accepted, I had the most amazing anaesthetist and I didn’t event feel it happening. The examination took place and was absolutely fine all hail the epidural, Pretty handy that I’d had it as I was told I needed a c section straight away, I was 3cm, baby had now turned, I’d been having contractions for 37hours and there was absolutely no way that I was going to have this baby naturally even if I wanted to. I didn’t even need to use EBRAN in this scenario as I knew a c section was best for me and my baby. Commence the chaos of an emergency c section, there is running, a lot of people, a lot of questions and it is quick… I was calm, I concentrated on my breathing, When I was in surgery I accepted that this room would now be where I gave birth and that was my room, I focused on the music in the background and waited for my baby to be born. Rupert was born at 7.8lb at 16.53 on Tuesday 2nd March. 38 hours of labour, three different rooms and one hell of a positive experience.

I would not have been so calm with all of the changes to my birth plan if it hadn’t been for the hypnobirthing, a lot of people have said to me afterwards when they heard my story and knew I had been doing hypnobirthing “well that went out the window” absolutely not! I was in control of my labour even if circumstances would cause it to change and that was down to the hypnobirthibg course, I went into labour fully prepared with tools and techniques for any type of birth. I cannot thank Beth enough and even after all that, I class it as a positive birth story, it’s what brought my baby into the world. 

My birth plan was a Waterbirth and no drugs, which turned out to be an emergency c section with all the drugs. Be prepared for change.

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Kayla-Jayne’s Positive Birth

Kayla-Jayne’s Positive Birth


✨Quick labour
✨tens machine
✨Gas and Air

So firstly I’d like to introduce our little boy Theodore Hunter James Marsh…. arrived on his due date 5/3/21 @ 3.40am weighing a lovely 8lb 7oz. 💙

A massive thank you to Beth Kitt for this course as I truly feel I wouldn’t of been half as prepared to take on labour without the knowledge you give in this course. I started having period like cramping on Thursday morning 4/3/21 around 11am …. didn’t think much of it so took on the advice from the course and went on a nice little waddle (I’d say walk but the size of my bump- it was deffo a waddle) and kept active without over doing it…. around 1pm I decided to go for a nap all of 45/50 minutes.

Forward to 4.30pm the pains had ramped up a little by this stage so I took a warm bath…. didn’t last long due to having sever itching in late pregnancy (they are still unsure of what it could be- and it was put down to my body having enough of being pregnant) 🤷🏼‍♀️ anyway… got out the bath etc. Next thing around 5.30pm I started to time my contractions with an app…. these were coming and going around every 9 mins to start with…. I’m thinking that’s fine not an issue …. I didn’t want to go into hospital too soon due to Covid and not being able to have my partner there until active labour so we got to work at home by doing my breathing (partner was THE best ever at keeping me controlling my breathing with each contraction) as they were getting pretty strong come 6.30 and about every 5 mins….. I decided to call the labour ward and let them know about my contractions to which they said perfectly fine … when they get to being every 2-3 mins apart and lasting around 45-60 seconds give us a call… so on goes the TENS machine to help me out.

Fast forward to 9.45pm ish I got my partner to call the ward saying i needed some pain relief…. and we were told to make our way in. By this time i am praying I am 4cm dilated so that my partner could stay with me.
Got to the hospital…. around 10.30 shown to our labouring room and after what felt like eternity a midwife came back and did a vaginal examination- VOILA 4cm 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

After this things started to heat up…. I continued with just the tens machine and breathing until 12.30 then I needed Gas and air to take the edge off…. perfect. Got into the birthing pool around 12.45…. an hour later 1.40am I am feeling the urge to push!!
Midwife was fantastic and said to go with my body, listen to it and do whatever it wants…. so I started a little push here and there with my contractions …. to which she checked me and I was 9cm dilated!!! At this point I have raving at my body on how it managed to get from 4cm to 9cm in no time at all.

At this point my waters popped in the pool and the word meconium was mentioned…. so out the pool I had to get for extra monitoring … and onto the bed. I tried to lie on my side but for me this didn’t work out…. and as they couldn’t find babies heart rate with the CTG straps … he needed to have a clip on his head to up went to feet into stirrups 😂 By this point I am shattered…. and I find myself saying to the midwife I can’t do this anymore… to which she replied yes you can you’re nearly there!

After pushing for 2 hours and what felt like a lifetime…. I pushed our little bundle of joy into the world… I did have to have an episiotomy as he decided to come out sideways…. yes you read that right bloody sideways- he wanted to exit using the biggest and widest part of him… All I can say is I’m super proud as a FTM for using just Gas and Air …. trust me I wanted an epidural but the labour was so quick I didn’t have time 😂

So ladies trust your bodies, they really are amazing… you have this and you can do this 💪🏻💪🏻😘

Want to feel confident, calm and prepared for all types of births? Check out The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Created by midwife Beth, covering how to stack the odds in your favour to get the birth that you want, and also how to feel calm and prepared for every birth journey! Videos, checklists, audios & a support group mto get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth. Knowledge is Power!!

Katherine’s Positive Birth

Katherine’s Positive Birth

Positive Birth Story at 38wks +3

First Time Mum, Homebirth, Forceps

Tues 22nd Dec I had some tightening feelings in my tummy, along with some constipation and backache. I didn’t really think much of it as our due date was such a way off.

Following morning woke up at 7am and discovered I had a “show”, rang the ward for advice. I assumed it was just a pre-labour thing and wouldn’t be the start of anything.

However, at 8am, some mild cramping began and then intensified throughout the day. 

Practiced my breathing techniques and kept busy, kept in touch with the ward, who suggested it might be Braxton Hicks but to keep an eye on it.

By 9pm contractions were much stronger and tried to sleep, but no luck.

We called the ward and decided with their advice, that we needed a midwife to come and check on us.

At 12.30am, the midwife arrived, examined me and we found we were already 4cm.

She found a TENS machine in the homebirth bag they had delivered, which we tried and found really helpful to take the edge off the contractions, along with the breathing techniques.

As the contractions continued to intensify, I started using the gas and air, which was a great additional help.

At this point, about 10am Christmas Eve, my waters hadn’t broken and on examination, the midwife wasn’t sure how far dilated I was. Her colleague arrived and it was decided I was 7-8cm, the cervix was thin and ready for delivery and that they could break my waters at home instead of having to admit me to hospital.

So my husband brought the plastic tarpaulin! and towels into the bedroom and my waters were broken! Contractions intensified and we breathed through them together, me holding onto my husband tightly and him counting the breaths to help me relax and concentrate. Time in the bath provided some great relief too and helped speed things up.

The issue came with the pushing stage, the feeling of those contractions were so different! After 1 hour of pushing, our boy’s head could be seen, but he couldn’t fully descend as he was at an awkward angle.

It was decided we needed to transfer into the Borders General via ambulance. I managed to remain calm, but having never been in an ambulance or hospital I felt totally out of my comfort zone. Safe to say the ambulance ride was possibly the most uncomfortable element of the whole labour experience, as I had to lie on the trolley whilst in the pushing stage and travelling on country roads at 60mph! I had to zone out completely and breathe in the gas and air until I felt high!

At the hospital, we decided with the advice of the doctor that we would opt for a forceps delivery instead of the option to wait a further 1.5 hours in case he would deliver naturally. At this point, we had not slept since Tues evening and I was ready to meet our boy as soon as possible.

The thought of theatre and a spinal block scared me, as it seemed so extreme, but I knew it was probably the best option for our boy.

In theatre, they could already see the baby’s head and in 2 pushes he was out!

I had an episiotomy and the after effects of the epidural were strange, but it was all fine and the hospital staff were incredible.

Our little boy Bramwell was born on Christmas Eve, 6.07pm, weighing 6lb 13oz. He is an absolute dream, I can’t believe this amazing creature is ours and the birth process made me feel totally in awe of my body and so proud of myself – and so in love with my husband for being my rock through it all. 

The midwives that attended us at home were fantastic and they all remarked at how calm and relaxed I was. I felt safe because I trusted the techniques I learnt and I knew my body could do it.

The best of luck with your birthing journey xx

Thanks for reading xx

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Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course

Naomi’s positive induction

Naomi’s positive induction

Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story is from Naomi. Naomi planned a homebirth, but upon hitting 42 weeks gestation she accepted a balloon induction on the labour ward.

First pregnancy and birth were uncomplicated (although 11 years ago!), so decided to register for homebirth as safe option and alleviating concerns regarding Covid and distance from hospital with potentially quick labour. 

From 39+5 I had 4 sweeps which took me to 41+4 and no sign of baby. Cervix was softening but posterior. Midwives suggested opting for monitoring and staying on track for home birth past 42 week point, which sounded great. Went for fluid scan and CTG at 42 weeks, all well, requested internal, and nothing had changed from previous sweep, midwife performed another. Were given a monologue by consultant regarding risks past 42 weeks, I felt unheard and stereotyped as a homebirth hippy. Used EBRAN to decline induction and headed home feeling deflated.

We re-watched the induction portion of the course that night, and spoke to community midwife next day to discuss all options. Really did not want hormonal induction, but used EBRAN to request balloon induction the next day instead. 
Went in for 1pm, and following obs, CTG etc balloon was inserted at 4pm. Contractions started approx 1/2 hour after, and we headed off to walk the hospital. Kept moving, did a crossword whilst bouncing etc. By 10pm contractions were 45 secs long, coming every 3 and a half mins, breathing was fine to get me through. Midwife suggested my husband go home and we both get some rest. I got into bed about 11pm, and woke again at 1145 to a feeling of knicker elastic going inside me, then had a little gush of waters. 

Balloon was removed and things got very intense very quickly. By the time my husband got back at 1245 I had taken paracetamol and dihydrocodeine, which had done nothing, was on all fours on the bed, and really struggling, all the pain was in my back, and I was shaking like a leaf. Contractions were a minute long and every 2 minutes, Midwife finally came to examine me and we were at 5cm – there was then some debate as labour ward was really busy, but thankfully they found a room and whizzed me along on the bed as I couldn’t get myself off and into a chair.

In labour ward everything became a bit blurry. I got gas and air at long last and just kept concentrating on that whilst hanging over the head of the bed. We were on CTG due to being so overdue, and baby was displaying signs of mild distress with some contractions, and then the midwife requested attaching the clip instead as she was losing contact with baby. Being on my back was agony, and after the clip was attached I rolled on to my left and a peanut was found and popped in between my legs which was a good rest for my knees. An hour or so later I was back up on my knees and I was asking for more drugs, but midwife advised I would have a baby before I would be able to have and feel the effects!

Pushing seemed to last forever, I abandoned the gas and just went for it. Midwife coached me through delivering the head, and I remember thinking it seemed more effort than the last time. Finally baby was delivered, just 5 hours after my waters went, at 4.44am, passed up to me between my legs and the relief was immense. It turns out baby had turned back to back at some point (having been ideally positioned for months!), which is why my pain was all in my back, but my midwife did an amazing job of shielding me from that, and coaching me though getting him out. We got straight on to skin to skin, cord clamping was delayed, then my husband cut the cord. I had the injection to deliver placenta, then there was some concern over bloodloss, so I was hooked up to a drip. I had a small 2nd degree tear which was stitched in the room, and then we were left in peace with our tea and toast, and beautiful boy. Luckily my iron levels were insanely high when I went in, so with the bloodloss it came down to normal levels and we were able to go home the same day after spending the afternoon on the post natal ward. 

Our birth was nothing like I had hoped for, no lovely sploshing in a birth pool in front of our Woodburner, but we were in the right place in the end. This course was so valuable in empowering us make the right decisions for us during pregnancy, and also preparing my husband and giving him the tools to cope with, and support me, through labour, so I am so glad we did it, and I am recommending it to all my pregnant friends. Many thanks Beth Kitt!

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Stacey’s Preterm Positive Birth

Stacey’s Preterm Positive Birth

First time mum. 36+2wks. 5lbs15oz. Positive birth story.

After waking up on the 4th January I found I had lost my mucus plug and was having Braxton Hicks (I was 34wks pregnant at this point). I remembered in the videos Beth had mentioned Labour could start anywhere within 2 weeks of this happening so I decided to bring my maternity leave forward. The weekend before my baby arrived I found I had a very upset stomach which I knew could be another indicator he was on his way soon. We went for our 36wk scan on the 18th January and baby was measuring well (estimated to be 6lbs). On the 19th January at midnight (2wks after the mucus plug had gone) I woke to a very bad period cramp and felt a pop. My waters had broken. My contractions came on very quickly after this, every 5minutes and lasting for about 60 seconds.

We called MAU and they thought I might have an infection so they asked us to come in for an assessment. We had already packed the car over the weekend with the hospital bags so we were ready to leave after about an hour. We would have left sooner but I ended up vomiting. My husband wasn’t allowed in to MAU for my assessment initially but as soon as I got into the examination room they realised very quickly I was in labour and asked me to call him in.

I was put on continuous fetal monitoring as we were preterm and given IV antibiotics in case I had an infection. When I was examined at about 01:30 we were already 3cm dilated, the midwife was very surprised as I was dealing with the contractions very well thanks to the breathing techniques I had learnt from this course. We were just waiting to be transferred to the delivery suite at this point. After a few more contractions I told the midwife I couldn’t stay on my back and I needed to move around and she was very accommodating to this, helping me off the bed but making sure my monitors stayed on. At this point I asked for some paracetamol. We were transferred to the delivery suite at about 2am and it felt like everything was a blur after this point.

I remember needing to pee but my contractions were so close together I couldn’t get to the bathroom so they put a bed pan on the floor under me so I could go. I had gas and air to help with the contractions but after a while this lost it’s effect and ended up being thrown on the floor. I laboured on the bed on all fours, still with continuous monitoring but at one point they struggled to find the heart beat and suggested we had a clip put on the babies head. My husband was a super star and used our EBRAN tool as this was something we discussed as not wanting. The midwife tried again and the heartbeat was found so we didn’t need the clip in the end.

By about 3am I was examined again and was 7.5cm. After what felt like seconds I asked for stronger pain relief as I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore and then had a big urge to push. There wasn’t time for anymore medication and at 04:16 my son was born weighing 5lbs15oz.

We had decided to go with a natural delivery of the placenta and that was born 10mins after my son arrived. I ended up with a second degree tear and a graze.

We didn’t get to stick to our birth plan as our labour and delivery was so fast but I managed to let go of what I couldn’t control and found we had a very positive birth experience. The midwives also commented on how amazing my husband had been and that was all because he watched the videos with me so he also knew what was going on and what to do.

I can’t thank Beth enough for creating this course.

Click the link for more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.