Amber’s Positive Birth

Amber’s Positive Birth

Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This birth story is with first time mum Amber. When Amber’s water broke it was evident that their was meconium in her waters. Initially, Amber worried about what this meant for her initial birth plan of wanting a water birth. Amber requested mobile monitoring and this was accommodated, and she was able to labour in the shower. Amber also used EBRAN to decide on the best pain relief to use during labour. Amber’s baby required some intervention towards the end of his delivery and his cord was cut quickly so he could receive some support from the birth team before being places on mum’s chest and allowing her to enjoy some infamous tea and toast.

The last few weeks of pregnancy are hard, but nothing prepares you for being overdue. The endless ‘any signs’ texts, the pineapples, bouncing, raspberry leaf tea and dates.

I’d been in early labour since 40+4 having on and off contractions but nothing seemed to progress. At 41 weeks I had my first sweep, I was feeling so optimistic, I was told I was 1cm dilated and she would book me in for another sweep at 41+2 but didn’t think I would need the appointment. I didn’t find the sweep uncomfortable, much like a smear test. The day after nothing had really changed, still having on and off contractions and I lost my plug.

Skip forward another 24 hours, I had my second sweep and my contractions were ramping up so I called the birth centre. ‘Take 2 paracetamol and sleep I was told’. I couldn’t bare the thought of resting and things slowing down again so my husband and I decided to keep moving and as active as possible.

At 8pm we went for a huge walk, came home I bounced some more and spent most of the evening lunging around our flat, finally going to bed at 11pm. Two hours later I woke up, needing to run to the bathroom. My waters had broken and I had the movie style gush, however this is where things changed, my waters were green and murky. I was devastated knowing my MLU and water birth dream was over. 

I called maternity triage who advised that I would have to birth in hospital as it sounded like baby had poo’d. This was it, I had to face my fear and set foot inside a hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at 2am, covid tests etc out the way, I was examined and was told I was 5cm and as soon as my midwife arrived I would be wheeled up to delivery suite. I asked for gas and air at this point as I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Just gone 3am we were wheeled up to delivery suite. I had discussed with my midwife how disappointed I was that I couldn’t have my water birth and that I didn’t want to be stuck on the bed due to continuous monitoring. She was amazing, understood completely how I felt and said she would be back in 10 mins. 10 mins passed and she arrived with a box on a strap. This telemetry box allowed them to monitor me all the time I was wearing it, as long as I didn’t get it wet I could labour in the shower! I spent the next 3.5 hours in the shower, moving the shower head around as I felt contractions coming and going, without the need for gas and air.

6:30 arrived and my back was so sore, I had always said I wouldn’t consider an epidural but at this point I could barely stand. I spoke to the midwife and she suggested ‘sterile water injections’. I’d never heard of them before but used EBRAN to understand the risks, complications etc. So the downside to sterile water injections is that they are just under the skin and you need 2 lots of 2 injections done one after the other and I was told it would feel like bee stings. That was no exaggeration, thank god for gas and air at this point. However as soon as they had been done the pain in my back disappeared.

At 7am there was a changeover of midwives meaning I now had one senior midwife and one student midwife. I was examined again and I was 7cm – wahooo. At 9am the consultant came round to see me and said they would examine me at 11am and she thought baby would be here by 1pm. At this point I was getting tired so laid on the bed on my side with a peanut ball. Things were really ramping up now, I was tired but the thought that my baby would be here in the next 4 hours kept me going. Just before 10am I asked to be examined as i felt the need to push. I was examined by the student midwife who was adamant I was still at 7cm, I was disheartened but also adamant that the baby was coming so asked to be examined again by the senior midwife. She confirmed I was 10cm and ready to push.

I listened intently to the midwives and pushed when they told me too and stopped when I was told too. I was absolutely petrified of tearing and needing stitches but listening to their instructions kept me focused. My husband screaming that he can see baby’s head, I birthed his head and suddenly my worst nightmare, all I heard was ‘there’s going to be a loud noise and a lot of people are going to come in’. My husband seemed to disappear to the back of the room as midwives and doctors entered. He had got stuck and needed to be pulled out. His cord was cut immediately so they could pop him on the emergency table and check him over.

The relief when I heard his cry was unlike anything I had felt before. I cried, my husband cried it was such a surreal moment.
They placed him on my chest and I instantly fell in love. 

I was extremely lucky and didn’t require any stitches or anything, I had a first degree graze. The midwives had said I followed every instruction they gave me and they believed this was the reason I got away without any tears 

After skin to skin and Arties first feed we were wheeled up to postnatal. My only gripe is that I wasn’t offered the famous post birth tea and toast

We spent our first evening together watching England in the euros before being discharged the following morning.

Baby Arthur

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Grainne’s Positive Birth Story

Grainne’s Positive Birth Story

Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This birth story is with first time mum Grainne who delivered her baby girl, Cara, at 40 weeks and 2 days following a quick delivery with no examinations.

💕Positive birth Story💕 Baby Cara born at 40+2 weighing 7lbs 13. 

⭐️ FTM – 36yrs⭐️ Water birth⭐️ Gas and air ⭐️ Quick delivery – no examinations 

I almost didn’t write my birth story but I remember how much reading them helped me, especially the positive ones so I hope some others might find my story reassuring! Relatively straightforward pregnancy bar low Papp-A for which I was taking aspirin and had extra growth scans, all of which were fine. As per the course was eating dates daily and drinking raspberry tea, which I really believe contributed to our quick delivery! Was also exercising daily, usually an hr walk, down to 30-40mins towards the last week or so, and some gentle conditioning exercises, I was keen to do as much as possible to get baby moving!

At 40+2 I did a few squats in the morning and went for a walk with my husband on his lunch. After our walk I noticed a very small leaking of fluid which I really wasn’t sure if it was waters or not around 2.30. At about 5pm I started to feel period type pains and realised things were starting! We had dinner and thinking I was in for a long night of contractions I suggested to my husband that we go for a lie down about 7pm to get some rest.

Things ramped up very quickly however and by 9pm they were lasting a minute and 2 mins apart. It was intense but I was using my breathing techniques which helped. I took some paracetamol but was sick so didn’t get any benefit from these. I phoned the hospital for advice as I thought it would be much too early to go in and didn’t want to do the car journey twice if we got sent home but they advised me to come in to be assessed and they started filling the water bath.

We got to the hospital at 9.45pm by which point my contractions were on top of each other and very intense. I still thought it was too early and I might be sent home, as a first time mum I was expecting a longer labour so I didn’t recognise this as the transition phase when I said to my husband I don’t think I can do this if it’s this intense already! I got in the pool at half ten which was lovely, at that point I asked about pain relief and was given gas and air which did help take the edge off the pain and also helped regulate my deep breathing, loved it!

I soon felt like I needed to push and I asked the midwife if I could thinking she would need to check how dilated I was (had not had a single examination since we arrived) but she said if I feel like pushing just push! I did think at some points I wasn’t going to able to get her out but only 40mins later our beautiful daughter was born at 11.57pm. It was all so calm and natural from start to finish we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. 

My husband cut the cord and we had skin to skin and our first breastfeed as we waited for the placenta, however ended up with the injection as it hadn’t come at almost 1hr, it did make me sick but not bad at all. I then went to get stitched as I had a second degree tear whilst my husband had skin to skin. I was very worried about tearing but can honestly say it’s not as painful as It sounds, had gas and air and local anaesthetic for the stitches and didn’t feel a thing!

This course definitely helped me to prepare and to stay calm and confident throughout, our midwives commented on my breathing techniques and said they really enjoyed our birth experience! Thank you Beth! Xx

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Lily’s Positive Midwife-Led Water Birth

Lily’s Positive Midwife-Led Water Birth

Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This birth story is with first time mum Lily who delivered her baby boy Bodie in July. Lily had a water birth on a midwife led unit using gas&air for pain relief.

As this was my first rodeo, I had no idea what to expect in terms of pains/contractions etc, only to look out for waters breaking and maybe losing my plug. On Saturday 10th my husband and I went for a bit of an inclined walk with the dog in the afternoon to stretch our legs, I should mention previously during the week i had been regularly bouncing and swaying on the ball and having lots of  lovely foot rubs from my husband(which have funnily enough stopped)!

A couple of hours after the walk I started getting what I can only describe as mild period pains every now and then. Thinking nothing of it, I continued bouncing on my ball in the evening and chilling on the sofa watching a film whilst my husband was watching me out the corner of his eye – he definitely knew something was up, but I didn’t want to get his or my hopes up! That night I managed to sleep just fine but waking up at about 1am for my routine wee and feeling a lot of pressure, again naively, thought nothing of it and went back to sleep!

The following morning on Sunday 11th I woke up straight away with the ‘period pains’, these weren’t going away and they had ramped up by midday as ‘heavy period pains’. This time i told my husband about them as he was continuously watching me. Passing them off i tried to go for a nap but Sam came in as I couldn’t sleep and we started timing them and discussed maybe just calling the triage line to get some advice. I explained over the phone how they had started the night before and I had woken up to them once again. At this point they were coming every 4-5 mins and lasting around 45 seconds to a minute. The midwife on the phone invited us in to be examined so we packed the car with our bags (luckily) and made our way in.

After being examined and Sam waiting in the car expecting to go home, I was told i was 2cm and my cervix was very short and that i would likely be in that night anyway in active labour, she also asked if I had noticed many baby movements that day to which i replied ‘not really’ as I had been to busy concentrating on these weird cramps. So they sent me downstairs to the ward and hooked me up to the monitor. Baby was fine, however this was my second time in a week that i had been admitted for reduced movements so they told me I may have to stay in and deliver on the delivery suite. However, because of the busyness of the delivery suite I had to stay downstairs and wait for a doctor to make the final decision. 

Fast forward 4 hours later, I was examined again and to the midwifes surprise I was 4cm!! I was hooked up again to check on baby who was all good and told they had room upstairs on the Birthing Unit! Hooray! Off we toddled to our lovely suite and it was go time! Using just my breathing techniques from when I was first examined, I was told on my 3rd examination that I was still 4cm and waters still intact. My lovely midwife asked if I wanted my waters broken and i gratefully  accepted, no pain whatsoever having this done!

Soon after my waters were broken my contractions ramped all the way up to the point where i couldn’t stand alone and my legs were jelly. In just 45 minutes i had dilated to 7cm and the pool was set up. In I hopped  (or was carried) with my Gas and Air and gripping my husbands hand for dear life I continued to dilate fully. At some point my midwife got me to do some practice pushes as my body was taking over and pushing for me! (I had accidentally dislocated Sams thumb at this point).
I definitely felt my transitioning looking back as i was apologising a lot for making noise and telling anyone who would listen that i couldn’t carry on! God bless midwives! I was coached through my pushing and told when to ‘pant’ during the crowning phase which i listened to miraculously and it helped a lot. After half an hour of pushing and a total of 9 hours in active labour, Bodie was born at 0646 on Monday 12th July. 

Sam cut the cord and was handed Bodie for some skin to skin whilst we got down to birthing my placenta. I didn’t expect to still be contracting as much as i was still and it took a little while to be born. I’d had the injection to help it on its way. After this, my midwife examined down below for tears to which i just had a small 2nd degree tear that required a couple of stitches, at this point i was so knackered that i didn’t feel a thing and slept during the process.

That afternoon, we were discharged and on our way home with our new addition within 24 hours of arriving at the hospital. I am now 9 days pp and feel back to myself despite the wobbly tummy and extra stretch marks that tell the world i grew and birthed my beautiful baby boy! I would do it all again for him in a heartbeat.

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Becca’s Positive Birth; induction, epidural and forceps

Becca’s Positive Birth; induction, epidural and forceps

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story is with Becca and baby Jacob. Becca had an induction, epidural, and a forceps delivery with an episiotomy. Becca says it wasn’t the birth she would have planned, but it was “100% positive”.

I had a very uncomplicated pregnancy with baby measuring above 90th centile consistently, didn’t need any extra scans.  I had a failed sweep at 40+2 weeks as my cervix was too high, this was repeated a week later and midwife managed to do it. It wasn’t particularly painful, just a bit uncomfortable. Unfortunately it didn’t really do anything, I was therefore booked for induction at 40+ 12. 

So went in on Monday to be induced, I had the balloon catheter inserted to try and to kick start labour and/or to get my cervix to 2cm so my waters could be broken. I was 1cm dilated when they examined me and also had another sweep. Thankfully we got to go home and came back the next afternoon after 24 hours. I had a few mild pains but nothing major. I was on put on the CTG monitor for ages before they examined me as Jacob was moving around so much they couldn’t get a baseline heart rate, finally they examined me and I was 2cm, they said they could break my waters. Interestingly I had started with contractions once they hooked me up to the CTG, coming every 10 mins but only mild. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough midwives available to break my waters as they would need someone to be with me 1:1 once they were broken. So I was moved to post natal ward and due to Covid rules, my husband had to go home.

Contractions were increasing in frequency, some were 2-3 mins and I thought I was in active labour but looking back this was just mild labour!! This was a tough night as I was on my own and the ward was quite busy. I used the breathing techniques and listened to my playlist. I put my TENS machine on at about 4am and this really helped with the pain. I didn’t sleep all night because of the pain, they had told me I was priority to go back to birthing centre but unfortunately still no midwives available and understandably actively labouring ladies took priority.

They moved me back Weds morning at 7am which meant my husband was allowed back. I just cried in the room though before he came because I just felt so tired and we still didn’t know when a midwife would be spare. Eventually a midwife was available at 1.30pm and she broke my waters, I was already at 4cm which was reassuring, my contractions had lessened a bit but only for a short period so I think I got 20 mins sleep that morning! Thankfully there wasn’t any meconium when my waters were broken otherwise I would have had the oxytocin drip started straight away, my contractions increased in frequency and severity, I started the gas and air….. amazing stuff!

I had discussed my worries about being too physically exhausted as labour progressed due to being sleep deprived and said I would be open to epidural later even though this was not in my birth preferences. The contractions became really strong and the midwives thought I was doing well and things were progressing. They said I had 4hrs to get to 7cm otherwise would need to start oxytocin drip. At one point a consultant came round and said I could still go into the pool as I was low risk if I wanted too but would be in another room. By this point I was “comfy” and really didn’t want to be moved, I was also happy with baby being monitored. 

The day shift midwife left and she was confident that baby would be born that night, she even wrote his wrist band out with that date. I had another lovely midwife and student midwife take over my care. It was time for the repeat examination and dishearteningly I was at 6cm so they needed to start the drip. At this point I said I would have epidural as I was just so tired, it had been 36 hours since I had slept and just couldn’t see how I would have the energy to push the baby out. I hardly felt the epidural be done! It was the dream! Honestly, don’t be worried about having one. It wasn’t too long after hormonal drip started that Jacobs heart rate dropped to 80 but picked up fairly quickly.

They then noticed is baseline rate was increasing and showed reduced variability. Lots of people suddenly appeared. The doctor was amazing and explained everything really well. She said if things continued we were heading for emergency caesarean so I was consented for this, cannula inserted, catheter put in and bloods taken. Then his heart rate seemed to sort itself out!! So back to original plan of pushing him out once dilated. She examined me and I was 7cm so they were just going to observe closely but if rate changed again I would be down to theatre.

Anyway, it happened again! By this point everyone was saying he was going to be a boy because of the trouble he was causing! The doctor ended up examining me again and in quite a short space of time  I got to 10cm. This meant that they could attempt an instrumental delivery however if this didn’t work I would need an emergency caesarean. 

All the staff were amazing, they kept my husband informed with what was happening and looking back at no point did I feel scared or worried. Thankfully I managed to push him out with forceps and episiotomy! It was odd pushing when I couldn’t feel anything, I just had to push like I was doing a massive poo : ) He was born at 1.13am so about 12 hours after my waters were broken. It was the most amazing moment when they placed him on my chest and found out that he was a boy, I just cried my eyes out. I then asked for them to give him to my husband for skin to skin time. 

Placenta wouldn’t then come out so the doctor had to manually remove it and had about 900mls blood loss. Jacob was reviewed by the paediatric team and he was healthy, no concerns with his cord gases. My husband even got to cut the cord and I had skin to skin time when we were in recovery. We had a couple of hours together in recovery and then my husband had to go home, he unfortunately couldn’t come back till visiting time which was 3pm. It was a hard morning, suddenly trying to feed a baby on very little sleep after going through labour. My blood count was checked and was quite low, thankfully not low enough to need a blood transfusion but they gave me an iron infusion.  

The first night with baby was hard, he was feeding constantly and just wouldn’t sleep! The midwives took him for 4 hours in the end as I was just beside myself with exhaustion. 

So that’s my story  – not at all how I expected it to go but I would 100% say it was a positive experience. Beth’s course prepared us well for all eventualities, particularly when things started to not go to plan. He is one week old today and we are settling into life with a newborn.

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Katherine’s Water Birth

Katherine’s Water Birth

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story is with first time mum Katherine who delivered her little girl at 41 weeks and 2 days. Katherine had a water birth and used paracetemol, gas and air, and a tens machine for pain relief.

Potential Triggers: Fast labour and delivery and snapped umbilical cord

Although my actual labour and delivery were very speedy, like most Mums who see their due date come and go, it all felt very long awaited. My husband and I had tried all of the old wives tales we could find to encourage our little lady along sooner and I also had a sweep at 40+2. It was the hottest week of the year in June and we were getting impatient! 

At 40+4 I started to lose my plug and had my bloody show, which continued over 3 days. Then from 41 weeks, I woke up at 4:30am, three mornings in a row with period cramp type contractions. So for 6 days we were very hopeful that “today will be the day!” But frustratingly, everything was very start-stop.At 41+1, I had started to have small contractions in the morning but they soon stopped and I carried on about my day in a grump. My husband and I were desperate to enjoy ourselves, so we just went for a drive. Once I was relaxed and happy chatting away, my contractions started to return and lasted around 30 seconds and occurred every 15- 20 minutes or so.Once home again, we decided to have some tea (spaghetti bolognaise!) in case we were lucky enough that today really was the day! We wanted to carb up ready for a long night. 

So at 5pm I was happily tucking into tea and around 6pm my contractions started to come more frequently and for longer. I used my breathing and positive thoughts of “every contraction brings me closer to my baby” and I was feeling completely empowered and confident. We popped Harry Potter on the telly (although I found this too sad and we swapped to Moana!) and I kept active by walking and bouncing on a ball. My husband was incredible and stood behind me through every wave and supported me. My contractions were strongest where I would normally feel period pains and although it was intense, the breathing and counting worked wonders for me. 

As the contractions intensified and lasted for longer, my husband decided to call the hospital for advice. They were now lasting for around 50 seconds every 5 minutes or so. The midwives were very kind but said to wait a little longer until they were around 3 contractions per every 10 minutes. The contractions continued to ramp up quickly and within half an hour we were on the phone again and ready to drive to the hospital. It was finally happening!! 

At 8:30pm we were parked up and doing the dreaded waddle up to the delivery suite. I say dreaded because it feels like the longest walk of your life, but I powered through and luckily we didn’t see too many people on the way. It was such a bizarre feeling to be going through contractions but also to be so thrilled to be in hospital. My positive mental attitude of being able to see my daughter soon really made all the difference. My husband rang the bell outside the delivery suite and I remember saying how long we had waited for that moment. Once in the suite we were guided through to a little room with a bean shaped bed, a bean bag and a bathroom. It looked like a consultation room.

At 9:30pm we opted for an examination – at this point my contractions were much stronger and more frequent. We were desperately disappointed to hear that my cervix was long, thick and around 1cm dilated. We were also advised that we would be better off going home until things progressed. I felt thoroughly defeated, because even though it had taken no time at all to get to this stage, my contractions were beginning to feel very intense. The examination had also broken my waters so I knew that we were getting closer. I had a powerful instinct that I should definitely not go home and that things were moving…
Unfortunately at this point, I lost my way a little with my positive thoughts.

My contractions were coming every 1 minute and lasting for around 30 seconds – which meant it was very hard to control my breathing and regain any energy. My husband kept reminding me to count and held me through every wave and the midwife asked me if I would like any pain relief. I was given 2 Paracetamol and some Morphine. I remember thinking “am I going to be disappointed in myself for accepting Morphine instead of a more natural experience?” – but for me it was 100% the correct choice. The morphine slowed my contractions so I could have a breather. My husband and I got a short power nap in before they began to ramp up again.I remember asking if there were any risks in taking Morphine for the baby – EBRAN was thoroughly engraved on my brain! 

The midwife came back to us in an hour and gave me my next morphine dose at 11pm. She again advised us that we would be going home, this was very difficult to hear as I just knew my body was moving quicker and things were happening. There was no way I was going to budge! 

I used a heat pad and tens machine to manage the pain. I’ve no idea if the tens machine worked but the heat pad was incredible. I placed it in the area I was feeling my contractions. 

Despite the second dose of morphine my contractions began to intensify again. This time they were longer and more regular which made my breathing much easier to concentrate on and I felt more in control. I was very surprised to feel the urge to push down very early on. I knew I wasn’t dilated enough, but if I bore down during a contraction I definitely found some relief. I tried hard not to follow this urge as my logical mind told me I wasn’t ready, but then my body would convulse and do it for me. It really was 100% proof that your body knows what it’s doing, you just have to listen to it and hang on for the ride. 
My husband and I were alarmed to see I had a very heavy show from this point of labour onwards. We had drilled into ourselves that any sign of blood in pregnancy was something to be worried about. I wish I had known that this bloody show was normal, and I especially wish he had known it too as it made us both very uneasy. The midwife explained it was all normal but I felt confused that my body was bleeding and pushing early, two things I felt “weren’t normal”. 

We had only been in hospital a few hours and only 3 hours before my cervix had been 1cm… but I asked for an examination as my instincts told me things were moving quickly.I knew from how the examination felt that we had progressed – it was the most incredible music when the midwife said “I’m just going to go and run the bath – you’re at 7cm!”We were all so surprised things had moved so fast considering I was a first time Mum. We went through to the water pool room whilst she ran the bath and I began to use the gas and air. It was brilliant! It really helped me to concentrate on my breathing and gave me a new focus. The bath took 15-20 minutes to fill, which felt like a life time… but I knew instinctively we were close – she was coming!!! 
Getting into that water was one of the single most incredible sensations of my life. The relief and warmth did wonders to my body and mental state. This was it, the moment I had visualised several times a day for months! 

I was in the pool for a grand total of 15 minutes before my Evelyn arrived. 

I wasn’t even aware of pushing down or breathing as I’d been doing it for a while, I just went with my body. I could feel my baby descending and I had the smallest thought of “how am I going to do this?!”. But then I reached down to feel the top of her head and thought instead “here she comes!”The midwife said “one more push and we should have a baby!” – I remember smiling and thought “I am going to give this everything”…Upon my next contraction I gave a huge push and at 1:17am, her head was born, followed by her body. The feeling of relief and happiness was immense as my baby was caught and brought up to my chest. I looked down at my beautiful baby and couldn’t believe she was here. 

The next 15 seconds or so were a little scary, her umbilical cord was around half the length it should have been and therefore snapped as she reached my chest. My heart sank as I felt as though I had done this to her – the midwife called the resuscitation team and suddenly the room was full of people but I could only see her. The midwife was rubbing her back and I tried to do the same before she was taken by a midwife. My husband and I were just waiting to hear our baby cry…We heard one small cry and then a bigger one! And breathe. 

They clamped her tiny cord and held onto her whilst I got out of the pool. I was laid down on a bean bag and finally my baby was placed into my arms. Not exactly my vision for the moments after birth, but I really didn’t care. They reassured me that she was fine and my husband and I just cried with happiness and kissed each other and her. Pure feelings of joy, relief, adrenaline and contentment. There’s nothing like it in the world. 

I had an injection in my thigh to birth my placenta as they needed to check it over as soon as possible. I was aware that it could make me feel sick but honestly I didn’t even feel the needle, let alone any side effects. I was too busy taking in my baby – her hair, her enormous feet, her little furrowed brow – nothing could have interrupted that moment. 

I had to receive stitches for a 2nd degree tear, probably due to her speedy arrival and they suspected she may have come through like superman with one arm up! My husband had skin to skin contact and I just gazed at the two of them together as I received my care. I was so worried about stitches but I was on such a high that I barely noticed them and I was able to use gas and air for any twinges. Afterwards she was placed on my chest again and finally we were able to have our family time and feed her in peace. 

We remained in hospital for 24 hours due to her cord snapping at birth, but thankfully everything was perfect and so was she. The after care team were incredible and we were able to learn so much about caring for her and feeding. We were desperate to be in our own home but in hindsight, the opportunity to take full advantage of professional advice for 24 hours was such a blessing. 

Although I feel my birth story is incredibly positive and empowering, it certainly took me the best part of a week to come to this realisation. Everything happened very quickly and in the early days after birth, I struggled to remember the wonderful little moments that had occurred and found myself dwelling on the short moments that I had felt overwhelmed in.I was confused about my urge to push so early on and my heavy bleed and felt as though I had done something wrong. I thought that maybe it was because I had pushed down that I had bled and therefore caused a more difficult experience for my husband and I than was necessary… All hormone and sleep deprived driven I’m sure but still difficult to deal with. I also felt guilt that my husband had had to cope with such a difficult experience and see me bleed and struggle. 

After speaking with my midwife about the experience I feel so much better. I really recommend having a debrief after birth as it was so valuable to me. I was told that my urges were normal and my body was doing everything it should. My heavy show was a result of my quick cervical dilation and this just ruptured a few capillaries in the process.It was very reasurring to hear that I appeared to have stayed in control and coped well with my breathing, when on the inside I wasn’t sure this was the case. Turns out I just needed to hear what a good job I had done from my husband and the midwife to make me feel much better. 

And as for the guilt regarding my husband’s experience, after a few days I told myself that yes it was my body that had birthed our baby – but it was OUR labour. It was OUR experience and we were both just present for it and unable to change it. He had as much control over the situation as I did and we got through it together. It was our experience and there should be no blame to be felt.I’m saying this because I believe it must be quite normal to take some processing time after going through birth. Many people asked me what had happened and wanted details. It really helped to simply tell them I was still processing the event and I would tell them all about it when I was ready. 

12 days on and I’m writing my story with my baby in my arms and I genuinely feel like a superwoman. The official timings of my labour were: 1st stage 36 minutes,  2nd stage 6 minutes, 3rd stage 10 minutes. Total duration of birth: 53 minutes! 
It wasn’t everything I had imagined it would be and it wasn’t even the scenarios I had imagined that would go wrong – but my body delivered our wonderful baby into the world and I used all the tools I could to allow it to. I feel exceptionally proud of myself and my husband and I will carry that feeling always. 

Best of luck to all of you waiting for your birthing stories to begin. My best advice would be to trust your instincts, be aware that every birth is different and focus on the tiny person that you’re doing it all for. Oh – and eat as many carbs as you can manage! Good luck!

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Chelsea’s Positive Water Birth

Chelsea’s Positive Water Birth

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story is with first time mum Chelsea. Chelsea delivered her baby boy on a birth unit and had a calm water birth, lifting her baby out of the water herself.

I can’t believe it’s my time to share my birth story and wow it couldn’t have gone more the way I had planned. 

My waters broke at 9.30pm after a long bath with lavender and clary sage oil (I had been doing this for around 4 week previous). I called the birth unit at 10.15pm (after knowing it was definitely my waters and not ‘bath water’ coming out 😂). They said to keep an eye on it over night and see how we get on.

I managed to get some sleep with cramping on and off waking me up. At 5am I woke up and went to the toilet and noticed my mucus plug had come away. Not being able to get to back to sleep I got up and the contractions started, mild and spaced out. At  around 8am they were getting stronger so put my TENs machine on, which I would highly recommend.

I was trying to stay at home as long as possible so that we wouldn’t get sent back if we weren’t too far long. At 9.15am the contractions where coming more often and were strong so we called the unit. They wanted us to “pop” in to double check that it was my waters, and so we did. 

Walking through the hospital I could feel the contractions getting stronger and stronger and felt like I was in the right place. We got shown straight through to a beautiful room at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Birth Unit. Low lightening, candles flicking around the pool and I felt my self becoming overwhelmed at the fact that this was where I may meet my baby and had a little cry! 

First examination I was only 1-2cm which was disappointing but my waters had broken. As it was quiet we were allowed to stay and see how we got on, which was just as well as 40 mins later I was then 6cm! I was so proud that I had got this far using only my TENs machine, paracetamol, dihydrocodeine and of course my breathing. All I kept thinking with each contraction was we were a little closer to meeting our baby, the positive thoughts were so helpful, I knew I could do this, it’s what I was made to do! 

40 minutes later I was fully dilated and ready to get into the pool. As soon as I stepped in I felt instant calm, between each contraction I could have fallen asleep I was so relaxed. The midwives were amazing at reminding me of my breathing, pushing and when to blow! I did a lot of things leading up to the labour like acupuncture, reflexology and perineal massage and remembering to blow when his head was crowing, I believe was why I didn’t need any stitches. 

At 1.59pm our beautiful baby boy was born and we instantly fell in love. The midwives let us bring him out of the water ourselves which I hadn’t really thought of before, but I’m so glad we did. 

Everything from the course helped massively to stay calm and remember that I could do it. Knowledge is power and I truly believe I would have had a different birth story if it wasn’t for the positivity and facts leant on the course, thank you Beth.

Click the link for more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.