Chelsea’s Positive Water Birth

Chelsea’s Positive Water Birth

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story is with first time mum Chelsea. Chelsea delivered her baby boy on a birth unit and had a calm water birth, lifting her baby out of the water herself.

I can’t believe it’s my time to share my birth story and wow it couldn’t have gone more the way I had planned. 

My waters broke at 9.30pm after a long bath with lavender and clary sage oil (I had been doing this for around 4 week previous). I called the birth unit at 10.15pm (after knowing it was definitely my waters and not ‘bath water’ coming out 😂). They said to keep an eye on it over night and see how we get on.

I managed to get some sleep with cramping on and off waking me up. At 5am I woke up and went to the toilet and noticed my mucus plug had come away. Not being able to get to back to sleep I got up and the contractions started, mild and spaced out. At  around 8am they were getting stronger so put my TENs machine on, which I would highly recommend.

I was trying to stay at home as long as possible so that we wouldn’t get sent back if we weren’t too far long. At 9.15am the contractions where coming more often and were strong so we called the unit. They wanted us to “pop” in to double check that it was my waters, and so we did. 

Walking through the hospital I could feel the contractions getting stronger and stronger and felt like I was in the right place. We got shown straight through to a beautiful room at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Birth Unit. Low lightening, candles flicking around the pool and I felt my self becoming overwhelmed at the fact that this was where I may meet my baby and had a little cry! 

First examination I was only 1-2cm which was disappointing but my waters had broken. As it was quiet we were allowed to stay and see how we got on, which was just as well as 40 mins later I was then 6cm! I was so proud that I had got this far using only my TENs machine, paracetamol, dihydrocodeine and of course my breathing. All I kept thinking with each contraction was we were a little closer to meeting our baby, the positive thoughts were so helpful, I knew I could do this, it’s what I was made to do! 

40 minutes later I was fully dilated and ready to get into the pool. As soon as I stepped in I felt instant calm, between each contraction I could have fallen asleep I was so relaxed. The midwives were amazing at reminding me of my breathing, pushing and when to blow! I did a lot of things leading up to the labour like acupuncture, reflexology and perineal massage and remembering to blow when his head was crowing, I believe was why I didn’t need any stitches. 

At 1.59pm our beautiful baby boy was born and we instantly fell in love. The midwives let us bring him out of the water ourselves which I hadn’t really thought of before, but I’m so glad we did. 

Everything from the course helped massively to stay calm and remember that I could do it. Knowledge is power and I truly believe I would have had a different birth story if it wasn’t for the positivity and facts leant on the course, thank you Beth.

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Hannah’s Positive Birth; episiotomy and forceps

Hannah’s Positive Birth; episiotomy and forceps

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story is with Hannah and her baby girl. During labour Hannah’s baby’s heart rate dropped and when her waters were manually broken there was meconium, so Hannah had a hormone drip and this progressed to needing an episiotomy and forceps delivery. Hannah describes her delivery as “calm” and says her birth was “so incredibly positive“.

On Friday 9th April at 39+5 I went for my 40week appointment, had my second sweep (first at 38+4 was unsuccessful) and this one was successful- I was told I was 2cm already and easily stretched to 3cm. I’d been having growth scans due to risk of low birth weight, scans had shown a healthy weight thankfully, however the midwife felt it was a long time to go from 36weeks without further measurements so arranged for me to have an extra scan at my birth hospital on Sunday the 11th April (my due date).

After the sweep I’d continued everything I could to help move things along- eating dates, raspberry leaf capsules, clary sage in the diffuser, more bouncing on my ball and as much walking as I could manage. I lost some of my mucus plug on the days following but knew this didn’t necessarily mean anything was imminent.

On the Sunday I went for the scan and was told baby had had a growth spurt and was now almost at the 90th centile and the Doctor would want to speak to me about risks associated with large birth weight but there was a lengthy (multiple hours) wait to see the doctor. At 1.30pm I went back to the waiting room and by 2.30pm contractions had started, by 3.30pm they were consistently 3 in 10 and lasting 45-60seconds so I asked to see a midwife while still waiting for the doctor- around 5pm I was examined and only 2cm dilated (cue disappointment from me as I live an hour from the hospital and was very anxious they would send me home!) but my BP was high and there was protein in my urine so I was told as there was a risk of pre-eclampsia I’d be kept in and induced that evening.

At 5.50pm I was allowed to ring my husband who’d been waiting in the carpark since 12.30pm and he could come in. Thankfully we had our hospital bags in the car. I was examined again a couple of hours later around 8pm and was 4cm so no induction necessary but they wanted to break my waters to get things moving and said that’d be done around 9pm or so after the shift change. Having my waters broke was the most surreal thing- there was just SO MUCH water! It just kept coming!! 

My birth preferences included being UFO, a water birth and minimal intervention but I was completely open minded to any eventuality thanks to this course. As I had to be monitored because of my BP and there was meconium in the waters when they were broken, constant monitoring was required and I remained on the bed, however, I found this suited me fine at the time! I asked for an epidural quite early but there was nobody available for it and didn’t get it til very late on but gosh am I glad I got it in the end! I accepted Diamorphine while I waited for the epidural, which I had declined a couple of times, but just wasn’t coping with the contractions as they intensified and the epidural was still nowhere in sight! I had gas and air only until about 7cm and literally lost a couple of hours of my life as I was off my face (it was fantastic!!). I only really remember the song “You can call me Al” coming on my birth playlist and declaring “TUNE!” to my husband and midwife 😂. 

At one point the midwife said baby’s heart rate had dropped and she had to press the emergency buzzer but luckily it quickly picked back up and throughout everyone was so professional and reassuring so I never really felt scared. Contractions just about entirely stopped when it came to pushing time so ended up with the hormone drip but things still didn’t progress and because baby was facing away off to the side they took me to theatre to turn her (but she’d turned herself in the mean time) then delivered with forceps and episiotomy while there, I also had a second degree tear. 

My beautiful daughter Lucy Kayleigh Campbell arrived at 5.51am on the 12th of April weighing 8lbs 5oz, one of the doctors laughed once her head was out as she was already making noises so it was no surprise that there was no delay in that first cry once her body was out and nothing can prepare you for that beautiful sound! 

Thanks to The Bump To Baby Chapter I felt like I understood everything that was going on and it was so calm (after I stopped being off my face on gas and air and the epidural kicked in) and so incredibly positive despite being entirely the opposite of my preferences 💕

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Vicki’s Positive Water Birth

Vicki’s Positive Water Birth

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story is with Vicki and her second baby. Vicki had a traumatic birth with her first baby and signed up to our course to support her to achieve her goal of having “a more pleasant birth”. Vicki gave birth to her son, Dexter, via a water birth and was able to “catch” him herself which she says was “was the most amazing experience“.

I started this course in the hope of a more pleasant birth; I hadn’t anticipated how much it would change things. My partner and I watched the whole course twice….I cried a lot and talked about all my worries and feelings of failure as a mum that came from my first labour. 

We have moved geographically since our daughter was born, so this really was a clean slate, but that’s not to say there haven’t been wobbles.  This time I spoke to my midwife about my worries and had some extra support. I wrote a detailed birth plan with her and made my own, abridged, birth preferences sheet to take into the hospital.

40 weeks arrived and I was feeling quite chilled about things, and then I suddenly got really uncomfortable and achy (back, hips etc) and was dealing with multiple messages each day about whether baby has arrived and so I started to get a bit irritable and feeling like I was done with pregnancy. I had a sweep at 40 weeks and another at 40+2, I was already 2-3cm dilated but my cervix was thick and there were no changes between the first and 2nd sweep (despite trying everything….expressing milk, Clary sage, raspberry leave tea, sex, curry).

I had another sweep at 40+4 about 10am and, just like the first sweep, I had discomfort for the rest of the morning which slowly improved….but then it came back on and off about 2:30pm.  I started timing these and they were every 5 minutes, but really not that painful so I assumed they would go off again, but did give the heads up to our dog and child sitters and my partner who was at work.

About 7pm I suggested my partner head home a bit early if he could as they did seem to be increasing in frequency, but still felt a bit dramatic as I could just about talk through them.  I rang the birth centre about 8pm who said to call back in an hour and see how things were. I had a couple of paracetamol to see me through.  

At 9pm they were every 3.5 minutes but manageable; given it was a second labour and our distance from hospital they said to go in for triage. When we arrived at the hospital at about 9:45 they were more intense but I could breath through them.  We talked through my options for initial monitoring and agreed to try with me standing (I was adamant I was not lying down). When they examined me at 11 I was fully effaced and 5cm dilated. The midwife said she would need to get clearance for me to remain midwife led, but the consultant was happy as, despite my miscarriages, my labour was low risk so they ran the pool and I got in about 11:30, which was amazing and helped so much.

I spent the next 3 hours quietly breathing through the contractions in the pool, in a dark room with my music on and everyone chilling out. About 1:30 I was sometimes getting the urge to push at the end of my out breaths, it felt way too soon but the midwife told me to go with it and I asked if this could be the elusive transition. 

I kept thinking I needed pain relief but thought as I was getting near pushing I was reluctant to have gas and air as I didn’t think I’d want it in pushing….and I felt a bit past paracetamol/codeine so just carried on with my breathing, focusing on my long out breaths, watching the ripples it made in the pool.

I started pushing more consistently about 2:30 and he arrived at 3:20, into the pool,and I was able to catch him myself which was the most amazing experience. He came out transverse (facing sideways), so I had a 2nd degree tear but hadn’t even noticed this and they stitched me up on the bed; once we’d all had our post birth checks we came home and introduced him to his big sister. 

I cannot thank Beth enough for this course, or to the group for their support and fabulous stories.

The words I will never forget were, part way through, the Midwife said “you are so in control of this, it’s really beautiful”.

To everyone still waiting for your bundles of joy, I hope you have a fabulous journey.

Click the link for more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.

Stephanie’s Positive Home Birth

Stephanie’s Positive Home Birth

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story is with Stephanie and her third baby. Stephanie opted for a home waterbirth and welcomed her baby in the comfort of her own home, with her husband “catching” the baby himself. Baby Albie was born at 39+2 weeks weighing 7lb2oz.

I loved reading these when I was pregnant, so I thought I’d write my own as its got a bit of everything.

Albie is my third baby, my first was a very simple hospital birth, and my second was an overall straight forward home birth – the last part was a little tricky as she had her cord around her foot, which meant she needed to be delivered quickly. She wasn’t positioned well which meant my cervix didn’t get to 10cm by itself and the midwife had to intervene to get her out.

Albie’s pregnancy was unexpected, throw in a pandemic – meant it was tricky at times. I had a lovely pregnancy but one thing I struggled to decide on was the birth. When the midwife initially brought up the idea of another home birth my first instinct was no way! I then spent a long time going back and forth trying to decide what to do. I was anxious about whether my body could do it right again, what if there was complications and what was the best option. I think this was made harder by my husband not being allowed to any of the appointments, I felt a big burden of responsibility to make the right decision.

I then looked into and found this course, I found it helpful to look at the practical aspects of the birth, and try and get my head around all possible eventualities. Ultimately in the end I booked the homebirth, but decided that it didn’t mean I had to have him at home, I ended up using it purely as an option. This then took alot of the pressure off and kept the anxiety at bay.

At 39 weeks I started to have on off contractions that didn’t get any closer or stronger, this was nothing like the girls as they were very go go go from the start. This continued for 2 days, stopping all together after a few hours.

At 32+2 I’d had a few contractions in the night but they’d stopped again. I decided to walk around, but as soon as I stopped or sat down they would stop again. I then spent the day walking around to try and get them going.

By 3pm they were starting to get a pattern (3 in 10 mins) , the midwifes arrived at 3.30pm and said I was 3cm, by this point I wasnt convinced they wouldnt stop all together again so I was quite disappointed . However on the next heartbeat check 15 minutes later Albie had really dropped down, so we knew something was starting to happen.

By 4.30pm I was needing the gas and air, and the midwifes and my husband sorted the pool out.

At 5pm I got into the pool, I was really starting to feel the pressure at this point. At around 5.30pm the midwife broke my waters as I was 10cm and they weren’t going (just like with my girls) and  at 5.47pm Albie was born. So in just over 2 hours id gone from 3cm to born, so don’t always believe in the 1cm an hour rule, as this wasn’t the case with my first baby either – she was 3cm to born in 3.5 hours.

Albie was born in the pool and brought up by my husband. My girls met him as soon as he was born, whilst we was still in the pool.

I’m so glad I wasn’t scared out of another home birth as it was amazing, this course really helped to calm my anxiety about the birth and made me realise I can’t control what happens during the birth but I can be aware of many of the options and for me it was the realisation that I didn’t have to have a definitive plan, just options. 💙💙

Baby Albie and his big sister

Click the link for more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.

Stacey’s Positive Birth

Stacey’s Positive Birth

Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story is with first time mum Stacey who delivered her baby girl Cora on a consultant-led unit with continual monitoring.

We had a straight forward pregnancy, however did have a two episodes of reduced movement spaced well apart so at my 36 week appointment, I was all booked ready for our local birthing centre! However at 39+4 I had another episode of reduced movements so a late night trip to triage, little one was absolutely fine but when monitoring I was having regular tightenings which was news to me! The doctor and midwife decided to examine me and look to offer a sweep if my cervix was playing ball, nice and soft and 2cm already but posterior so she did a successful sweep to bring it forward 🙌🏻 a bloody show followed and then the Friday I was having on and off regular contractions that were manageable so we just chilled out Friday and let nature do it’s thing. 

Saturday morning 5amI woke up with a very upset stomach and the contractions were coming more regular but only every 10/15 mins. I had some baths, watch Disney plus and breathed through them. Let hubby sleep as was getting through them fine he had also just finished 10 days worth of shifts so wanted his energy for later on! 

By 7:30am I felt a bit lost and upset and decided to call the triage team to make sure I was going along the right lines, lots of reassurance and told me to keep going until spacing 4/5 mins apart then call again. 4pm they were getting 5 minutes apart and starting doubting myself and needed some reassurance things were moving in the right direction so we called and they invited us in to check.

In a room by 5pm on the labour ward waiting to be assessed, very busy and lots going on but I kept upright and moving around whilst contractions were happening. We were assessed at 6pm, CTG was good of baby and after a VE baby was nice and low and I was 3cm. Midwife recommended we go home, keep doing what I’m doing and come back when they are thick and fast, upon walking back to the car my contractions really started going for it, every couple of mins. Desperate for the toilet and had another super bad bowel movement and more of a bloody show. I went quite faint and sick so bags back out the car and back to the labour ward we went.

Back in the same room by 7:30pm and joined by another lovely midwife! Same checks again but delayed a VE due to having one recently. The midwife discussed due to my reduced movements now being 3 birthing centre was unfortunately not an option so its where I’ll be staying but I just remembered control what I can let go of what I can’t and accepted this is the way it was going to be.

Examined again by 8:30pm due to my contractions I was 7cm very much to my surprise! So continuous monitoring was set up which meant unfortunately not the as much upright and active labour as I wanted but we made it work! 💪🏻
Contractions continued and I just used my breathing, in for 4 out for 6! This made me focus and keep in that zone. I had gas and air by my side but didn’t use it, I knew it was a safety net if I wanted it but I generally get quite sick from pain relief so think in the back of my mind that kept me away from it 🤷🏻‍♀️

11pm I got a very sudden pressure coming through with contractions coming thick and fast, a few contractions later and pop went my waters, combined with a sudden relief but with a few contractions a very big urge to push into my bum came…best way I could describe is I needed to poop but was stopping myself! Midwife was going to wait another hour to examine me but because of my reactions and urges we agreed to do it early…Fully dilated! 

It’s go time…joined in the room by a student midwife to support in delivery! Starting pushing just after midnight…husband was secretly happy as my mums birthday was the Saturday so this meant our baby girl would not have to share her birthday 🥰 

Pushing was definitely the hardest part for me…especially the first part to bring baby down, but my midwifes coached me through, even with some guided pushing to get the hang of things! Getting super tired I could feel myself transitioning but the midwife telling me about seeing all of babies dark hair gave me the motivation to keep going, 1 or 2 pushers later I was able to feel her head there with my own hand…more motivation to keep going!

The ring of fire feeling came…😳 but I used my husbands visualisation of blowing out a Colin caterpillar cake with candles reminded me to do my blowey breaths 😂 Few small pushes her head was born. Midwifes used a hot compress when bringing her head into the world as I asked it but already said they would recommended helped relieve some of the pain! 
Few more pushes and out she came with her hands right by her head, causing a wonderful 2nd degree tear and a few grazes! 
Skin to skin and delayed cord-clamping I then had the injection to deliver the placenta and we were enjoying our baby girl! 💖
The examination for tears. I found really un-comfy so I used the gas and air to get through that but this meant Daddy got his skin to skin and I didn’t have to worry about feeling faint or sick around our baby girl 🥰 stitched up and sorted in the room so we could then enjoy our tea and toast 😍😍😍

Straight away midwifes noticed a tongue tie with which was a shock and knew BF was going to be hard, so straight away we were getting support in latching in the room. We were unsuccessful but baby was content at the mo! 

5am we said goodbye to daddy and transferred to the ward, where straight away we were being supported to latch and hand express to syringe finger feed to ensure she was getting plenty whilst we worked on latching. It’s been tough but after having her tongue tie cut Monday evening as soon as we got discharged and home. Our trust don’t do tongue tie cuts, but everyone implied on the ward that once cut we would improve! Not 100% yet but we are in a better place and getting there, I’m so glad we did it sooner and paid privately than waiting for the hospital to refer us in 3 weeks 😳 

Please reach out if you have any questions on the above! Thanks for taking time to read my story ☺️ I found others so helpful! 
Thank you Beth Kitt for this course, I honestly felt so empowered through all my birth preparation 💪🏻 and it’s all down to your fabulous course and never ending support you offer! Couldn’t recommend you enough! 

Those still waiting to meet their babies, you have got this Mamas! Go and smash it 🙌🏻💪🏻🥰

Click the link for more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.

Gemma’s Unplanned Cesarean Section

Gemma’s Unplanned Cesarean Section

Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story is with Gemma who says she had “the exact opposite” of the birth she envisioned, but it was still a “wonderful day to look back on and something you can genuinely enjoy”. Gemma had planned for a water birth on a maternity-led unit, but following an induction that did not progress Gemma used EBRAN to decide on an unplanned cesarean section.

So I had 2 sweeps one at 40 +2 and the other at 40+4 and I had booked an induction appt for 41 weeks if nothing happened. Which it didn’t lol. So Saturday 15th May at 41 weeks and the size of an adult walrus we went off to MAFU at 2.30pm for my induction appt. Had been told by community midwives my cervix was favourable and 2cm with bulging waters.

Upon reviewing the note midwife said that I would be booked in on Sunday for AROM and in the meantime she would sweep me again as it sounded like I was on the cusp and ready to go. So she examined me and it was so painful. She said that I was actually only 1cm dilated at the most and therefore she would put the propess in. So she did and off home I went with an appt to come back the next day. 

About 10pm I noticed I was getting regular pains so I started timing them and sure enough Freya said I was in active labour so I called the hospital and they said to stay home unless my waters broke or they got more painful/closer together. About 11.45pm I was laying on the couch and hubs was just dozed off on the other couch when I felt a sharp pain. Five minutes later I felt a small trickle then water POURED out. I fling myself off the sofa and squished my pad to myself and shouted “DARROLMYWATERSJUSTBROKE” and went to sit on the loo.

While hubs rushed about getting me things. I called the hospital and we went in for 1am. They examined me and said I was still only 1cm with baby High up. They were concerned about cord prolapse due to lack of water and also baby’s position and so I was transferred to the labour ward to see how I got on. Hubs and I were put in a delivery room which was lovely as we were together. This was about 3.30am. I labored until 9am the next day using only 2 paracetamol my TENS Machine (which was amazing BTW) and the hospitals birthing ball with best of Elvis on Spotify 🎶🎶 

When they examined me I was 2CM with baby high up 😩….. So they said they would put me on the syntocinon drip and at that point I asked for an epidural which went in fine and was blissful. The drip caused regular strong contractions according to the monitor, but baby started having decelerations when I contracted and at one point her heart rate was very low. So they got a clip on her which was very much like being a farm animal examined by James Herriot on All Creatures Great and Small. They were able to monitor her better and confirm that my cervix was STILL no more than 2cm with baby High up and baby was not happy so they stopped the drip.

At this point I asked to the midwives if a C section was looking likely and she said yes. I said that was fine. It wasn’t what I planned or wanted but needs must. I asked her to go get the consultant and we could discuss it. Off she went and came back and introduced me as the “most pragmatic mum to be she had ever met”. I spoke with the consultant who basically said the drip was not working and we had run out of options and I agreed immediately. Hubs and I had both said we wanted the section now to get her out safe and well.

So I was prepped for a section and although I was nervous I wasn’t nervous about the procedure.

Baby Aurelia Kym Lynda Van Duke was born at 16.07 on 16th May 2021 through the sunroof 🥰🥰 BUT it turned out she had the cord wrapped round her waist over one shoulder and wrapped round her arm so she probably would have never come out naturally anyway. So I probably would have had an emergency c section. 

The two midwives we had were amazing, chatty, friendly and they were there all day we actually all had an amazing time together it was a fantastic day. Hubs and I were sad when they had to go home on shift change. We’re going to send them some gifts as a thank you it was honestly like a day with 2 mates just chatting and laughing. I honestly would not have had such an amazing day if it wasn’t for this course. It was not my ideal birth but I had all the knowledge I needed beforehand to know what decision I would make if that scenario came up so nothing was a shock or surprise and I was totally calm and prepared.

I hope after all of this waffle you can take away that even if your birth goes completely the opposite way you had imagined it can still be a wonderful day to look back on and something you can genuinely enjoy. This course absolutely made the difference to me, I get terrible anxiety over the unknown or the unplanned (which birth always is) but because I knew about each of these interventions I was able to make confident choices.

Click the link for more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.