Belle’s Positive Homebirth Story

Belle’s Positive Homebirth Story

During my first labour, I was a rabbit in the head lights. It left me feeling I couldn’t do it again. However, after friends had positive experiences with Beth’s course, I felt I could if I used hypnobirthing.
It was great to have the videos to watch over many evenings with my husband and to be able to talk them through. I knew a home birth (given pandemic and my first experience) made me feel best and I felt prepared to push for this if needed, as I was consultant led until the end.

On the Friday, I woke up to my ‘show’. I didn’t want to get too excited so baked, rested, went for a walk to keep baby in a good position. By tea time, we knew it was game on as the ‘show’ kept coming and pains grew, so we set up front room with the pool, lavender in diffuser, lay my birth plan out (a printable from Beth), stuck up my encouraging photos and mantras (Beth’s ‘you can do anything for 60secs’ was very useful). The contractions were every 10-12 minutes so we went to bed to try to rest in between. Through each one, I used the 4/7 breathing method and kept my hands open as Beth taught. I kept viewing the contraction pains as positive as they were getting me closer to meeting my daughter. My husband and I discussed what would happen if the night took a turn and I had to go to hospital, focusing on ‘control what you can and let go of what you can’t’ that we learnt on the course. As the pain increased, I took some paracetamol and moved to using my Tens machine which I found helped hugely. It also seemed to quicken the contractions (or coincided with this) so they became every 2-3 minutes, meaning at 1:30am we rang the hospital. By this point, contractions were best coped with stood up. I started on my isotonic drink as I didn’t feel like eating my energy snacks.

The first midwife arrived at 3am. Because I seemed so calm during contractions, she said she expected to send the second one home for a while. However, when she checked me at 3:30am, I was 7cm with waters ready to break, which she admitted she wasn’t expecting and I felt proud of how I was doing, following Beth’s tips. My husband got to filling the pool (with saucepans and a bucket after the hose wouldn’t connect, but I didn’t panic and kept with the breathing and swaying to my playlist). I asked when I’d be checked again, but the midwife said they’d go by how I progressed so I realised this would be about listening to and trusting my body – which is what I wanted. I started on the gas and air one of the midwives brought from the hospital, and using that with the Tens – and dancing of all things – really helped when waiting for my waters to break. I used my husband as a leaning post during a contraction, which helped a lot too. Beth’s story about wanting photos has resonated with me, so I asked my husband and the midwives to do the same for me.

My contractions built, and with one I felt the pressure grow and release as my waters burst. I knew my baby was almost here then so got into the pool, leaning over the side of it on my knees to stay UFO – trying to breathe and bear down as I felt her coming. I definitely got the sting and ring of fire, but kept using the gas and air and breathing, with my husband supporting me, because I didn’t want to push her head out until my body told me to. Her heart rate dropped so they said I needed to get her out on the next contraction, which I did by listening to my body and bearing down, pushing with all my might.

Faith came out in one go at 5:11am, weighing 6lb11oz. I enjoyed holding her in the water, loving talking to her, but then felt my placenta pushing so got out of the pool as I needed the placenta birthed ‘on land’ as I wanted it encapsulated. My husband treasured his skin-to-skin time whilst I was doing that. 

Afterwards, a midwife checked to see if I needed stitches but no tears at all! I felt pleased about the use of the water, listening to my body and the perineum massage I’d been doing in the weeks leading up to the birth. I’d had an episiotomy with my first, and felt that was because I was labouring on my back, not knowing any different. As one of the midwives went to leave, she called me a warrior and that will stay with me forever, knowing I proved to myself that I could have a positive birth!

I just want to say though, to any expectant parents, that I pushed myself too hard during the next few days, and ended up with fatigue due to a pre-existing medical condition and in hospital for tests. Be kind to yourself. I should’ve taken more of the advice on Beth’s notes there about recovery time! The body has just got through a marathon! 

Nevertheless, my husband said that this course helped him so much after the pandemic cut him off from appointments and being able to ask his own questions. This course enabled me to have the positive birth I wanted and to feel empowered to make decisions and use my voice. I’m forever grateful!

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Katherine’s Positive Birth

Katherine’s Positive Birth

Positive Birth Story at 38wks +3

First Time Mum, Homebirth, Forceps

Tues 22nd Dec I had some tightening feelings in my tummy, along with some constipation and backache. I didn’t really think much of it as our due date was such a way off.

Following morning woke up at 7am and discovered I had a “show”, rang the ward for advice. I assumed it was just a pre-labour thing and wouldn’t be the start of anything.

However, at 8am, some mild cramping began and then intensified throughout the day. 

Practiced my breathing techniques and kept busy, kept in touch with the ward, who suggested it might be Braxton Hicks but to keep an eye on it.

By 9pm contractions were much stronger and tried to sleep, but no luck.

We called the ward and decided with their advice, that we needed a midwife to come and check on us.

At 12.30am, the midwife arrived, examined me and we found we were already 4cm.

She found a TENS machine in the homebirth bag they had delivered, which we tried and found really helpful to take the edge off the contractions, along with the breathing techniques.

As the contractions continued to intensify, I started using the gas and air, which was a great additional help.

At this point, about 10am Christmas Eve, my waters hadn’t broken and on examination, the midwife wasn’t sure how far dilated I was. Her colleague arrived and it was decided I was 7-8cm, the cervix was thin and ready for delivery and that they could break my waters at home instead of having to admit me to hospital.

So my husband brought the plastic tarpaulin! and towels into the bedroom and my waters were broken! Contractions intensified and we breathed through them together, me holding onto my husband tightly and him counting the breaths to help me relax and concentrate. Time in the bath provided some great relief too and helped speed things up.

The issue came with the pushing stage, the feeling of those contractions were so different! After 1 hour of pushing, our boy’s head could be seen, but he couldn’t fully descend as he was at an awkward angle.

It was decided we needed to transfer into the Borders General via ambulance. I managed to remain calm, but having never been in an ambulance or hospital I felt totally out of my comfort zone. Safe to say the ambulance ride was possibly the most uncomfortable element of the whole labour experience, as I had to lie on the trolley whilst in the pushing stage and travelling on country roads at 60mph! I had to zone out completely and breathe in the gas and air until I felt high!

At the hospital, we decided with the advice of the doctor that we would opt for a forceps delivery instead of the option to wait a further 1.5 hours in case he would deliver naturally. At this point, we had not slept since Tues evening and I was ready to meet our boy as soon as possible.

The thought of theatre and a spinal block scared me, as it seemed so extreme, but I knew it was probably the best option for our boy.

In theatre, they could already see the baby’s head and in 2 pushes he was out!

I had an episiotomy and the after effects of the epidural were strange, but it was all fine and the hospital staff were incredible.

Our little boy Bramwell was born on Christmas Eve, 6.07pm, weighing 6lb 13oz. He is an absolute dream, I can’t believe this amazing creature is ours and the birth process made me feel totally in awe of my body and so proud of myself – and so in love with my husband for being my rock through it all. 

The midwives that attended us at home were fantastic and they all remarked at how calm and relaxed I was. I felt safe because I trusted the techniques I learnt and I knew my body could do it.

The best of luck with your birthing journey xx

Thanks for reading xx

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Claras Birth Story – Homebirth

Claras Birth Story – Homebirth

♥️Positive Birthing Story (FTM, home birth) ♥️

In prep for labour I’d been eating dates each day, taking raspberry tea pills and walking/bouncing like a mad women. Three days overdue, sick of friends and family constantly asking if I’d had any “rumblings yet?” I was feeling a bit impatient but tried to keep doing all the lovely things to increase oxytocin.

I was lying in bed around 10pm and realised I had a dull ache (no signs at all before this point) at 40+3. Went to bed at 11.30pm, only to get straight back up with a bad belly and slight nausea. Over the next hour or so I had such bad bowels I couldn’t actually believe it 😂 all whilst my partner snoozed away. About an hour in he woke up and realised I was pacing around loads and heavy breathing in between trips to the toilet. We decided this could be the start of what we thought would be early labour over the next few days! This carried on for a few hours and at about 2.30 am we got the pool inflaited downstairs (didn’t fill it) then I had a bath. We downloaded a contractions timer and worked out I was having surges every 3 mins, but only for about 30 seconds.

As I’d planned a home birth, we called to let them know things had started but weren’t very far along 😂. I got out the bath, took a co codamol and tried to lay down and get some sleep (really uncomfortable and couldn’t at this point sleep through the pain, but rested in between).

At about 8am the surges were 6-8 mins apart, but about two minutes in length! My husband kept saying to call the midwives but I was telling him not to because of the three in ten minutes estimate! We updated them and they said to just keep doing what we were doing. I had another co codamol and my husband took the dog round the block and got in some food supplies! 

I waddled round the house finding different positions, rocking on the stairs and wiggling my hips on all fours 😂. I sicked up the co codamol, but once that was done I think the nausea went (I just don’t do well with codiene).

I got myself onto the bed and was shoving my head into the pillow on each surge! We tried the tens machine and another bath over the next few hours but nothing was as good as all fours and the pillow! My lovely husband and mum massaged me, fanned me when I was hot and warmed me when I was cold. They made sure that I was hydrated and weeing every now and then and we calmly did this for a while. 

At mid day we called the midwives who said someone would be with us within 45 minutes. They said they could rush someone, but I felt calm and wasnt making any screaming etc so all decided to wait for the 45 minutes.

The midwife arrived and as she did, I ran to the bathroom to go to the toilet again but nothing came out. She followed me in and confirmed that I was needing to poo again and quickly asked if I would like a vaginal examination. She calmly did that on the bed and let me know to tell her if I felt another surge and she’d stop… She confirmed I was 8cm! Then said in second thoughts, I think 9cm dilated.

I felt such a relief at this point as I’d not been able to keep any pain killers down so had only been breathing through the pain and focusing in feeling it build and break again. She called the second midwife who arrived really quickly and told my husband to fill the pool!

I had gas an air whilst we waited for the pool to fill and then made my way downstairs and got in. I had several more surges where the babies head came out and then went back in. My waters broke in the water, with a tiny bit if meconium. The midwives discussed this and decided that given how far along I was and how little there was the safest option was to continue the birth at home (which I was delighted by). The midwives were so supportive, and encouraged me with positive language to keep going without gas and air. I had been sitting in the pool, so was advised to turn and squat and with that position shift she came out! 

Lottie was born at 3.24pm on 29th December, 7 lbs 8 ❤️ I had skin to skin in the pool, then swapped with my husband whilst I birthed the placenta on the sofa (as I’ve had the placenta encapsulated).

The whole experience was amazing, calm and beautiful. I’m amazed by my body and my beautiful baby girl. I was able to get through it without freaking out, pain relief etc because of the things I learnt on this course ♥️

***update: i dont know if anyone has tried the drink ‘Aquarius’, but it’s a lemon flavoured drink they sell in Spain. I always drink it when I’m on holiday as its just really tasty, but its also an isotonic and not fizzy! I was feeling a bit sick for most of the morning so didn’t feel like eating and i swear having little sips of this really really carried me through!!! I don’t think i could’ve done lucozade because of the bubbles so just thought I’d share ♥️♥️♥️

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Laura’s Positive Birth – Unplanned Homebirth

Laura’s Positive Birth – Unplanned Homebirth

Surprise baby girl
26/10/20 at 40+1
Speedy spontaneous labour
Unplanned home birth
Gas and air plus breathing techniques.

I’d gotten my show and some cramping on Saturday night but any signs of labour had completely gone by the time I woke up the next day. On Monday I decided to do some bits and bobs around the house. At about 5pm I was resting in front of the telly when I heard a loud thump and it felt like it’d been punched in the bump (I actually “ouched” out loud 😆).

I rang my mum to say I thought maybe my waters had started to go as some intense cramps had started too. Called my husband at work to let him know and then the cramps seemed to really ramp up. By the time he’d got home at 6pm I had to kneel on the floor and lean over our coffee table to feel anything close to “comfortable”. He called the midwifery team for me and they said to come in as soon as we could and they’d get me assessed and ready. He then called my parents who were going to be our lift and they left ASAP to pick us up.

I started to feel really nauseous so my husband helped me get to the loo in case I needed to be sick. I decided to try and go to the toilet while in there. All of a sudden I felt this overwhelming pressure and my body started to push 😳 At this point I was so shocked I did panic a bit – I had thought early labour would take ages. My bump kept hardening in waves and we knew this was “it”. Husband called the birth centre back and they said they’d get to us immediately. He also let my parents know it was all change!

At 7:30pm my assigned midwife and her partner arrived, lifted me off the loo and whisked me into the living room with a “let’s have this baby!”. They threw loads of towels and stuff down and I knelt down leaning onto the sofa. I was handed the gas and air. I overdid using it to start with (I think hyperventilating a bit from the initial shock of the situation) but got into a good rhythm of having a suck of it at the start of each surge going forward.

From there it was a fairly simple cycle of me pushing with every surge. They told me that baby had a great head of hair and I just focussed on my breathing and what I needed to do to meet our little one. I had a few wobbles towards the end as I got tired but my husband and the midwives were an amazing help throughout. At 8:40pm they decided I needed a bit of help as the head wasn’t coming any more and I was offered a small episiotomy. I accepted and they moved me onto my left side with my leg in the air. On the very next push at 8:55pm I felt baby come out in one go and the relief washed over me!

My husband told me we had a little girl and I was thrilled. We had immediate skin to skin and waited for the cord to stop pulsating before it was cut. I then snuggled up to her whilst having the injection to deliver my placenta which was out in a matter of minutes. From there we had our first feed and I had a few stitches. Thankfully I’d managed just two very small additional grazes which didn’t need any attention despite the speed of the whole thing. Another miracle was that our living room carpet survived the whole ordeal 😂

Though things certainly didn’t go to plan – a water birth in the birthing centre – I definitely look back on the experience as positive. It was dramatic in places but not traumatic. The hypnobirthing practices I learned definitely helped me to stay focussed and deliver our baby without getting caught up in the madness of the situation.

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Bex’s Positive Birth Story – Homebirth

Bex’s Positive Birth Story – Homebirth

Positive Home Birth Story!!


– 38+3 weeks

– 31/10/2020 at 10.37pm

– Baby girl: Eva Grace 6lb6oz

Due to Covid and also the research I’d done into hypnobirthing, I really wanted a home birth – allowing me to be in my own environment with my husband there the whole time. 

About 2 weeks before the birth I’d started having period pain-like cramping and very mild, irregular contractions, feeling restless and not myself. Over the following week I’d lost some of my mucous plug 3 times, had regular gut clear outs(!) and could sense that my body was prepping for labour.. very slowly! 

On 28th October my waters went.. but still no progression into established labour. My gut feeling was that baby wasn’t quite ready to come out yet but my body was slowly getting ready for the main event! I declined induction and instead opted for daily fetal monitoring, meaning that I could make sure baby wasn’t in any distress and remained in the best position to come out naturally. I was careful to watch out for any sign of infection – making sure my waters stayed clear and my temperature was normal. And I rested, and waited! 

On 31st October the contractions became more regular – I was finally able to time them! They were 3 every 10mins lasting longer than 1 min… but not painful! So I waited some more (and did some cleaning!) and by 4pm I was feeling a pressure and the need to go to the toilet. I called Stroud maternity and they sent a midwife straight out to check on me.

Kelly arrived and checked me and baby. At this point I really felt like things were happening.. and I had a gut feeling baby was going to make a speedy appearance! I requested a vaginal exam – 3cm dilated! Hooray! Kelly left us to it and promised to return as soon as we needed her… which turned out to be 30minutes later! 

My contractions had ramped up significantly and by the time Kelly arrived with gas and air I was too focused on my breathing to take it in. Somehow I made it upstairs to the bathroom, and 30mins later I was pushing my baby out in our new bath!! 

My advice for all first time mums is to trust your gut and trust your body because it knows what it’s doing! Also – be patient.. it’s all worth it in the end, and giving birth no matter how it ends up happening is like unlocking a superpower 💪💜

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Nicki’s Birth Story. A Homebirth

Nicki’s Birth Story. A Homebirth

I had my first baby 10 years ago and the whole experience was so traumatising that I vowed that if I ever had another baby, I was going to be one of those ‘too-posh-to-push’ mums and have baby extracted via the sunroof.

I met my now husband, James, in 2009. We got married in May 2015 and I was pregnant by August. We were absolutely over the moon. This time, I decided that I was going to completely embrace being pregnant; I was going to look after myself, carry on working out and contrary to the first sentence of this post, I was going to plan to give birth naturally BUT I was going to do something about the fear I still held onto and decided to enroll hubby and me onto a hypnobirthing course.


The hypnobirthing course was fab and made it real for James too. I was totally keen for all of the breathing techniques and the course was worth it just for those. It was also worth it because hypnobirthing empowered us to ask the right questions with the medical staff looking after us. For example, during my first labour, I would have asked them why they needed to intervene and speed up my contractions when I had been getting on just fine? As a result of the course, I also decided on a homebirth… yes, away from all the medical intervention, surgeons and drugs! We moved to Cheltenham from Berkshire when I was 8 months pregnant and I immediately noticed how amazing the midwifery care was here compared to where I had moved from. My desire to have a homebirth and use hypnobirthing terminology, like saying “surge” instead of “contraction,” was fully supported. I felt excited about the impending arrival of our second baby girl! A complete turn around from the fear of birth that I had at the beginning.

We got the spare bedroom ready for the birth and 3 days after my due date, I started feeling tightening in tummy. I went to sleep that night and woke up to the same tightening. I had breakfast and decided to take a warm bubble bath. Whilst in the bath, the tightening felt stronger and I felt I had to breathe through it. I called Cheltenham birthing centre and had to stop talking when another ‘surge’ came – the lovely midwife said, “If you couldn’t talk just then, you’re in labour my love.” I put on the music that I’d listened to during my hypnobirthing relaxation sessions and sat on a swiss ball, gently bouncing. The first midwife arrived at about 10am and asked me if I wanted her to check how things were progressing. I said yes and found out that I was already 6 to 7cm dilated. The surges started to come in stronger and I used my breathing techniques to breathe through them. I wouldn’t say they were pain free, far from it, but the breathing really did help. I buried my head in hubby’s neck which I found really comforting and hubby didn’t speak… also comforting. 😉 Two more midwives arrived and they were all fantastic – kind, patient, friendly, chatty – everything I could have wished for. I got to 10cm dilated with no pain relief but it was becoming unbearable so I asked for the gas and air. My water’s still hadn’t broken and I didn’t really feel the need to push but they told me to start pushing. I felt exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I felt like I had nothing left in me. I then heard the midwives saying that they were calling for an ambulance as the baby’s heart rate wasn’t recovering quickly enough between surges. I remember lying there thinking, “Wait a minute. If an ambulance comes, I’m going to have to get downstairs (there’s no way I could have walked), get into the ambulance, travel to Gloucester hospital – all the while with no pain relief – and our baby was going to be pulled out with forceps or worse, I was going to end up having a C-section.” Within seconds of hearing this, I put my chin to my chest, closed my eyes, breathed down and gave it everything I had. Before I knew it, I heard the midwives saying, “Cancel the ambulance, the baby’s coming!” And come she did at 1.19pm – my waters broke as she arrived! Gosh the relief was dizzying and I was ecstatic that baby girl and I had made it. We left the umbilical cord pulsing for nearly 30 minutes before James cut it and I delivered the placenta naturally too. The midwives stayed for nearly 2 hours after the birth and left me, James, baby Jasmine and the room I’d given birth in, all clean, fresh and ready to start our new adventure together. We relocated to our bedroom and ordered Chinese takeaway at 6pm. Hands down the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten!

If you’re low risk, I can’t recommend a homebirth enough. Not having to worry about when you can or can’t go into a hospital was brilliant and I genuinely felt excited about being at home, amongst our home comforts. When friends come to stay, I love saying, “I gave birth to Jasmine in the room you’re staying in.” ☺


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