The story behind our 100% Charity clothing…

An evening in March last year, I posted a photo of a Mum who had just given birth and she was punching the air looking powerful. The photo was posted along with a quote off a pregnant woman called Andrea who was in my Bumps on Lockdown FB group (a group made to support women online through lockdown.)

It read…

“When this is all over (and it will be!), you will be the women who were pregnant/gave birth during a global pandemic. You’re the ones who faced the unthinkable and soldiered on because you had to. If you can go through this, you can go through anything. You’ve got this! Super Mum! ❤️ “

I posted, then sat at my table about to teach a Zoom antenatal class. 2.5hours later, I checked my social media and it had blown up. Women felt connected with the words and the photo. They wanted some reassurance, some positivity, a chunk of empowerment. It was a “HELL YEH” moment of solidarity to women, all in the same boat, across the globe 🌍. It was a magic moment.

Who would have though that a social media post would have built such a powerful community based purely upon women supporting women. It ended up reaching over 14 million people!!

But, it wasn’t all holding hands and cheering each other on. There were real worries, and real concerns over what lockdown meant for women giving birth and their partners. But, also for the months after for women who were home looking after their newborns. A time where we say ‘It takes a village’ was swapped to ‘batten down the hatches.’ Motherhood can feel isolating enough, without having to physically isolate.All of those amazing fist in the air photos mean so much to me. It’s an “I made it” photo and it’s a message that I want to shout from the rooftops 📣

BB Power Apparel was born!

The Birth Hero Tee and the Super Hero Tee are a testament to women, they are a memory of what women faced during lockdown but, going forward, a symbol of all that women are. Our tees are a reminder that you can go through anything and still punch the air after, it’s for all of those fist pumping, air punching moments that need championing.

And most importantly, all profits from the tees go to two amazing charities, Tommy’s and Birth Rights, as an appreciation for all that they do for women who birthed in the pandemic 🌍❤️

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