Why December is actually a great month to have a baby…

Christmas is a crazy busy time for most, with all the food prepping, turkey stuffing, tree decorating and present wrapping there is just no time to have give birth to a baby in between. I’m speaking here from someone who’s own baby could be born any day and with Christmas just less than a week away, I’m really feeling the added pressure. Will the baby be born before, will I be home for Christmas Day? Or will the baby come after Christmas? This pressure is REAL… any expectant mamas currently feeling the same? The good thing thought about this pressure is that on Christmas Day you’re actually less likely to go into labour. If you take out the elective cesareans, statistically less babies are born on Christmas Day. When you’re feeling stressed/pressure you are telling your body that it’s not in a safe place to have a baby. So as you frantically stuff that turkey and try not to burn the roasties you are giving your body the “Not Today” signals. This same theory applies to stories where pregnant Mums are worried that they’ll go into labour before their moving house date or go into labour on their sisters wedding that they’re bridesmaid for, only to mind that the evening the wedding is over or the moment you sit and relax in your new house, your waters break! You “allow” your body to go into labour.


Anyway, back to Christmas. Now you know that you are less likely to go in to labour on Christmas Day you can start to enjoy the festivities.

It took me one Merry Christmas evening to feel totally different about being pregnant around Christmas time (I was due January 25th with 2 previous prem babies)

I was cosy on the sofa..

Festive PJs on ✅

Love Actually on the TV ✅

Winter scent candle was burning ✅

Twinkly lights from the Christmas tree ✅

Presents wrapped ✅

I was feeling all the good Christmassy feels. Relaxed, calm and really excited for Christmas Day. I had inadvertently created THE perfect scene for birth, or at least early labour before going into the hospital.


Oxytocin is a hormone that we need to have contractions. It’s the love hormone so is high when we feel “in love” calm and relaxed. Having high levels of stress tells the body that we’re not in a safe place to give birth, which can effect if you go into labour or can slow down your contractions.

At Christmas time, the build up can be magical, often more so than the day itself.

Cleaning the house like a maniac, sorting out old toys, clearing out old clothes to make more room for what Santa will bring. It’s nesting at its best.

The Shopping, the retail therapy! Need I say anymore. The Amazon prime purchases gives you all the good feels with the added bonus of being a perfectly justified time of year to be spending.

The chocolate orange or 2 can be eaten guilt free.

The lighting is tip top birth environment conditions, the dim lights from dark, early evenings and the twinkly lights from the Christmas lights. Nothing screams calmness quite like it.

It’s always exciting hearing the Christmas songs on the radio. The Christmas piano playlist on Spotify has been my go to chill out songs for all of December. So will definitely be my birth playlist if the baby comes this month.

Partners/Husbands usually have time off anyway so it means extra days off at home with you and the baby.

The roads are quieter for the drive to hospital … ok I’m probably clutching at straws on this one. But you get the idea, good spirits and festive cheer. You have a pre-made perfect birth environment and some amazing coping strategies already built in to the festive season (birth environment and coping strategy are techniques for birth that are covered in hypnobirthing.) There’s nothing that brings a boost of oxytocin quite like it.


So if you go into labour during the festive season you have the calmness and nostalgia of Christmas time that will actually help you cope, specifically while you are in early labour at home. Natural ways to cope with contractions and your birth environment is a great place to start when prepping for your birth.


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Photo creds Chui King Li