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Little Dot’s Six Steps to Baby Shower Success

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Baby showers have taken off in the UK like beard trimmers in a barber’s shop. With this increase in parties, there is a shift in the size, style and type of baby shower bashes that people are throwing.


Welcoming a new life into the world is about as big an event as you can get. So a baby shower is a great way to high-five the end of the journey for mum’s-to-be with friends and family. Not to mention some well-deserved recognition for carrying her little lodger/s for almost a year.


If you are looking to nail a baby shower, here is Little Dot’s six steps to success!


  1. Get the party started! Begin the baby shower with an impressive baby shower invitation that will get everyone excited about this fab event. Pick a stylish theme that you can carry through the whole party and if you really get it right, the mum-to-be can continue with it after the baby is born.
  2. Budget! Sorry to say the b word! If you’ve offered to take up the mantel of organising a baby shower you might want to decide if you think you can manage it by yourself, or if there are friends who can help. Do you want invitations, buntings, banners,  balloons, cakes, table centres and favours for guests…? All this needs to be totted up into your BSB (baby shower budget).
  3. The Place to Party! Where you choose to host the baby shower can really help with the flow and the fun, as well as alleviating some of the pressure off the hosts and the mum-to-be. I recently wrote a blog about afternoon tea for a baby shower and I highly recommend it. Maybe you would prefer a cool cafe, a trendy restaurant, but ideally not the mum-to-be’s house. We want her to chill and enjoy her baby shower, without worrying about cleaning and tidying before and after the party.
  4. Style it! If you want to score points for your sophistication and style, continue the chosen theme into the decorations. Little Dot Baby Shower does stunning, matching baby grow buntings and large banners. Mix this with some coordinating confetti, balloons and pinwheel decorations and you have a perfect party to blow away your mum-to-be’s expectations.
  5. Things that make you go Mmmmm! Want mouth watering cakes and a choice of hot drinks? Perhaps some sparkle for the guests who like a bit of fizz? Then afternoon tea maybe your perfect party pick. If you are hosting a house party, acheeseboard and nibbles can make the ideal menu (although bear a thought for any gluten free guests). Your baby shower bunch can pick at as little or as much as they want. Refreshing pregnatinis (alcohol free cocktails for baby bellies) are also a great shout and you can always add a bit of something harder for those who enjoy a tipple! I am a firm believer in alcohol at baby showers. It’s not the kind of event where your guests will let themselves totally go and swing from the light fixtures, so it can help to take off the edge for those who are unacquainted.
  6. Get Your Game Face On! Ditch the Price is Right (suitable only for frugal old ladies) and head for some fun with Guess the Baby, where guests secretly bring in a baby pic of themselves and everyone has to guess who’s who. Top of the Baby Charts working in teams to guess as many songs as you can with the word baby in the title. Play-Doh Baby, where your party are each given a ball of Play-Doh and have to mould a baby. Prizes for best/worst/funniest. Don’t Show us Your Teeth, a word association game where guests take it in turns to say something associated with baby, whilst totally covering their teeth with their lips. If you show your teeth, you’re out!


Have a good crack at all of these and you can give yourself a huge foam-hand pat on the back for a perfect party mix. The guests may not say you’re Wonder Woman, but has anyone ever seen the two of you in the same room…? Exactly!



Beth from Little Dot Baby Shower knows first hand that having a baby is a huge moment in life and an extra special cause for celebration. She is mother of her own not-so little dots Teddy and Isabella. Beth does lots for the charity Kicks Count by selling charity sweaters for the mamas who are in need of more sleep. You can visit her website or follow her on…

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Your Baby’s Kicks Count

In my third pregnancy with Nancy, I was so busy. I would work 12 hour shifts asking other pregnant mums, “Has your baby been moving well today?” only when I would get 5 minutes to drink tea and eat cake (so never), empty my bladder (also never!) or get home would I ask myself the same question. I would take myself to the bath, with some cold water, chocolate or ice cream and concentrate on her movements. She would start kicking her little legs when that freezing cold ice cream would run passed her little toes. It became a nice daily ritual. It would be an opportunity to have a bit of bonding time with baby bump and also have a little check in on her to see if she was all good in there.
With my first pregnancy I remember going in with reduced movements only for the midwife to put her hands on my tummy and be met with a kick. I felt like such a time waster. Now I have been the midwife, who puts my hands on a women’s bump to be met with a kick and never have I thought a second was wasted. As a midwife I feel relief, as I have also been the midwife to feel for baby’s position to be met with no kicks, to listen in to baby to hear no heartbeat, to be present at the scan to see no flicker of a heart.
Why do Kicks Count?
A baby that moves and kicks is a healthy baby. If a baby is under stress for whatever reason in the womb then the first thing a baby will do is to stop moving. Movement uses energy, so a baby under stress will stop or reduce movements to conserve its energy.
Shocking facts:
The UK has one of the worst stillbirth rates in the developed world. Currently ranking 33 out of 35.
Two out of three women who had a stillbirth noticed their baby’s movements had slowed down or stopped.
How to count your kicks…
There is lots of mixed messages about how to count your kicks, some mums to  be may count episodes of movement or numbers of kicks within a certain episode. Either way is fine as long as you remember one thing, baby’s are little human beings so bare in mind they are all different. There is not a one latex glove size to fit all. Your baby might be really active in the morning and in the evening, but you only feel little movements the rest of the day. Or your baby may make smaller movements but more regularly throughout the day. Whatever is normal for your baby is what should be your baseline for what is normal movements.
Our advice
Don’t assume that your baby will move less as you approach full term due to ‘less space’. Your baby’s movements will increase from your first kicks (between 16-24weeks) and then baby should be moving the same amount daily from about 32 weeks. The movements may be different. Instead of feeling a summersault feeling you may feel a wiggle or an elbow move but never settle for ‘your baby has no room’ as a reason to why he/she isn’t moving.
Don’t worry about phoning. As a midwife we would much rather you phoned every day than go days at home worrying about your baby’s health. It is important for us to know if your baby’s movements have stopped or slowed. Even if you are still worried about baby’s movements shortly after a check-up, you should still see your midwife straight away.
Don’t use hand held dopplers or any home device to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Just because you can hear your baby’s heartbeat doesn’t mean that he or she is healthy. Midwives will use a continuous fetal heart monitoring machine to see a pattern of your baby’s heartbeat. The pattern of the baby’s heartbeat is what will be used to determine the health of your baby if you are worried about movements.
Kicks Count is a charity that provide information on baby movements but also they create an awareness to empower mothers to have the confidence to trust their instincts when they suspect something is wrong and to contact their maternity provider. The charity sell wristbands as a reminder to pregnant mums to ‘count your kicks’, plus to create an awareness to other expectant mums that Kicks Count.


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The Bump to Baby Chapter

Winner of 🌟The Best Pregnancy Support Service in Gloucestershire 2017🌟, The Bump to Baby Chapter has something for everyone. 🌟For expectant couple wanting to know all you need to know about labour, baby and those early days we have midwife led antenatal courses. 🌟For a second or third time mother wanting to birth without fear after a negative birth experience. There’s hypnobirthing one day classes for the busy Mum. 🌟Free blogs with tips on birth and baby for all 🌟Buggy walks in Cheltenham for new mothers to bring the sisterhood in motherhood. So whatever stage of pregnancy and whatever number baby have a look at the page, website and get involved 🌟
The Bump to Baby Chapter
The Bump to Baby Chapter
Hospital Bag Items.

Here is a few of my faves ....

💡Lip balm- Gas and air can make your lips really dry. So can hospitals with their dry air.
💡 Earplugs/Eye mask- This one is useful if you need to spend any time on the antenatal maternity ward eg. induction of labour. Ear plugs are definitely not for after you’ve had the baby!!
💡Flannel/water spray/mini fan - You can get HOT in labour. Also hospitals 🥵
💡Socks- if you have an epidural or spinal. When it wears off your feet can feel cold!

💡 Always pack an extra bag to keep at home for a relative to bring in if you unexpectedly need to stay in for longer

💡 Dads/Partners- Pack yourself a bag too. Think change of clothes, food, toothbrush, food, drinks, food. Paracetamol is also a good one for you to have, hospitals can’t dish out the drugs to Dads and lack of sleep and hospital air can mean headaches.

What were your most used items in labour/birth? Midwife buddy’s - what’s your tips?? Or any pregnant mothers have any hospital bag Qs...


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