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Affirm it with a Post-It


We have teamed up with the wonderful Steph from Don’t Buy Her Flowers.com to give you lovely women a treat that you truly deserve. Like us, local girl Steph, knows the importance of how we as mothers and pregnant mothers are lacking in the ‘me time’ department. The care package that we will be giving the lucky winner will hopefully encourage you to take 10 minutes to fill your cup and look after number one. You can see the prize in full here.


Not only will we give you a ‘pick me up’ hamper from Steph, but we want to help you help yourself feel like empowered, strong and confident from within. So to enter this competition we want you to ‘Affirm it with a Post-It’ so get your positive post it caps on and write an affirmation on a post- it, postcard, piece of paper and show us where you have it in your house to remind yourself of what a super job you are doing as woman!


There are a few rules:

  1. The affirmations must be in the present (unless it is to do with childbirth). For example, ” I am strong. I am brave.” rather than “I will be brave.” The only exception is for childbirth, so “I will have a positive birth experience.”
  2. The affirmations must be positive. For example, ” I am winning.” rather than, “I am not a failure.”


To enter send in your photos to thebumptobabychapter@gmail.com or tag us and hashtag #affirmitwithapostit on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.We will put all pictures below in a gallery.

I hope doing this adds a fist pump of positivity to your day!


The competition will run until the end of November 2016. The winner will be contacted by 5th December 2016. By entering the competition you agree to us The Bump to Baby Chapter and Steph Don’t Buy her Flowers  to use the pictures for social media or on their website.


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The Bump to Baby Chapter

Winner of 🌟The Best Pregnancy Support Service in Gloucestershire 2017🌟, The Bump to Baby Chapter has something for everyone. 🌟For expectant couple wanting to know all you need to know about labour, baby and those early days we have midwife led antenatal courses. 🌟For a second or third time mother wanting to birth without fear after a negative birth experience. There’s hypnobirthing one day classes for the busy Mum. 🌟Free blogs with tips on birth and baby for all 🌟Buggy walks in Cheltenham for new mothers to bring the sisterhood in motherhood. So whatever stage of pregnancy and whatever number baby have a look at the page, website and get involved 🌟
The Bump to Baby Chapter
The Bump to Baby Chapter
There’s a secret about childbirth that lots of pregnant mothers don’t know about and it’s all to do with how our bodies are wired and built. This applies to if it’s your first baby or your fifth.
Who knows about OXYTOCIN and
ADRENALINE and the effect it has on your birth?
Firstly let’s throw it back to the cave girl times where we would have been giving birth in caves or similar. If we felt relaxed and calm then our bodies would have felt safe to bring a baby into the world so labour would have started and progressed well thanks to the hormone oxytocin.
If let’s say a woolly mammoth rocked up in your birth cave then your body wouldn’t feel safe giving birth and your labour would stop. This is due to the wonderful nervous system we have going on that initiates the fight or flight response when there’s a perceived threat resulting in the release of adrenaline.
Yet, nowadays during birth this response is a massive nuisance as we don’t have woolly mammoths or sabre tooth tigers up in our birth caves. What we do have is our thoughts, fears and anxieties about birth and the pain that comes with it, which causes the same response.
So what do I do about this I hear you say??? Two things... First change the way you view birth.
Secondly, learn to RELAX. When in your days do you give yourself time to CHILL? If you don’t, teach yourself how. If you can’t relax now, how are you suppose to do it in labour??.
Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, you can find out more about HOW to do these two things and WHY you should choose hypnobirthing when pregnant by following the link below ❤️
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