Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story is with first time mum Stacey who delivered her baby girl Cora on a consultant-led unit with continual monitoring.

We had a straight forward pregnancy, however did have a two episodes of reduced movement spaced well apart so at my 36 week appointment, I was all booked ready for our local birthing centre! However at 39+4 I had another episode of reduced movements so a late night trip to triage, little one was absolutely fine but when monitoring I was having regular tightenings which was news to me! The doctor and midwife decided to examine me and look to offer a sweep if my cervix was playing ball, nice and soft and 2cm already but posterior so she did a successful sweep to bring it forward 🙌🏻 a bloody show followed and then the Friday I was having on and off regular contractions that were manageable so we just chilled out Friday and let nature do it’s thing. 

Saturday morning 5amI woke up with a very upset stomach and the contractions were coming more regular but only every 10/15 mins. I had some baths, watch Disney plus and breathed through them. Let hubby sleep as was getting through them fine he had also just finished 10 days worth of shifts so wanted his energy for later on! 

By 7:30am I felt a bit lost and upset and decided to call the triage team to make sure I was going along the right lines, lots of reassurance and told me to keep going until spacing 4/5 mins apart then call again. 4pm they were getting 5 minutes apart and starting doubting myself and needed some reassurance things were moving in the right direction so we called and they invited us in to check.

In a room by 5pm on the labour ward waiting to be assessed, very busy and lots going on but I kept upright and moving around whilst contractions were happening. We were assessed at 6pm, CTG was good of baby and after a VE baby was nice and low and I was 3cm. Midwife recommended we go home, keep doing what I’m doing and come back when they are thick and fast, upon walking back to the car my contractions really started going for it, every couple of mins. Desperate for the toilet and had another super bad bowel movement and more of a bloody show. I went quite faint and sick so bags back out the car and back to the labour ward we went.

Back in the same room by 7:30pm and joined by another lovely midwife! Same checks again but delayed a VE due to having one recently. The midwife discussed due to my reduced movements now being 3 birthing centre was unfortunately not an option so its where I’ll be staying but I just remembered control what I can let go of what I can’t and accepted this is the way it was going to be.

Examined again by 8:30pm due to my contractions I was 7cm very much to my surprise! So continuous monitoring was set up which meant unfortunately not the as much upright and active labour as I wanted but we made it work! 💪🏻
Contractions continued and I just used my breathing, in for 4 out for 6! This made me focus and keep in that zone. I had gas and air by my side but didn’t use it, I knew it was a safety net if I wanted it but I generally get quite sick from pain relief so think in the back of my mind that kept me away from it 🤷🏻‍♀️

11pm I got a very sudden pressure coming through with contractions coming thick and fast, a few contractions later and pop went my waters, combined with a sudden relief but with a few contractions a very big urge to push into my bum came…best way I could describe is I needed to poop but was stopping myself! Midwife was going to wait another hour to examine me but because of my reactions and urges we agreed to do it early…Fully dilated! 

It’s go time…joined in the room by a student midwife to support in delivery! Starting pushing just after midnight…husband was secretly happy as my mums birthday was the Saturday so this meant our baby girl would not have to share her birthday 🥰 

Pushing was definitely the hardest part for me…especially the first part to bring baby down, but my midwifes coached me through, even with some guided pushing to get the hang of things! Getting super tired I could feel myself transitioning but the midwife telling me about seeing all of babies dark hair gave me the motivation to keep going, 1 or 2 pushers later I was able to feel her head there with my own hand…more motivation to keep going!

The ring of fire feeling came…😳 but I used my husbands visualisation of blowing out a Colin caterpillar cake with candles reminded me to do my blowey breaths 😂 Few small pushes her head was born. Midwifes used a hot compress when bringing her head into the world as I asked it but already said they would recommended helped relieve some of the pain! 
Few more pushes and out she came with her hands right by her head, causing a wonderful 2nd degree tear and a few grazes! 
Skin to skin and delayed cord-clamping I then had the injection to deliver the placenta and we were enjoying our baby girl! 💖
The examination for tears. I found really un-comfy so I used the gas and air to get through that but this meant Daddy got his skin to skin and I didn’t have to worry about feeling faint or sick around our baby girl 🥰 stitched up and sorted in the room so we could then enjoy our tea and toast 😍😍😍

Straight away midwifes noticed a tongue tie with which was a shock and knew BF was going to be hard, so straight away we were getting support in latching in the room. We were unsuccessful but baby was content at the mo! 

5am we said goodbye to daddy and transferred to the ward, where straight away we were being supported to latch and hand express to syringe finger feed to ensure she was getting plenty whilst we worked on latching. It’s been tough but after having her tongue tie cut Monday evening as soon as we got discharged and home. Our trust don’t do tongue tie cuts, but everyone implied on the ward that once cut we would improve! Not 100% yet but we are in a better place and getting there, I’m so glad we did it sooner and paid privately than waiting for the hospital to refer us in 3 weeks 😳 

Please reach out if you have any questions on the above! Thanks for taking time to read my story ☺️ I found others so helpful! 
Thank you Beth Kitt for this course, I honestly felt so empowered through all my birth preparation 💪🏻 and it’s all down to your fabulous course and never ending support you offer! Couldn’t recommend you enough! 

Those still waiting to meet their babies, you have got this Mamas! Go and smash it 🙌🏻💪🏻🥰

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