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“I just wanted to say thank you. I had my third child last week, a beautiful little girl. I’ve never had such a postive birth experience before. My last two births were very long; 21 hours and 16 hours and not pleasant experiences. I remember speaking to you on the Hypnobirthing course the other month, about how nervous I was this time and how I just wanted my last birth to be a positive and good experience. You reassured me and made me feel empowered. I religiously read my Hypnobirthing book each night, reminding myself that it was going to be okay. I listened to the mp3 recordings and practiced my breathing techniques. I kept my yesmum cards in the bathroom so everytime I went in there I would read a card, affirming that it would be a positive experience and that I am totally in control. 

All of this paid off. I had a wonderful, not exactly pain free but wonderful birth. I Was confident enough to breath through the contractions of the first and second stages of birth at home. I stayed calm and focussed and enjoyed the excitement of it all. Once in hospital I didn’t have time to put on my Hypnobirthing cds but I remembered the breathing techniques and again stayed positive and allowed my body to do what it needed to do. Within 30 minutes of me arriving I calmly and naturally gave birth to my daughter. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I just wished I could have had the confidence and guidance to Hypnobirth with my other two births . 

I am so happy that my final birthing journey was so amazing. Thank you so much Beth for guiding me and reassuring me. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. 

Thank you.”

September 2017

“Well I made this yesterday, all 9lb9 of him ๐Ÿ˜ตA completely different birth to my first. Natural. Calm(ish…I screamed and shouted quite a bit) I owe this all to @thebumptobabychapter Beth. Rupert Fox Hopkins is ready to take on this whacky World. (And I was working throughout the labour. Mumboss rocks) …. @thebumptobabychapter … I owe you a drink and Rupert wants a cuddle. You honestly changed by outlook on birth. Super Star!!!”

September 2017

“Just wanted to re-say what a fantastic time I had and what a restorative, empowering day I found it. 
I found it an invaluable session in dealing with some of my own birth anxiety and goals and the fact that you’re a midwife at Gloucester was very reassuring and positive. When I compare this course to the less flexible approach of NCT I am really impressed with the careful line you tread between a natural birth and managing/coping with necessary interventions.
It was great, and I really enjoyed the women-only vibe as well (the hypnobirthing essential day) – Just such a fab day, thank you so so much.”

Then last week, after seeing her at the start of the week at home for a hypnobirthing session, she sent me this email after a wonderfully positive and in control birth…

“Hope to see you very soon so you can meet the babies and chat about the birth!!! I honestly know that my whole experience of it was different this time around because of the informed position and the confidence you gave me. Thank you so so much. ”

August 2017


“I wanted to send you both an email to say thank you so much for all of your hypnobirthing knowledge and guidance throughout my pregnancy and (Kate) at the start of my labour itself! Also, thank you Beth for helping me on the ward after! It was so nice and makes such a difference to see familiar faces at that time.

As you both know, this was my second pregnancy and I was worried and anxious about the second baby arriving quicker than the first. My labour with my first, Ivy, was 1 hour 10 minutes! Due to having low platelets, I also knew that a water birth was out of the question and my pain relief options were limited. In short, I had been told an epidural would be out of the question. The fear of bleeding to death was also up there too!! (Very dramatic but was certainly in my mind)

From the start I knew that a few things would be out of my control but I wanted to remain as calm as possible regardless of which course my labour chose to take. I wanted to feel positive and in control. Now, having given birth to my second daughter, Penny, I can safely say that you helped me achieve my goal and my whole labour experience would have been completely different had I not attended your courses.

After attending your introduction to hypnobirthing course I was hooked and keen to learn more. I therefore booked on to your full day hypnobirthing course. Both courses proved to be invaluable to me. I regularly practiced the relaxation techniques you taught me and listened to the CD that you also provided. I gradually read my way through the hypnobirthing book and loved reading the positive quotes on the yes mum cards. I actually packed these in my hospital bag and they were great to read during the early stages of labour! I also found the relaxation exercises great for helping me have some me time during my pregnancy. The breathing techniques you taught me were so important to me during my labour! My labour was quick again (1 hour 49 minutes) and intense. I used both the up and the down breathing technique at the times you told me to and as I had practised these daily prior to labour, I felt comfortable doing these and they came as second nature to me. The visualisation of bubbles and the sun rising were all that was in my head during the early stages!!

I felt in complete control of my labour and was able to breath my way through each contraction. The key for me was remaining calm and keeping focused. Using your techniques I was able to do this and focus on the visualisations you taught me. My labour progressed as it should have and very quickly. I asked to use gas and air just before I started to push, which lasted around 15 minutes! I gave birth to Penny in the delivery suite at Gloucester Royal. The staff were incredible and the environment felt calm and relaxed. Mood lighting was on and music was playing. I had a student midwife, Isabelle, and a midwife overseeing things, Tracy. I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to labour as I wanted and for listening to me and my body. Penny is now 11 weeks old and is completely gorgeous. Ivy is also loving being a big sister.

Thank you both so so much! You were both great. Not just the techniques but your knowledge as midwifes and the fact that you are both so friendly and easy to talk to makes what you do so successful. I am a true believer in hypnobirthing and if there is anything I can do to help you both with the bump to baby chapter let me know. Thank you, Katie xxx”

July 2017.


“What I love most about The Bump to Baby Chapter after having private tuition with Beth is the sense of freedom she brings that no matter how that baby comes out of your body, how you are able to reflect on the experience is what matters and that no birth is more empowering than another. I can honestly say she is one of the least judgemental open minded individuals I’ve met and this was inspiring to learn as I explored hypnobirthing as I had a pre conceived view that hypnobirthing was laced with opinions. I was so wrong and her approach is realistic, factual and really really encouraging x”

June 2017.


“Highly recommend Beth and Kate to any parents to be that want classes they can enjoy with their partners, they fitted in perfectly in the evenings for both of us to go after work, Beth and Kate were so friendly and knowledgeable it really made us feel comfortable and learn a lot from not only the midwife in them but also the mum which is great. Our group only consisted of 3 couples but it was great to interact with others who were due around a similar time too. Beth and Kate are great at giving hints and tips via email too so you’re never short of information or support. Thank you both Chris and Jess”

April 2017.



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On the blog this Sunday morning we have Shaniโ€™s wonderfully calm birth story. Grab yourself a Yorkshire brew, in true Shani style, and have a read!! .....

โ€œI felt immense relief, joy, love and exhaustion. Amabell weighed 6lb 12oz and I managed the birth with no pain killers or gas and air, all down to the focus Hypnobirthing had provided me with, the mind is one powerful tool!โ€

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