Hypnobirthing Essentials – Couples Group Course


The following Dates are at the Venue: Cowley Manor, Cowley,  GL53 9NL

Sunday 28th April FULLY BOOKED (Venue- Greenways Hotel and Spa, Shurdington, Cheltenham)

Saturday 8th June

Sunday 11th August

Time: 10 am – 4 pm

For couples…

During this course you will receive:

6 hours of Hypnobirthing


MP3s and a Hypnobirthing Book

Ongoing support until your baby has arrived

Birth Preferences and other useful handouts

If you would prefer to pay your course in instalments then please drop us an email. Remember that those who have booked onto an antenatal course with us can have 30% off this course. 

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  • Hello, I’m interested in attending a couples group hypnobirthing course; but I’m not due until June; when is the best time to attend and when will dates be available?

    • Hey Sarah, thanks for your message and congratulations on your pregnancy, hope you’re feeling well. You can come to hypnobirthing from 24 weeks. I’d say the best time is around the 28-32 mark but that does depend on the person and how you’re feeling about birth etc. With that in mind, would the March hypnobirthing be a good one for you? This date and info is on the website. You can email me at thebumptobabychater@gmail.com if you’d like to come to a later date. Hope that helps Sarah. Best wishes, Beth

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Winner of 🌟The Best Pregnancy Support Service in Gloucestershire 2017🌟, The Bump to Baby Chapter has something for everyone. 🌟For expectant couple wanting to know all you need to know about labour, baby and those early days we have midwife led antenatal courses. 🌟For a second or third time mother wanting to birth without fear after a negative birth experience. There’s hypnobirthing one day classes for the busy Mum. 🌟Free blogs with tips on birth and baby for all 🌟Buggy walks in Cheltenham for new mothers to bring the sisterhood in motherhood. So whatever stage of pregnancy and whatever number baby have a look at the page, website and get involved 🌟
The Bump to Baby Chapter
The Bump to Baby Chapter
Hospital Bag Items.

Here is a few of my faves ....

💡Lip balm- Gas and air can make your lips really dry. So can hospitals with their dry air.
💡 Earplugs/Eye mask- This one is useful if you need to spend any time on the antenatal maternity ward eg. induction of labour. Ear plugs are definitely not for after you’ve had the baby!!
💡Flannel/water spray/mini fan - You can get HOT in labour. Also hospitals 🥵
💡Socks- if you have an epidural or spinal. When it wears off your feet can feel cold!

💡 Always pack an extra bag to keep at home for a relative to bring in if you unexpectedly need to stay in for longer

💡 Dads/Partners- Pack yourself a bag too. Think change of clothes, food, toothbrush, food, drinks, food. Paracetamol is also a good one for you to have, hospitals can’t dish out the drugs to Dads and lack of sleep and hospital air can mean headaches.

What were your most used items in labour/birth? Midwife buddy’s - what’s your tips?? Or any pregnant mothers have any hospital bag Qs...


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