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Come along to a fun, friendly and relaxing day with Beth or Oli (qualified Hypnobirthing teachers and practicing midwives). Learn how to trust your body and follow its lead for a positive birth experience. We will help you reduce any fears, anxieties and negative images you may have around giving birth. You will learn coping techniques for labour enabling you to feel confident about going into labour creating a calming experience for meeting your new baby for the first time and life as a new mother. As we are midwives (and mothers ourselvs) we give a realistic approach to hypnobirthing with real life, honest stories and experiences. Women only.

A one day session solely for hypnobirthing. Suitable for any mother at any gestation and for any type of delivery.

Time: 10am – 4.00 pm

The Greenway Hotel and Spa, Shurdington, Cheltenham GL51 4UG

Saturday February 23rd 2019

To book your place add to cart then in the order notes please write the month of your chosen course. Alternatively you can email us after your purchase. Remember, if you are booked onto antenatal classes with us you can receive 30% off this hypnobirthing day. Please email me for the code. 


A course designed solely for focussing on KG hypnobirthing designed by The Bump to Baby Chapter midwife, Beth. The course will include:

6 hours of hypnobirthing covered in one session


Hypnobirthing CD and book

Goody bag

Terms and Conditions

Although Beth and Oli are practicing midwives, these classes are not designed to replace your midwifery or obstetric care. If you have any concerns about your health of you or your baby then you must seek medical advice from your healthcare provider (GP or your local midwife).

Refunds can only be issued if your baby is born before your course has commenced.

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The Bump to Baby Chapter
I’ve cancelled most plans this week thinking that labour was happening. Each day with my start/stop contractions/braxton hicks I’ve been so sure that this was it. So I’ve stayed home, bounced on my ball, drinking my raspberry leaf tea and smothering myself with clary sage thinking ‘yesss 🙌🏼 early labour’ LIKE THE MUG THAT I AM! This baby is already making a fool out of me!

Today however, was different. I did not sit and wait around, contractions or no contractions. I got up, put my make up on, got dressed and went for lunch and have felt so much better for it. It also meant that Nancy got to spend a bit of time with her new boyf Grayson.

I know early labour can be like this and it’s normal. At TBTBC antenatal classes and hypnobirthing we always say how this bit can take a couple of days, sometimes a week with irregular contractions. And we always say that the worst thing to do is to stay at home and wait for them to become regular 🤦🏼‍♀️. Normal is one thing though and liking it is something totally different. Today though, thanks to these two little sweethearts, was a good day.

What were your experiences of early labour?
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