My positive birth story 🥰

I went into the hospital with reduced movements at 39+3 on 5th Jan 11:30pm & the consultant advised it was safer for baby to be here sooner rather than later so they advised an induction. I really didn’t want an induction as I wanted a water birth but I wanted to do whatever was the safest for baby so I agreed to stay in & start my induction the next day.

6th Jan 6am – 1st pessary was inserted I was already 1cm dilated before it was inserted so this was hopeful that the induction would work.
12pm – I was examined & another pessary inserted I was 1.5cm dilated & I had started to have slight pains on & off which I was using my breathing techniques I learnt on the course!
6pm I was examined again & I was 2cm dilated so there was no need for another pessary & I was ready for my waters to be broken. Unfortunately there was quite a wait for a bed on the labour ward so I was slow labouring myself just using my breathing through contractions. During my time I was waiting I lost my mucas plug & bloody show.

7th Jan 7:30 I was finally given a bed on the labour ward by the time we made our way down there had an introduction to all the staff etc & settled into the room. My boyfriend set up my battery candles & my birthing crystals around the room we dimmed the lights & had our music on. He made it the perfect environment! It was around 10pm when my waters had been broken & I had been put on the hormone drip & I started active labour. I used only gas & air all the way through coping with my breathing my partner was amazing he really helped me through the contractions counting me in & out.

Our gorgeous boy Romeo Kruz Holroyd was born at 01:02AM 8th January 2021.
Weighing 7lbs 10 after pushing for only 10 minutes!

Thank you to Bump to baby chapter for all the knowledge & amazing techniques I used throughout my labour. I truly believe it helped me through. I had such an amazing birthing experience & I enjoyed every minute even if it wasn’t the birth I had hoped for. 🤍