Felicity Ivy Ashworth born 11.01.21 at 8.04am at 36+5 weeks.

Went for a routine 36 week appointment and mentioned I was getting headaches to the midwife. When testing my urine there was protein present so it was suspected I had pre eclampsia. They wanted me to come back 48 hours later to review.

So came back 2 days later and my blood pressure was off the chart! The doctors came round and suggested I have an induction… all the way through my pregnancy I was adamant I was NEVER having an induction, not only did I hate the idea of having labour forced upon my body when it wasn’t ready but with COVID I knew I couldn’t have my partner there the whole time. But I used my EBRAN and I knew my own health and my baby’s health would benefit from her being delivered ASAP. I wanted to wait until 37 weeks but my blood pressure kept rising and they advised to induce me that day at 36+4.

I had the pessary at 11am on Sunday, I had contractions straight away but they were manageable with just breathing. My waters broke at 1am Monday morning, I managed to get a little sleep before they ramped up and I needed gas and air and my tens machine around 3/4am. I then called my partner to come in around 5:30am and we powered through the next few hours of contractions. I actually felt empowered doing the early stages of labour alone and it felt even more special when he arrived near the end.

Roll on 7am and I was struggling, I asked for an epidural but after being examined I was 10cm dilated and needed to get ready to push!! I couldn’t believe how quickly it came. I wanted to push on all fours but when I got in that positions baby’s heartbeat dropped… I was told the best position would be on my back and they wanted my legs in stirrups to examine me and check baby. This was not my ideal pushing position but by this point my body was taking over and I just wanted to push!!! After 7mins of pushing baby Felicity was born at 8:04am.

I couldn’t have a water birth, I didn’t push in the position I wanted, I was induced, I only had one birth partner but I still feel really positive about my birth. Knowledge is power and I feel I understood what was happening at each stage thanks to this course. 💗🍼👶🏻

Baby Felicity
Coming home!