Positive Birth story ❤️

Our little girl 🎀 Naomi-Rae arrived at 16.03.21 8lbs 6oz
🤱🏻FTM 41 + 6
It has taken me a while to write this, it’s a long one.

💧Birth Plan – Water Birth, Gas and Air
Actual Birth – Induction, failed to progress resulting in C-Section

After trying as many tricks in the book – raspberry leaf tea, dates, walks, sex, clary sage, relaxing, 2 x unsuccessful sweeps, as cervix was closed 😞 still no baby at 41weeks and had a induction booked at 41+4.
At first I really only wanted to go into labour naturally but I started to change my mind set as the days went on and actually got excited to be induced as I was going to meet my baby. I also didn’t want to go in feeling negative, so got ready and packed for all eventualities. Those extra snacks came in handy.

Induction started Sunday at 11am with a 24hr pessary – was uncomfortable but ok.
The hospital let me go home in the evening as I was low risk and nothing was happening so thought I’d progress better at home. As soon as I got home surges started (oxytocin must of kicked in being in my own surroundings) My husband was getting ready for bed, to which I said ‘I don’t think we are going to get much sleep tonight!’. All night I was contracting and we used the Freya App (which was brilliant to record the surges) and we listened to that thing all night long!! I knew to stay at home as long as possible before heading to the hospital with your first and the pain was bad but bearable and surges were for 1min 3 times in 10mins, so I was convinced this was it! We used my birthing ball, my husband used massage, we walked around, used my TENS machine but when it came morning and the sun came up, the contractions started to fade then disappear completely to much of my disappointment.

Back at hospital Monday morning for the 24hrs after pessary and was put on CTG on the ward and was examined again but my cervix was still closed! Disappointed I hadn’t progressed after ALL night contracting. Had my first gel. CTG again, then it started to show baby have a ridiculous high heart rate shortly after. Everything got serious very quickly and was informed I’d be moving the labour room.
One consultant informed me they needed to break my waters as the heart rate was dangerously high but I simply said you can’t as my cervix is closed? To which he said I’d need c-section then (some consultants have poor bedside manner as it was said very matter of fact). I was asking the right questions and we moved to a labour room to which my husband joined me, thank goodness and I was prepped with a cannula. After many discussions with the midwives who were much more reassuring and reviewing my CTG, they decided to keep me monitored before going ahead with anything as baby started to settle. All Monday I was having surges and through the night again so everything then looked back on track. I had to stay on the CTG to be monitored but I did ask for breaks to walk around and use my birthing ball. Early hours Tuesday I was examined again and no further progress with my cervix and was given the second gel. Shortly after babies heart rate then started to drop.
This baby was not happy with the induction process.
After more discussions me and my husband decided a c-section was best and I refused any more examinations.
Ultimately we needed her out safely.
Once we had the group chat with the surgeon, midwife, anaesthetist and all was agreed, my body literally stopped all contractions by the morning. I felt like not only mentally had a accepted the c-section but my body too.

I felt so in control making the decision and we actually started to get excited again. We had a little wait until I could go in theatre as I wasn’t an emergency, so I had a shower and me and my husband were left to enjoy some time together as the last time as a two.

I was nervous walking in the theatre knowing I’m the patient but the team were incredible at trying to make me laugh and keep everything light hearted. I used my breathing techniques when they did my spinal and stayed calm, although my hands were uncontrollably shaking.
I was told my tummy would feel like it was being tugged with no sensation and i did feel so pulls but it wasn’t uncomfortable.
Then the moment when they were announcing her birth.. head, shoulders.. to which I could actually feel the weight of her leaving my body, then the cry came bursting into the room, she was finally here!
She was absolutely covered in meconium, being 13days past due date and had very flakey skin.
I was so glad we didn’t continue with the induction any further as I knew she wouldn’t cope if we got to the hormone drip as she was so distressed at the gels and we could of been a further 24hrs or more.
I used EBRAN continuously throughout all the decision making, this was invaluable for me. This course gave me all the tools and knowledge of what to expect and how to manage. I wouldn’t of been able to make the decisions I did without what I learnt on the course, thank you Beth.

Even though it wasn’t the original plan at all, my goodness I feel like I did a bit of both labours!
We couldn’t be more in love and I look back at my birth knowing we did exactly the right thing for us ❤️
Going for an Induction isn’t failing, having a C-Section isn’t not birthing. All of your decisions are for your baby to arrive safely. X