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💥 Positive birth experience 💥

Can’t believe I’m writing my story!
Although things didn’t go all to plan I can certainly draw out positive experience from my labour and birth.
Waters broke on due date 27th December at 6.45pm whilst watching only fools and horses 😂😅💜
Had it confirmed by a midwife at the delivery suite that it was my waters and got sent back home to naturally progress, if not induction would start 24 hours later.

So happily, I went back home at 9pm, carried on with my night having a bite to eat and watching telly. Surges and period type pains started to progress quite quickly. Husband and I started to use distraction techniques using massage, tens machine – which I used right up to the very end of my labor and was fab! Don’t think I even needed it on full for the most part! Surges seemed to progress quite quickly at home and didn’t seem to get much rest in between, however I found them bareable once I focused my mind on my breathing, got my music on and tens machine I knew I had my plan.

I even remember telling a contraction “you will not defeat me I will hold my baby in my arms “ 😂😂 husband must have thought I was mad.

After hours of laboring at home I felt the surges calm a little and I managed to grab about 15 minutes of sleep which felt like a lifetime! However when I woke up I suddenly felt like they had got a lot stronger and so phoned ahead the delivery suite for guidance.

Arrived at the delivery suite about 6.30am They told me I could come in to be assessed to my surprise I had done a whole 3cm at home!! Which I was so happy with ! When I got there I chose to have some codiene to help with pain, which it really did relax me. However, due to a problem with baby plotting just under on my growth chart I wasn’t able to have my water birth and had to be hooked up to a monitor to progress. However, I wasn’t too fussed by this part as I was progressing and that’s all that mattered to me. The next few hours I was still having contractions but remember the codiene taking the edge off. Unfortunately, the next time I got checked I hadn’t progressed any further even after hours of surges but I chose to let go of what I couldn’t control! As I hadn’t progressed as quickly as the midwife wanted (due to concerns with baby’s growth) I was started on a hormone drip which I did dread but I thought if it gets baby here quicker and safer why not and I’ve done this far …. totally got this!

At this point I asked for more codeine and diamorphine (which I couldn’t really feel do anything for me). The drip was ok, it started off slow again and gradually picked up. I used gas and air too which felt like I’d had a wine or two haha 😆 and allowed me to focus again on breathing.

Before I knew it, I was 9/5 – 10cm and ready to push! Pushing was a big effort. I was tired by this point and needed assistance so a suction was used, which was ok.

And there we are, on the 28th December at 5.34pm our baby girl Ella was born weighing 7lbs 4oz. We couldn’t believe it. I think after going through labour my husband has a new found respect for me too, he can’t stop crying 😅. All in all not a bad labour at all. I did most of it on codiene , paracetamol, gas and air and diamorphine. You have totally got this!

The course was an absolute god send. What a brilliant education to have. Thank you xx

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