Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story is with third-time mum Kathryn who had an induction at 13 days post due date. Kathryn had a water birth and her baby boy was born in his own waters too!

This is my third pregnancy, each one has been so different but this time I had no concerns and everything had been very straight forward- we knew to expect a larger baby (9lbs 7oz). 

For 3 weeks prior to Elijah’s birth the Braxton Hicks that I had been getting on and off since about 25 weeks became constant and uncomfortable, I kept expecting it to turn into labour but unfortunately no such luck. During the days after my due date I received 3 unsuccessful sweeps and was stuck at 1.5cm with a long cervix. 

We were booked in for an induction on the 12th day after our due date and I was very upset as I believed my birth plan was now out the window, but due to this group and course I knew how to handle it and wrote a new birth plan in the event of each stage of a possible induction- I felt much more prepared and almost relieved to have an end in sight to meet our son. 
On the day of the induction we prepared everything and hoping to get an outpatient induction so I could come home to await the labour 🤞 on arrival at the hospital I was examined and found to be at 3cm 🙌 although this was great news they were unsure to give the induction due to reduced staff and the worry I would be unable to get the care I needed if I went into labour quickly. I was of course upset at the prospect of being sent home but remained calm and after 2 more hours passed they decided to give me a pessary and send me home…..

Within half an hour of the induction pessary being inserted my ‘Braxton Hicks’ had become a lot more painful and I knew I was going into labour but I was keen to labour as much as I could at home, we drove back home and I used everything I had learned to create a lovely environment in my front room. Jelly babies and Lucozade in hand, bouncing on my ball with my TENS on and with the scent of lavender candles burning around me watching love island 😂 

At about 1.30am having started contracting at around 8pm the night before I decided we needed to ring to come in, at this point they were coming between every 3-5 minutes, they were a little irregular but I felt I needed some more help with the pain. My breathing techniques were helping me so much and my partner counted them in and out while I used him to put all my weight on, we made an amazing team! 

The midwife tried to advise staying at home until they were more regularly 3 minutes apart rather than 5 but we had to face a 30 minute drive to the hospital and I was getting so anxious! 

We set off and all of a sudden my contraction went to around every 7-10 minutes! Which in now, I realise because of my tension after being so relaxed at home. After parking, between the car and the hospital doors I had about 6 contractions that I breathed through keeping on my Tens. 

After being monitored and examined again I was found to be 8cm all done with my tens and paracetamol 💪 I was allowed to go and deliver my baby on a birthing suite after all 🙌  we were over the moon! 

I climbed into the pool and already had the urge to start pushing! It was amazing to be able to feel all the sensations but I was desperate for some pain relief so was given the gas and air. 

I used this more as a tool to assist with my breathing technique and started to use my down breaths as I could feel the pressure. A very painful 45 minutes later after being very vocal between breaths 🙈 my baby boys head appeared still in his waters and surprised everyone. 

One more big push and he was out and punched his way out himself to break the sack. I was instructed to pick him up from between my legs and with very shakey hands I laid him on my chest and had the most magical golden hour where we waited for the cord to stop pulsing to cut and I delivered my placenta quickly after the injection. 

Surrounded with the support from my mum and partner who let me scream in their faces that ‘I can’t do it’ during the transitional phase of labour and those final pushes, the whole process went exactly how I had hoped even after all the worries of the induction ruining all my plans. 

This course was invaluable to both me and my partner, you don’t realise how much so until after the fact. Thankyou so much ❤️

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