Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story details Joycelyn’s positive VBAC experience.

💕Zyon Bruno born 19 Jan 2021

💕Due date 20 Jan 2021
💕6lbs 4oz
💕VBAC – Gas & Air
💕Delayed Chord Clamping

January 18th at a growth scan, baby’s weight had slightly dropped so I was booked an induction on 22nd January, which I agreed to but truthfully didn’t want to have. 
At about 10pm that same day hubby and I decided to take a walk up a hill to see if we could get labour started. We walked slowly for about an hour,I was exhausted by the time we got back however I was determined to not have the induction.
Through the night I started to feel period pains and what at the time I thought were braxton hicks (as I was not aware those were contractions and early labour had began)!

19th January – the following day – I bounced on my gym ball throughout the day, still feeling period pains and cramps, plus kept using the toilet for both 1 and 2 more than the usual (still hadn’t realised I was in early labour). The pains got more intense getting to the end of the day, I then realised labour had already began as contractions were happening every few minutes. I rang triage (Birmingham Women’s Hospital) to check this at around 5pm and was told to take paracetamol and time the contractions (which I hadn’t thought to do earlier) and if pain intensified I should make my way to the hospital.
I took paracetamol and at about 6.30pm the contractions were happening every 5-7 mins so I rang hubby to come get me to the hospital! The was still no mucus discharge and water hadn’t broken. 

We arrived at the hospital and the pains were getting stronger! I was placed on a monitor, checked at 7pm and  told I was 9cm dilated! (Still doubting myself I asked for an epidural knowing it was too late!) Midwife quickly rang hubby who was sitting in the car at the car park to come in quickly as I could have the baby at any point! I was rushed to a labour room and was given gas and air on the way there. Hubby caught up with me just as I was being wheeled into the labour room! When we got there I couldn’t move onto the bed so the midwives helped me.

At that moment I felt the urge to push and was still only on gas and air which felt like I was in heaven. The midwives kept complimenting on how well I was breathing throughout, thanks to this course!!

My daughter was born at 7.39pm (39mins later)!! I had some grazes and a tear which were well stitched up and almost fully healed and no pain 3 weeks later.

I never, ever, thought I could labour naturally until I took this course! Reading others stories inspired and encouraged me! Thank you all for sharing your experiences and thank you Beth for this course!

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