Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story is with Esther and her first baby. She had a water birth and used a Tens Machine, codeine and Gas and Air for pain relief as she welcomed her surprise baby girl into the world at 40+ 5 weeks gestation.

I can’t believe it is time for me to share my birth story. I found this course and the Lucy Flow Yoga course so helpful during my pregnancy as they offered me lots of reassurance about birth and prepared my body and mind for what was to come. I never thought I would have a child I wasn’t interested and to be honest I was put off by the many horror stories my family and friends told me ! I have been in awe of each and every woman that has posted their birth story in this group and it kept me positive for mine. Our bodies are truly amazing.

My pregnancy was low risk throughout and I had it pretty easy compared to most.  My due date 17th April came and went and I was sure I would be early as baby felt low down right from week 37! I had a sweep three days after my due date and can honestly say it didn’t hurt at all, but I used Up Breathing and stayed relaxed. I had one episode of reduced movements on the 21/4/2021, a day after the sweep , however once I was checked over at hospital all was ok. They offered me an induction and I refused. I had an induction booked for the 29th anyway and accepted that I would have to have it by then, but was praying I would go into labour before this.

I started getting what felt like period pains on the Sunday night 25th, they came and went, then Monday night they felt stronger and were coming in waves so I used the Freya app which said I was in established labour! I didn’t believe it! Were these really contractions? They didn’t feel it nor were they painful. I had a show the next morning but the pains stopped . I bounced on my ball all day and went on a walk. The walk up hills triggered more pains which were stronger but they stopped again later on. I had another show. 

Tuesday evening stronger pains came in waves (again wouldn’t say it felt like what I thought a contraction would feel like ) at 1 am I had to put my Tens Machine on though as they were getting strong and the app again said I was in established labour. I rang the hospital at 3.30am. They said there was no room on the midwife let unit (birth center) so to come to the labour ward, I really didn’t want to go on the ward , so I decided to stay at home longer. The contractions stopped probably from being anxious! They started to ramp up again during the night and by 10.30 am I was ringing again and there was room in the midwife led unit.

We arrived to the unit at 11am and the atmosphere was amazing it was like walking into a spa! Lights were dimmed there were pink LED lights everywhere. I was examined and was only 3 cm! I was upset and didn’t want to leave they offered me a sweep and allowed me to stay a couple of hours to see if I could progress to 4cm. I got a bath there and bounced on the ball while listening to Bob Marley for a couple of hours and the contractions came strong and regular then. They checked me again at 5pm and  I was just 4 cm! They gave me more time and then did another sweep with stretch this time at 9pm to get me to 5 cm. 

They re-assessed me 1am on 28/4 and I was only just 6 cm I said “I can’t do this anymore I want an epidural!” They decided to try break my waters but struggled so another midwife tried and thought maybe they had already gone. They said they would reassess me again at 6a. I was devastated and said no I can’t do this I want an epidural, but my husband kept me strong minded acting as my cheerleader and I carried on oblivious of the time. At 1.40 am I wanted to get in the pool , within seconds of getting in the pool I had this urge to push! 

It’s true what they say you push with the contraction but then baby pops back up! I wanted to go with this slowly as I didn’t want to tear but I hadn’t slept much since Monday and was exhausted, so I gave it my all with each contraction! I felt the head coming out and I’m not going to lie I felt myself tear and let out a scream ! BUT! It wasn’t bad , and over in seconds (the water helped I think) one more contraction and baby was out at 2.42 am, so in total an hour pushing! There was no pain after that and the midwife put baby onto my chest. I wanted to bring baby up to my chest myself but fell backwards in the water as I was knackered! They had to untangle cord and hubby cut the cord quick as I had lost a bit of blood they wanted me out to check I was ok. 

I knew I had torn and needed stitches and I did I had second degree tears. That overwhelming love and joy you feel for that little one makes it all worthwhile! 

The care I received in the birth center was amazing they fed me well , helped me latch baby onto breast , let me shower while they did babies checks etc. 

Thank you to Beth Kitt for this course. I didn’t have a clue about labour or birth before I started it and I really do believe knowledge is power! The birth stories and questions and answers posted were also so helpful as I felt fully informed every step of the way! 

Good luck to all the pregnant mums out there, you’ve got this !

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