Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story is with first time mum Emma. Emma was a low-risk pregnancy, until her waters broken prematurely at 30 weeks resulting in a preterm delivery her baby boy, Henry, at 35 weeks.

🤍 Positive birth story
🤍 Planned- home water birth 
🤍 Actual- Gas & air and episiotomy 
🤍 Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) at 30+2 weeks
🤍 Born at 35+3 weeks
🤍 2 hour labour
🤍 Henry- 22nd May- 4lb 14oz

Considering I was low risk and planned a home birth, I ended up being consultant led and using EBRAN multiple times throughout pregnancy and labour and found this course and group support invaluable!

At 30+2 weeks I had a hind water leak and ended up hospitalised for 4 days being monitored for early labour and an infection. Luckily my infection levels dropped and I went home, but returned to the hospital twice weekly for continual monitoring. At 35+1 I had an appointment with my consultant who advised an induction at 37 weeks for the safety of both me and baby. I used EBRAN and agreed to an induction, but my little boy must have heard this and had other ideas!

On the evening of 35+2 I started to get what I described to my husband as “trapped wind” pains. I started doing some pregnancy yoga movements to relieve them but nothing seemed to help and they seemed to be coming and going every 15 minutes. I was told as soon as I had any contractions I had to phone triage (due to mine and Henry’s infection risk), so I phoned triage “just incase”. I was advised over the phone to take two paracetamol, wait an hour, and then phone back. Within the hour the pains were every 5 minutes and I told my husband to pack the car as our boy was coming. He told me after he didn’t believe me, but didn’t want to argue so just went ahead and packed the car!

I went into triage to be assessed while my husband waited in the car. I had to wait around while they took my bloods and hooked me up to the monitor. The cramping feelings started really ramping up and I was struggling to keep still enough for them to monitor Henry. The midwife asked if she could do a cervix examination and I agreed. She finished the examination with “so your boy has a lot of dark hair and you’re 4cm”. I burst into tears of joy and phoned my husband to tell him to come in. 

I waited about an hour for my Covid test and for a room to be available on the labour ward. We arrived in the room and I was really struggling to stay still on the monitor again as I had to lie flat on my back. I asked if there was any way I could move around. The midwife said the only way I could move was if a monitor clip was attached to Henry’s head instead. I used EBRAN and agreed to the clip. I was finally able to lay on my side which made the contractions much more bearable. I was offered gas and air at this point and after 5 minutes apparently I was complaining to my husband that “this stuff is s***”. In hindsight, that must have meant it was working!

After about an hour I told the midwife I needed to push. She told me not yet and suggested I moved positions. Two minutes later I really insisted I needed to push so she had a look… and confirmed I was fully dilated! The next bit is a bit of a blur. I just remember lots of people all entering the room and I greeted them with “what are you lot all doing here?!” I was then told Henry’s heart rate was dropping. They said he needed to be born now and my options were take me to theatre for a c-section or episiotomy and really push. Amongst my cavewoman groans I shouted “I’m getting this bloody baby out!”. Three big pushes and “f****” later and he was out! 

It all happened so fast that my birth plan didn’t even make it out of the bag. Neither did they fairy lights or positive birth affirmations. My husband asked if we could have delayed cord clamping and they agreed as Henry was out and breathing by himself. They then took him to be checked over as I was stitched up. As soon as I was sorted Henry was back in my arms and we had a blissful hour together skin to skin.

…I still can’t believe he’s here and I’m so thankful for the support of this group and course 🤍

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