Positive Birth story- 39 weeks elected C section FTM

Introducing our gorgeous girl Effie Frances born Monday 23rd November weighing 8lb 1oz. Due to being a higher risk pregnancy because of high BMI I had increased growth scans and knew from 32 weeks that baby was breech. This didn’t come as a massive surprise as I was breech and could tell from baby’s movements that she wasn’t head down. 

I was given the choice of an ECV as breech vaginal birth was kind of taken off the table. I wasn’t keen on the idea anway and it was implied that although some midwives have had training in breech delivery, the normal course of action is elected C section if ECV is unsuccessful. Had I wanted to deliver natural breech I could have pushed for this but I’ll be honest I wasn’t precious about having a natural delivery so the decision was probably easier for me to make. 

An ECV was offered but after a consultation I opted against it due to its 50/50 success rate and by this point (38 weeks+2) baby was still breech and I didn’t want to put the baby through anything unnecessary so opted for a c section. I was told that the section would be booked for the following week as I’d be then 39 weeks which came as a shock as we were then faced with the reality that we’d have baby the following week! To my surprise, later that same day the hospital called and the c section was booked in for Monday 23rd afternoon! 

My partner and I watched the ceasarean parts of the course which we found useful and also tips on breathing which really helped whilst I was prepped for theatre and during the section. 

The whole process went really well and the team at St. Mary’s in Manchester cared for all of us brilliantly. The section itself wasn’t as scary as I’d imagined and luckily I had few complications which made the surgery and aftercare pretty straightforward. I won’t lie and say it isn’t without its discomforts but I think section and natural delivery both have these!

The experience of seeing our baby girl being born will be one I’ll never forget. I was worried about her latching as read section babies can struggle and it can take a while for milk to come in but she latched almost straight away during skin to skin in theatre. My advice to any other elected c section mums is it’s not as worrisome as you imagine, you can still have a really positive birth experience and you’re surrounded by professionals so ask questions if you’re not sure. Even in a theatre environment you can still request certain things like music, skin to skin, cord cutting etc so you still can have that involvement. 

So far I’m healing well and was in hospital from 11am Monday, 4pm section and discharge at 5pm yesterday. I’m sore but can get around, help at home is a definite must and hoping to get out for short walks in about a week or so. Anyway sorry for the essay and good luck to all you mums to be and fellow c section ladies!

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