💥Induction for high BP. 💥 Predicted large baby. 💥 Epidural

I went in to be induced on Friday 9th October at 39 weeks exactly due to high blood pressure. Had the pessary and 2 tablets for two days then finally I had my waters broken at midday on Sunday 11th I spent the next 4 hours bouncing on the ball and walking through the contractions but unfortunately I hadn’t progressed so I went on the hormone drip and had a epidural (best thing ever in my opinion)

Fast forward to 16:09 Monday 12th and Teddy was born! I had a really nice and relaxed delivery and found it easier than I ever anticipated. This course helped me so much with focusing my breathing and not focusing on the contractions or the fear.

Also I was told from 20 weeks this was going to a very big baby and even during labour a doctor and consultant came to chat to me about birthing a larger baby and the risks. He was 7lb13!!!!

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