On Monday 1st March my waters broke at 2am while I was sleeping, I managed to get to the bathroom so no mess to clean up, called my husband to tell him to get my phone but that he could go back to bed. I rang the birthing suite to inform them and they explained I could come in to be examined or I could wait until the morning. After doing the bump to baby chapter antenatal and hypnobirthing classes I decided it was better for me to wait at home and get things progressing there. I went back to bed, mild contractions started 30mins later and I gave myself till 6am to get in the bath (husband still fast asleep). At 8am we went to the birthing suite where I was examined and confirmed I was 3cm and that my waters had broken, I was told to go home and come in when the contractions got stronger. Went home, bounced on my ball and concentrated on my breathing techniques in for 4 out for 7 at 1pm the contractions were a lot stronger so I decided it was time to go in. I had an amazing room in the birthing suite with great lighting. (I asked to move, as the first room was too bright with windows ). I was all about making the room my own so I took my own diffuser with light, music and essential oils.

The contractions were still coming so I was examined and was 3cm, I couldn’t get in the pool till I was 4cm. Fast forward to 6pm contractions thick and fast no gas and air as still 3cm so all I had was my breathing and it was my life line! I was examined again and still no movement. The midwife then suggested diamorphine, this was the only thing I had written on my birth plan that I didn’t want because of the feelings of sickness. She explained that it would allow me to sleep a little as I’d been going since 2am and that I needed to rest, i decided that it probably was best as I was exhausted. Diamorphine and anti sickness injection and I was out for the count, best two hours sleep I had all week. At 10am I woke feeling like a different person and ready to dance this baby out… it was explained to me I had till 2am (the 24hours mark) to get to 4cm otherwise I would have to be induced. So at 1am me and my husband had a dance party and I moved and moved and moved.

Since waking I had had no contractions most likely due to the diamorphine, I was examined and still 3cm. The midwifes kept checking to see if the contractions had kick started again but no luck. At 8am on Tuesday I was taken to be induced by the hormone drip, contractions were coming in thick and fast approx 1 min apart, so I just concentrated on my breathing (my husband would count, occasionally getting the order and counting wrong) at 1pm I was examined and yep 3cm but also there was some swelling on baby’s head. Baby’s heart rate kept dropping so they turned off the drip, at which point naturally I started contracting so then had to have an injection to slow my contractions. I was told I needed to have another internal examination by the consultant to check on the baby, at this point I refused (think this was probably my 5th internal examination and they were particularly stressful for me) she advised I could have an epidural to have the examination in which I gladly accepted, I had the most amazing anaesthetist and I didn’t event feel it happening. The examination took place and was absolutely fine all hail the epidural, Pretty handy that I’d had it as I was told I needed a c section straight away, I was 3cm, baby had now turned, I’d been having contractions for 37hours and there was absolutely no way that I was going to have this baby naturally even if I wanted to. I didn’t even need to use EBRAN in this scenario as I knew a c section was best for me and my baby. Commence the chaos of an emergency c section, there is running, a lot of people, a lot of questions and it is quick… I was calm, I concentrated on my breathing, When I was in surgery I accepted that this room would now be where I gave birth and that was my room, I focused on the music in the background and waited for my baby to be born. Rupert was born at 7.8lb at 16.53 on Tuesday 2nd March. 38 hours of labour, three different rooms and one hell of a positive experience.

I would not have been so calm with all of the changes to my birth plan if it hadn’t been for the hypnobirthing, a lot of people have said to me afterwards when they heard my story and knew I had been doing hypnobirthing “well that went out the window” absolutely not! I was in control of my labour even if circumstances would cause it to change and that was down to the hypnobirthibg course, I went into labour fully prepared with tools and techniques for any type of birth. I cannot thank Beth enough and even after all that, I class it as a positive birth story, it’s what brought my baby into the world. 

My birth plan was a Waterbirth and no drugs, which turned out to be an emergency c section with all the drugs. Be prepared for change.

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