Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This birth story is with first time mum Chrissie-ann who delivered her baby boy 6 weeks early via emergency cesarean section. Chrisie-ann’s waters broke at 32 weeks, and then her labour started at 34 weeks. Due to her baby being breech, Chrissie-ann opted for a cesarean section. Her son then spent a week in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), but is home now and thriving.

Didn’t think I would be writing my birth story so soon!! My due date hasn’t even arrived yet but my little boy is here and thriving. 

At 32 weeks my hind waters broke, I was kept in for observation for 3 days before being discharged and told to rest. I then had to go for two days a week monitoring and consultant appointments. Baby was breech which was the biggest concern if my waters breaking triggered labour. Luckily that didn’t happen at the time. Things seemed to be going great, baby was always perfect and I felt fine. 

At 34 +5 me and my partner sat down to watch a film on a Saturday night at 8pm. By that point I was used to feeling my waters leaking and trickling a little, but 10 minutes into the film there was a huge gush which I trailed round the house as I ran to the bathroom shouting at my partner to ring triage 🙈 

Triage told us to go straight in and luckily my bag was packed after the scare we’d had weeks earlier. But I think this time we knew what was about to happen! We got to the hospital at 8:30pm, had a scan first and baby was still breech. I was 3cm dilated by that point and the contractions had started. I remember at first they were manageable but they quickly became quite unbearable. They rushed us down to theatre and by 10pm I finally got the spinal, which was absolutely heaven considering I’d had no pain relief before. I’d hated the thought of a spinal before but once I had it I felt great. The doctor examined me again and I was 8cm dilated and things were moving so quickly! 

My partner was brought in as they started the first incision. The theatre staff were great, one stood by us telling us what was happening and making conversation which kept my mind busy. I had my phone music on in the background but I’ll be honest I have no idea what was playing! 

After about 10minutes I heard “oh hello there, are you looking around?” And was told my baby was here. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see him at this point as he had to be monitored and taken to nicu. But I did hear him cry and I just felt so relieved that I cried too! The rest of the surgery lasted about 30 minutes, my partner was able to get a couple of photos of baby to show me before he was taken to nicu. Which was amazing that I got the chance to see him, even if it wasn’t a cuddle or to hold or touch him. 

Once the surgery was over the doctor told me how everything went, if there was any issues but there wasn’t and a bit about my wound and future pregnancies. I was wheeled back through to the labour ward and put in recovery. This was probably the bit I found the hardest because my baby was in nicu and I wasn’t able to see him. My partner went up to see him and got some pictures and videos of him. He was on oxygen but was a little trooper! 

My partner went home at around 1am and I tried to rest. Which was difficult because the drugs from the surgery made me very very itchy, to the point my nose is actually raw and still sore from how much I rubbed it! 
I did manage to get a little sleep later on but woke up around 9ish. I felt ok in myself but quite sore. I buzzed to get a midwife and ask how my baby was and when I could see him. I was helped with a bed bath, had my catheter removed and got up and sat on a chair. 

I still didn’t get to see my baby until 12 midday! Over 12 hours after his birth. But I was wheeled up there and met my beautiful boy and nothing else mattered. The nurses on nicu were amazing telling me what was what and how he was etc. He just looked perfect to me. My partner came back to the hospital and we got to spend some time together with him until I had to go back to bed to rest. 

Our baby boy stayed in NICU for a week, and I was discharged after 2 days. That was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, having to leave my baby every day and go home without him. I do think it may have helped with my recovery though as I had to be mobile to go and see my boy. Tobias was discharged Sunday and finally came home with us. It’s only been 3 days but we are over the moon and so happy to have him home!! 

My birth story was as far as possible away from what I had planned and hoped for. Everything moved very quickly with barely any time to think about what was happening. But the staff were amazing, I didn’t feel anxious or worried or scared. I was just ready to meet my boy. Everyone kept me informed every step of the way and I wasn’t left alone to figure out what was going on. While it wasn’t what I wanted I am really happy with the way everything went. I wish I had been able to hold my boy as soon as he arrived but he needed that extra care which made him strong. He’s my little fighter. 

I’m still recovering from my section and Tobias still has jaundice but this is being monitored and he’s absolutely thriving and is a greedy little man!

I never wanted a section but if I were to have another child I would consider a c section again as I felt well informed, safe and in control throughout the whole process. 

For all us first time mums, be prepared for the intensity of the love you are going to feel for your little one! I am overwhelmed by how much I love this tiny little human and I would do anything at all for him. Skin to skin is my favourite thing in the world.

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