Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This birth story is with first time mum Charlotte. Charlotte used gas&air and had an epidural for pain relief.

On Wednesday 21st July I got unsightly before midnight to go for a pee.. which was the usual for me. As I stood up I felt a trickle down my leg. I went to the bathroom where the trickle continued. I went to my mum’s bedroom door (as me and my partner are currently house hunting) and told her I thought my waters had broke. She then said to me that I’d be OK until the morning… “I don’t think so” I said to her laughing.

I rang the maternity unit who said to head up to the hospital to get checked especially as I was early and also had slightly low PAPPA. I rang my partner immediately  as he was working 1.5hrs away and had to stay overnight. At first he didn’t answer but phoned straight back. I told him I was going to get my things together and head to the hospital.

Once at the hospital I had started experiencing cramps, like period pains, which throughout the night got stronger. I was admitted to the ward at about 2.30am after being checked over. By this point my mum was still waiting outside and my partner had arrived so my mum left and (my) partner came in to drop my bags off before leaving again. I was advised to try get some sleep but couldn’t knowing my little boy was on his way.

My partner arrived back at the hospital at 11am the next morning. By this point contractions had kicked in and were getting more consistent and stronger. I was trying hard not to clock watch. About 1pm I was examined to be 3cm which I couldn’t help but feel disheartened. By 5pm I was admitted to the labour suite. My partner had started getting frustrated seeing me in pain but the labour suite was so busy I just had to wait my turn.

By 7pm I was 7cm dilated. During contractions I used the 4 breaths in 7 breaths out technique which I swear is what got me through. When I first fell pregnant I had told myself I didn’t want an epidural but I was starting to become so tired and thought it’d be the best. This helped me so so much. At 10pm it was midwife shift change. I was gutted to see the two girls leave and wanted them to stay however the next two midwives, one male, one female, were absolutely fantastic. I felt like I had known them for years! They seemed surprised we had packed a speaker for music. When I asked if people usually packed one they said no. We had Ibiza classics playing throughout the evening. By 11.20pm I was 10cm and started pushing. At 00.12 23rd July 2021, little Alvie was born to Fragma – Everytime 🥰

We had delayed cord clamping and my partner cut the cord. It was surreal having my little 5lb 9oz baby on my chest. This course really helped me to learn about my options and what to expect as without it I feel as though I would’ve been going into childbirth blind.

I really feel I couldn’t have had a better experience 💙

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