Visualisation I’m a big believer in that what you think about most you are more likely to get. Jim Carey famously did this to achieve greatness. When new to his career he wrote himself a cheque out for one million dollars with a 10 year date on it. He kept this cheque in his wallet […]

My Bump to Baby Chapter

So you know how over here we like to keep it social both on and off line… We love to see how much fun you have at antenatal classes and with your group after. We also love keeping tabs on your story, finding out how you’re getting on on your Bump to Baby Chapter. We […]

Sports Psychology vs. Hypnobirthing. Why are they so similar?

Sports Psychology vs. Hypnobirthing. Why they are so similar. If I said to you names such as Wayne Rooney, Andy Murray, Johnny Wilkinson and Jessica Ennis. What would you say they have in common? They are all sportsmen/women, yes. All great achievers in their chosen sport, yes. But did you know they all attribute a […]

Top 10 Photos to capture in your birth room

Moments in the birth room are moments to be remembered. Here are just a sample of 10 of my favourite captures. 1. The support given from your partner. (Beautiful photos from Luna Palm Photography Cheltenham) 2. The Lion King moment- During a cesarean when the drapes are dropped and you first set eyes on your […]

Suzy’s Cesarean Birth

So having been told early on in pregnancy that I would need a c section as I had Placenta Previa (placenta blocking cervix) to then be told at 30wks my placenta had moved and you can have a normal delivery… left me absolutely crapping myself as it isn’t what I had been preparing for and […]

Happy Mothers Day to you Mothers and Mothers-to-be…

Today is a day where I always reflect on my own childhood and my own Mum. I was really lucky that my Mum was always around, always at home, always there to pick me up from school. This is something that she continues to do for me as a Mother myself. If I’m having a […]

The big Q… How do I get my baby to sleep?

Top 5 Tips for guiding baby into good sleep habits: • 1: My first tip would be swaddling! Sometimes, we try swaddling and baby gets cross and we think “My baby hates to be swaddled!”- For a few, this will be true. Actually it’s what you do after you swaddle, that all add up to […]

Snowed in in labour

I’m sitting here looking outside to the blizzard that surrounds my house. With the trouble that many of the midwives are having getting into hospital to work it makes you think what about the ladies in labour?? Being snowed in in labour is something we failed to cover in antenatal class! The question on any […]

How exercise taught me to get through childbirth

“You can do this, keep pushing on. You’ve been through childbirth.” This is the mantra I repeated in my head over and over again when I pushed my body to its physical limits climbing three of the highest mountains in the UK in 24 hours. My mind and body were both at the point of […]

Sleepyhead Giveaway

Get your hands on a Sleepyhead 🌟😴 🌟 Over here at The Bump to Baby Chapter we know how important it is to limit the robbery of the sleep thief. So we’ve got for you one shiny new Sleepyhead of Sweden to give one lucky, tired mama or papa. If you have a sleep thief […]