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Looking after your bump and baby- Neal’s Yard Products

I’ve always loved a good product, discovering something new, glossy advertising and good packaging and when it came to products for my first pregnancy and baby, I was the same.
I was gifted well known pregnancy products to help with stretch marks and recommended products to use on my baby, the same that I saw heavily advertised telling me they were ideal to use on my precious baby.
But, somehow, instinctively, I knew they weren’t quite right. I resisted using much on my bump and the same when my baby came. I’d picked out some ‘natural’ looking products but seemed to be happier using Coconut Oil on my little one.
When he was around 9 months old, I found out I could work for myself with Neal’s Yard Remedies. I’d always liked the brand and ethics and this was an ideal opportunity for me to not return to work and be will my little boy (knowing I wanted more babies too!)
It was learning about organic products with NYR that I started to really question what was in the products I was being ‘sold’ in glossy magazines and on TV. Were they really that good for you. Some might say they’re ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ but the industry isn’t regulated so companies can say this even if a product uses only 1% organic or natural ingredients. It doesn’t matter what the rest of it is made up of.
If what we put on our skin, is being absorbed, surely we want that to be as natural and good for us as it can be. NYR use a ‘Precautionary Principle’, avoiding any ingredients that are potentially harmful to us or the environment, that makes sense to me. I know now to look out for the Soil Association logo, then you know it truly is organic and free from nasties.

A new baby is small and delicate (some not so small and delicate!) so we only want to be washing, massaging, protecting their skin with products that are good for them, keeping their natural balance, not sensitising them with synthetic fragrances, foaming agents or becoming reliant on products that create barriers. Many friends with little ones the same age as my son were starting to see signs of eczema so were asking for ideas, it was great to be able to recommend products that I could trust and hear how their babies skin were starting to heal and rebalance.
I learnt about some of the ingredients that are in the baby wipes we all rely on so much. Even the ‘sensitive’ ones. The preservatives used that you’re then wiping on to your baby each day, multiple times. It made sense to avoid them. So I switched to Water Wipes. No long list of ingredients, just water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract. You can bulk buy and they last for ages!
I love being able to recommend products to other Mum’s now. We only ever really need a few things. NYR Baby Balm is my top product. It’s 100% organic, fragrance free with Shea Butter and botanical oils, ideal for baby’s face, body or bottom and can use from day one (plus it’s great at removing your make up if like me you sometimes just need a quick fix, I often pinch a bit at bath time). When you’re ready to use a little something in the bath and for washing hair, there’s the NYR Baby Bath & Shampoo, with Chamomile & Lavender. These would be the two products I’d recommend for a baby that started showing signs of eczema and if you like a barrier type cream too, there’s the NYR Baby Barrier Cream with organic beeswax and calming Chamomile essential oils, and really that’s all you need.

If you like to massage your baby there’s a Baby Massage Oil with Chamomile, Rose Otto and Lavender and there’s our fragrance-free Baby Soap for those who like a soap (also great for those with sensitive/sore hands).
Now that I’m expecting my next baby (due Spring 2017) I’m looking forward to treating my belly. It might need a bit more care and attention, people have warned me I’ll be bigger this time! So I’ll enjoy massaging in our Mother’s Balm and Mother’s Massage Oil and already love popping some drops of Mother’s Oil in the bath (which I’m treating myself to these days as I know they’ll become even less than they are now once baby arrives!)
You hear lots of advice when you’re expecting your first baby so it’s good to know that there are products you can trust and know that they’re good for you, your baby and the environment. All products I’ve mentioned can be found and ordered here (or contact me to order and I’ll pop in some extra bits and deliver for free)…
You may even be gifted some NYR products, but I often hear people say they’ve not opened them and are keeping them as treats. So my recommendation is, open them, use them and enjoy them, knowing they’re good for you and your little one.
If you’d like to try any NYR products for your baby, your bump or a treat for yourself (there’s lots of lovely skincare and aromatherapy products) please get in touch, I’m happy to send samples or pop to see you. And if you’d like to know about working for yourself with NYR and help raise awareness of organic and ethical products, just ask and we can chat. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made so it’s always nice to welcome others.
Katie Chapman
NYR Organic Group Leader
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The Bump to Baby Chapter

Winner of 🌟The Best Pregnancy Support Service in Gloucestershire 2017🌟, The Bump to Baby Chapter has something for everyone. 🌟For expectant couple wanting to know all you need to know about labour, baby and those early days we have midwife led antenatal courses. 🌟For a second or third time mother wanting to birth without fear after a negative birth experience. There’s hypnobirthing one day classes for the busy Mum. 🌟Free blogs with tips on birth and baby for all 🌟Buggy walks in Cheltenham for new mothers to bring the sisterhood in motherhood. So whatever stage of pregnancy and whatever number baby have a look at the page, website and get involved 🌟
The Bump to Baby Chapter
The Bump to Baby Chapter
Hospital Bag Items.

Here is a few of my faves ....

💡Lip balm- Gas and air can make your lips really dry. So can hospitals with their dry air.
💡 Earplugs/Eye mask- This one is useful if you need to spend any time on the antenatal maternity ward eg. induction of labour. Ear plugs are definitely not for after you’ve had the baby!!
💡Flannel/water spray/mini fan - You can get HOT in labour. Also hospitals 🥵
💡Socks- if you have an epidural or spinal. When it wears off your feet can feel cold!

💡 Always pack an extra bag to keep at home for a relative to bring in if you unexpectedly need to stay in for longer

💡 Dads/Partners- Pack yourself a bag too. Think change of clothes, food, toothbrush, food, drinks, food. Paracetamol is also a good one for you to have, hospitals can’t dish out the drugs to Dads and lack of sleep and hospital air can mean headaches.

What were your most used items in labour/birth? Midwife buddy’s - what’s your tips?? Or any pregnant mothers have any hospital bag Qs...

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