Naomi’s positive induction

Naomi’s positive induction

Love reading positive birth stories? You’re in the right place! This positive birth story is from Naomi. Naomi planned a homebirth, but upon hitting 42 weeks gestation she accepted a balloon induction on the labour ward.

First pregnancy and birth were uncomplicated (although 11 years ago!), so decided to register for homebirth as safe option and alleviating concerns regarding Covid and distance from hospital with potentially quick labour. 

From 39+5 I had 4 sweeps which took me to 41+4 and no sign of baby. Cervix was softening but posterior. Midwives suggested opting for monitoring and staying on track for home birth past 42 week point, which sounded great. Went for fluid scan and CTG at 42 weeks, all well, requested internal, and nothing had changed from previous sweep, midwife performed another. Were given a monologue by consultant regarding risks past 42 weeks, I felt unheard and stereotyped as a homebirth hippy. Used EBRAN to decline induction and headed home feeling deflated.

We re-watched the induction portion of the course that night, and spoke to community midwife next day to discuss all options. Really did not want hormonal induction, but used EBRAN to request balloon induction the next day instead. 
Went in for 1pm, and following obs, CTG etc balloon was inserted at 4pm. Contractions started approx 1/2 hour after, and we headed off to walk the hospital. Kept moving, did a crossword whilst bouncing etc. By 10pm contractions were 45 secs long, coming every 3 and a half mins, breathing was fine to get me through. Midwife suggested my husband go home and we both get some rest. I got into bed about 11pm, and woke again at 1145 to a feeling of knicker elastic going inside me, then had a little gush of waters. 

Balloon was removed and things got very intense very quickly. By the time my husband got back at 1245 I had taken paracetamol and dihydrocodeine, which had done nothing, was on all fours on the bed, and really struggling, all the pain was in my back, and I was shaking like a leaf. Contractions were a minute long and every 2 minutes, Midwife finally came to examine me and we were at 5cm – there was then some debate as labour ward was really busy, but thankfully they found a room and whizzed me along on the bed as I couldn’t get myself off and into a chair.

In labour ward everything became a bit blurry. I got gas and air at long last and just kept concentrating on that whilst hanging over the head of the bed. We were on CTG due to being so overdue, and baby was displaying signs of mild distress with some contractions, and then the midwife requested attaching the clip instead as she was losing contact with baby. Being on my back was agony, and after the clip was attached I rolled on to my left and a peanut was found and popped in between my legs which was a good rest for my knees. An hour or so later I was back up on my knees and I was asking for more drugs, but midwife advised I would have a baby before I would be able to have and feel the effects!

Pushing seemed to last forever, I abandoned the gas and just went for it. Midwife coached me through delivering the head, and I remember thinking it seemed more effort than the last time. Finally baby was delivered, just 5 hours after my waters went, at 4.44am, passed up to me between my legs and the relief was immense. It turns out baby had turned back to back at some point (having been ideally positioned for months!), which is why my pain was all in my back, but my midwife did an amazing job of shielding me from that, and coaching me though getting him out. We got straight on to skin to skin, cord clamping was delayed, then my husband cut the cord. I had the injection to deliver placenta, then there was some concern over bloodloss, so I was hooked up to a drip. I had a small 2nd degree tear which was stitched in the room, and then we were left in peace with our tea and toast, and beautiful boy. Luckily my iron levels were insanely high when I went in, so with the bloodloss it came down to normal levels and we were able to go home the same day after spending the afternoon on the post natal ward. 

Our birth was nothing like I had hoped for, no lovely sploshing in a birth pool in front of our Woodburner, but we were in the right place in the end. This course was so valuable in empowering us make the right decisions for us during pregnancy, and also preparing my husband and giving him the tools to cope with, and support me, through labour, so I am so glad we did it, and I am recommending it to all my pregnant friends. Many thanks Beth Kitt!

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Positive Induction- Jades Story

Positive Induction- Jades Story

My positive birth story 🥰

I went into the hospital with reduced movements at 39+3 on 5th Jan 11:30pm & the consultant advised it was safer for baby to be here sooner rather than later so they advised an induction. I really didn’t want an induction as I wanted a water birth but I wanted to do whatever was the safest for baby so I agreed to stay in & start my induction the next day.

6th Jan 6am – 1st pessary was inserted I was already 1cm dilated before it was inserted so this was hopeful that the induction would work.
12pm – I was examined & another pessary inserted I was 1.5cm dilated & I had started to have slight pains on & off which I was using my breathing techniques I learnt on the course!
6pm I was examined again & I was 2cm dilated so there was no need for another pessary & I was ready for my waters to be broken. Unfortunately there was quite a wait for a bed on the labour ward so I was slow labouring myself just using my breathing through contractions. During my time I was waiting I lost my mucas plug & bloody show.

7th Jan 7:30 I was finally given a bed on the labour ward by the time we made our way down there had an introduction to all the staff etc & settled into the room. My boyfriend set up my battery candles & my birthing crystals around the room we dimmed the lights & had our music on. He made it the perfect environment! It was around 10pm when my waters had been broken & I had been put on the hormone drip & I started active labour. I used only gas & air all the way through coping with my breathing my partner was amazing he really helped me through the contractions counting me in & out.

Our gorgeous boy Romeo Kruz Holroyd was born at 01:02AM 8th January 2021.
Weighing 7lbs 10 after pushing for only 10 minutes!

Thank you to Bump to baby chapter for all the knowledge & amazing techniques I used throughout my labour. I truly believe it helped me through. I had such an amazing birthing experience & I enjoyed every minute even if it wasn’t the birth I had hoped for. 🤍

Positive birth story: Shanai’s induction

Positive birth story: Shanai’s induction

Felicity Ivy Ashworth born 11.01.21 at 8.04am at 36+5 weeks.

Went for a routine 36 week appointment and mentioned I was getting headaches to the midwife. When testing my urine there was protein present so it was suspected I had pre eclampsia. They wanted me to come back 48 hours later to review.

So came back 2 days later and my blood pressure was off the chart! The doctors came round and suggested I have an induction… all the way through my pregnancy I was adamant I was NEVER having an induction, not only did I hate the idea of having labour forced upon my body when it wasn’t ready but with COVID I knew I couldn’t have my partner there the whole time. But I used my EBRAN and I knew my own health and my baby’s health would benefit from her being delivered ASAP. I wanted to wait until 37 weeks but my blood pressure kept rising and they advised to induce me that day at 36+4.

I had the pessary at 11am on Sunday, I had contractions straight away but they were manageable with just breathing. My waters broke at 1am Monday morning, I managed to get a little sleep before they ramped up and I needed gas and air and my tens machine around 3/4am. I then called my partner to come in around 5:30am and we powered through the next few hours of contractions. I actually felt empowered doing the early stages of labour alone and it felt even more special when he arrived near the end.

Roll on 7am and I was struggling, I asked for an epidural but after being examined I was 10cm dilated and needed to get ready to push!! I couldn’t believe how quickly it came. I wanted to push on all fours but when I got in that positions baby’s heartbeat dropped… I was told the best position would be on my back and they wanted my legs in stirrups to examine me and check baby. This was not my ideal pushing position but by this point my body was taking over and I just wanted to push!!! After 7mins of pushing baby Felicity was born at 8:04am.

I couldn’t have a water birth, I didn’t push in the position I wanted, I was induced, I only had one birth partner but I still feel really positive about my birth. Knowledge is power and I feel I understood what was happening at each stage thanks to this course. 💗🍼👶🏻

Baby Felicity
Coming home!
Fran’s Positive Cesarean Birth

Fran’s Positive Cesarean Birth

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story by Fran was a high risk pregnancy due to gestational hypertension, 3 episodes of reduced movement and a GBS carrier. Fran’s story includes an induction and a positive cesarean birth. 

On Friday 08 Jan I went for my 40 week midwife appointment, I had not had any early labour warning signs and was going to request a sweep if it was not offered. My midwife had been off sick for my last four appointments so I saw another new face at my appointment. When I arrived she asked what had been planned regarding an induction for me, I was a bit taken back as an induction had not discussed with me at my previous appointments despite my risk factors as my BP had been under control for many weeks since being put on medication. I was not under consultant care and I hadn’t had any reduced movement since 29 weeks. She asked how I felt about an induction and I advised if it was necessary for baby then I would accept one, but otherwise would be happy to have a sweep and leave it a bit longer to see if things can start off on their own. She rang the labour ward and spoke to a doctor who said an induction should have been discussed from 37 weeks to have taken place by 40 weeks if there was no signs and that one needed to be booked ASAP. I used EBRAN and discussed with the midwife the risks and benefits and was booked for an induction the next morning at 8am and was told I wouldn’t be coming home until baby was here. It felt a bit of a shock but I got ready for the hospital the next day.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30am and I had the pessary inserted at 9:30am and was told the next 24 hours was a waiting game to see if it had worked. When it was inserted I was told my cervix was not yet reachable but it has been put in as close as possible and it didn’t mean it would not work. I was examined the next morning on the Sunday to be told there was not much progress and so I had to have the gel inserted instead and rechecked in 6 hours. When I was rechecked I was told again there was not much progress so the gel would need to be inserted for a second time. Between the pessary and gels I was making sure I bounced on my ball, went for walks, me and my husband played UNO and listened to our favourite music so when it came to the second gel check to be told it still hadn’t progressed much and they were not in a position to break my waters I was really disappointed. I had also felt tightenings and had some lower back pain so was convinced I was on my way. I asked what the next option was and they said they can’t offer me the hormone drip without breaking my waters and because of how far along I was they wouldn’t offer me to go home and come back in a couple of days to try the induction process again (which honestly I was slightly relieved about as for me it was an extremely uncomfortable and invasive procedure that didn’t leave me feeling great) but that if nothing progressed more over night I would be going for a c-section in the morning.

This was a lot to process as although through this course I learnt about c-sections and know birth plans change all the time I just didn’t think I would end up having one. Again I used EBRAN but this time more to understand the decision than to question it as the staff that looked after me had been amazing and I knew they were only offering this as it was really the only option left to me without causing a greater risk to baby as my body wasn’t ready to get them out on its own but the longer baby was left the more risk there was to them.
Throughout the night I continued to have tightenings which meant I didn’t sleep well but I was hopeful by the morning something had kick started. Unfortunately when I had my observations in the morning the midwife confirmed that they still weren’t contractions and not much had changed from the night before. I decided not to have another vaginal examination as it felt pointless and would make me unnecessarily uncomfortable before the c-section.

I was prepped and went down for the arrival of my baby about 8:45am, the staff were amazing and put me at ease as I’ve never had any kind of operation. The c-section was completed with some small complications but my little boy was in my arms by 10:11am. He weighed 10Ibs 4oz which was a shock as it wasn’t highlighted that he would be a large baby so I think my body knew it would struggle getting him out naturally. We stayed in hospital two nights as I had some feeding issues and they wanted to monitor baby due to me being a GBS carrier although the risk was reduced due to the c-section but we were allowed home on the Wednesday evening.

Although I was not mentally prepared for a c-section and what the recovery entails I am recovering well and have already been out for a little walk with him. The biggest thing I’ve struggled with in recovery is the six weeks of daily injections I have to have at home but I couldn’t be more thankful to have my little boy here 💙

Thanks to Beth and The Bump to Baby Chapter as it helped me process each stage and stay as positive as possible throughout what felt like a whirlwind of 5 days. Now onto The Baby Chapter 😊

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Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course

Natalie’s Positive Induction Birth Story

Natalie’s Positive Induction Birth Story

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive induction birth story is with Natalie’s first baby, an induction for low fluid around baby. She used breathing techniques, hypnobirthing & encouragement from her husband.

  • FTM.
  • Induction at 38+4.
  • Labour 5hrs 46min.
  • Gas & air just for delivery (unintentionally! I wanted pain relief but too late!)
  • Dad nearly missed it!

It is now my turn to write my positive induction birth story! After growth concerns at 37 weeks I attended a scan at hospital. Growth and weight was on the smaller side but ok. We discovered a lack of fluid which was actually more of a concern. Baby’s movements were reducing so I attended daily CTG monitoring and an induction booked.

The first consultant I saw was awful – he didn’t discuss anything, didn’t give us a chance to ask questions, just instructed that an induction was happening at 38 weeks… Christmas Day!!!! I deafly nodded along in such shock and drove home in silence. Once home, I discussed it with my husband and we both had so many questions to ask! When I went for my checks the following day I had a LOVELY consultant and midwife who happily took the time to chat everything through, I used my EBRAN, felt much more prepared and we made a plan to continue monitoring and if all ok then induction pushed back so I could spend Christmas with my family and instead opted for a sweep first.

A couple of days after Christmas I had another scan and the lack of fluid was too concerning to ignore so I agreed to an induction as by this time I felt my priority was to get my little girl here safe and well.

I was induced at 2pm on 29th Dec and by 9pm I had little tightenings. By 10.30pm the ctg showed regular contractions and labour officially marked as started, however, no pain just uncomfortable. I continued watching Netflix and practising my deep breathing ready for the bigger contractions.

At 11pm I asked for paracetamol to make myself comfortable enough to doze off and I very lightly snoozed, with my iPod earbuds in, until 1pm when I woke with stronger contractions and very light discomfort. I continued the breathing, music, gently moving around my bay/area.

At 2pm I got in the bath to ease my back. The pessary slipped out when I went to the loo so I figured I must be about 4cm for that to happen. Whilst in the bath the contractions really ramped up, coming closer together and pain level increasing. After about 3 of them I made it back to my bed. I tried to keep mentally strong and calm, deep breaths and moving around but after a few more contractions I was bent forward over the bed and swearing into my pillow. I called for the midwives and asked for strong pain relief as paracetamol had worn off and I needed something stronger than that or gas and air. I phoned my husband (who was at home 20min drive away) and told him to come to the ward and wait outside the doors so we can go to the delivery suite together.

The midwives disappeared to get pain relief but didn’t seem to come back in what felt like ages (probably wasn’t!) so again I pressed the buzzer and cried for help. I was vomiting with the pain, no position was working and I could barely catch my breath. Lead midwife arrived to examine me in order to give me my options for pain relief…. 10cm!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I’d done most of my labour on my own, without my husband and without more than the two paracetamol which had worn off.

I told the midwives I had enormous pressure as if I needed to push or poo. They rolled me onto the bed, threw a sheet over my modesty and RAN the bed down the ward to the delivery room. I looked up only once as we went through the doors, desperate to see my husband and grab his hand… he wasn’t there! A midwife went down the corridor in search of him and calling his name… nothing. I remember screaming “she’s coming now” as they wheeled my bed into the private room and suddenly “loads” of midwives and nurses filled the room all trying to help get me parked, hooked up to the CTG and get some gas and air into me.

My body completely took over and did it’s job… the next contraction came and, before the gas and air was even in my mouth, my body pushed hard without me consciously doing so! I was trying to relax and hold on for my husband! I remember saying to a midwife “I didn’t want to be a screamer! But I am right now! I’m sorry!” To which she replied “darling you’re pushing a baby out without pain relief, you scream as much as you need!”

The gas and air was shoved in my mouth and I breathed HARD! Desperate for some relief… it didn’t do much compared to the pain but oh well, too late now!

My husband appeared in the doorway and looked gobsmacked to what he’d just walked in to… a midwife told him he didn’t need all the bags and snacks as he wouldn’t be there long enough, ditch the bags and go hold my hand. Bless his heart, he was like a rabbit in headlights as he had no idea I was in the final stages, he expected to walk in to me bouncing on my ball at 4cm!

My husband likes to feel useful so we had planned in advance for him to be the communicator and EBRAN man. Regularly asking what my pain relief options are at each stage and when is the last point I can have certain things. Well he did his job once he put the bags down, I heard him ask…. I just yelled “it’s too bloody late, she’s coming out right now!”

My body felt paralysed to one position on my side, it was so busy working it’s natural magic downstairs that my brain and arms were just along for the ride! I wanted to be on my knees, leaning up and forward over the back of the bed, but I simply couldn’t move! I remember thinking, well on my left side is better than my back!

Baby’s heart rate started to drop with each contraction, from 140 to 90 and then disappearing off the monitor. I had to be put on my back which I didn’t want but at this point I said to myself, do what the midwives ask as the priority is the baby and they want you on your back for a reason (I just didn’t compute what they said at the time!)

Baby got stuck right at the last bit. I was bearing down and pushing hard but it felt like she simply wasn’t going to fit. The midwives hit the call button and the room filled with more people, all getting ready to whisk me to theatre to cut and use forceps which I desperately didn’t want, I begged for one more chance and pushed with everything I had. My husband said he could see her and gave me the best encouragement to try harder. Then the contraction disappeared… I couldn’t push! I held the pressure on to keep her right there….. then with the next contraction found the last bit of strength needed to get her out. As soon as her head was out the rest flew like a rocket and the instant relief was bliss! Yes I felt some tearing but as soon as my baby was put on my chest nothing else mattered!

I was shaking like mad and utterly exhausted but at the same time completely in awe of what my body can do all on its own!

We had skin to skin and my husband cut the cord. We were given 4 golden hours instead of 1 considering my husband only made it 15minutes prior to the birth. Nice peaceful room with dim lighting and lots of happy tears. Baby even had a first feed before going for skin to skin with my husband whilst I was stitched up. 4 small tears with a couple of stitches each…. amazingly superficial considering how stuck she was, I expected a LOT worse.

So for those thinking inductions take longer…. not necessarily! For those who say first timers take longer too…. not necessarily! 🤣

Now although it wasn’t what I wanted, I didn’t use all of my tools, I didn’t get to experience it with my husband properly, it wasn’t how I had in mind…. BUT I have absolutely no doubt that my mental attitude to get to 10cm, the tools I did use, my EBRAN, my breathing etc was all down to TBTBC! I totally bossed it and that was thanks to this course and group! Even the midwives asked what I used for my knowledge, mental power and calmness, and when I said TBTBC they all replied “oh yes! That’s a good course that one!” So a big thank you to Beth (midwife at TBTBC) for this amazing course! You’ve helped so many women and should be mega proud of what you’ve created!

6lbs 0oz

The perfect way to end a year and start a new one!

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Emma’s Positive Birth

Emma’s Positive Birth


💥Induction for high BP. 💥 Predicted large baby. 💥 Epidural

I went in to be induced on Friday 9th October at 39 weeks exactly due to high blood pressure. Had the pessary and 2 tablets for two days then finally I had my waters broken at midday on Sunday 11th I spent the next 4 hours bouncing on the ball and walking through the contractions but unfortunately I hadn’t progressed so I went on the hormone drip and had a epidural (best thing ever in my opinion)

Fast forward to 16:09 Monday 12th and Teddy was born! I had a really nice and relaxed delivery and found it easier than I ever anticipated. This course helped me so much with focusing my breathing and not focusing on the contractions or the fear.

Also I was told from 20 weeks this was going to a very big baby and even during labour a doctor and consultant came to chat to me about birthing a larger baby and the risks. He was 7lb13!!!!

For more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited and confident for birth.