Sophie’s unplanned cesarean birth

Sophie’s unplanned cesarean birth

Sophie hoped to have a water birth, but following a long induction process opted for a cesarean section and was still able to have a calm experience whilst welcoming her baby into the world.

At 2am I woke up with a funny feeling and jumped out of bed and felt a trickle of water so went straight to the bathroom, it didn’t feel just a wee so decided to put in a pad and head back to bed to see how things went. Before I managed to even pull up my underwear it started again and the pad was soaked through straight away so we got my notes out to call the delivery suite for help and I was asked to go in to be assessed. 

I got to hospital around 2.45am and the midwife confirmed my waters had gone and explained due to the risk of infection I may need to be induced the next day if contractions did not start or I could be induced now, I really did not want to be induced so asked if I could go home and see how things progressed naturally and the midwife agreed. She asked if I would like to be examined to give me an idea on if I had started to dilate which I was happy about to help with my decisions. On examination my cervix was still very long and far back so the midwife said she would speak to the doctor about getting me back the same day to start an induction if I was happy to do so to give me a better chance of getting things moving. I left hospital expecting to return at 4.30pm, this would mean I would have to be in over night on my own which I was nervous about but tried to stay positive and calm.

At around 10am I got a call from the hospital to say there was an option to go in at 11am to start the induction process if I wanted to do so. Because my waters had gone they would only give me one pessary before moving to the drip so going in sooner meant I would be moved to delivery suite at 6pm and my husband could come to be with me from then so no overnight stay alone. I spoke to my husband and I decided to go ahead because I had a feeling things weren’t going to happen on there own and this way I could have him with me which is what I wanted. I went in at 11am, the baby’s heart rate was monitored for half an hour before I was given the pessary.

From then I listened to my playlist, read magazines and tried to relax. As the day went on I had a small amount of backache but very little else.Just after 6pm I was moved to delivery suite and rang my husband to come in. When I got to the room, I tried to make it homely and changed the lighting and put on some music and soon my husband was with me. The midwife started the drip and all was calm, we even did a crossword! I put on a Tens machine at this point before I started to feel any contractions.

As time went on they started to increase the drip, I tried to keep mobile but baby’s heart rate kept dropping when I was stood up or sat forward so I got back into bed; not what I had planned but baby didn’t like me moving around. After a few hours I was getting 4/5 contractions every 10 mins and decided to try some gas and air. I was examined again at 12am and had progressed to 3cm, I was disappointed because although the contractions were now much stronger I wasn’t progressing very quickly and had now been awake for almost 24 hours. I decided at this point to have an epidural so I could get some rest as there was still a long way to go and the contractions had definitely ramped up. Within an hour I had the epidural and this meant I could get some sleep. 

By 8am I had progressed to 7cm and felt more confident things were moving in the right direction however when I was examined again at 12pm I was only at 8cm despite 4 hours of contractions. At this point a doctor came into the room to discuss my options as my waters had now been broken for well over 24 hours and things had not progressed well which was becoming dangerous for baby. The doctor said I could wait 2 more hours max before I would need intervention of some kind, Click the link for more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.or I could go to theatre for a C Section now. I was given time to decide on what I wanted to do, I was quite teary at this point as I had not expected this would be the route I would end up going down but talked it through with my husband.

I had a strong feeling that things weren’t going to change much in 2 hours and I did not want to wait to just end up in theatre anyway and did not want to distress baby anymore so I decided the best option for us was to go for it and get baby out! From here everything went very quickly and before I knew it I was in theatre ready to go, I tried to switch off from everything going on around me and kept my breathing going as I had throughout to keep me calm and focused and kept saying to myself “come on Pip” which is what we had called little one throughout pregnancy. 

Our beautiful baby girl Autumn Ivy was born at 1.50pm on 20/01/2021 – we had a fantastic experience in theatre and the whole team were brilliant. We were moved to recovery and then had another night stay in hospital. I had been on an antibiotic drip during labour so we were monitored for 24 hours after birth. Not the water birth I had hoped for- but I can honestly say I felt supported by the midwives throughout and everything was my choice! This course gave me so many technics to keep me calm no matter what was thrown at me and overall I am happy and proud of how well I coped!

Click the link for more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.

Fran’s Positive Cesarean Birth

Fran’s Positive Cesarean Birth

Love reading positive birth stories, you’re in the right place…. This positive birth story by Fran was a high risk pregnancy due to gestational hypertension, 3 episodes of reduced movement and a GBS carrier. Fran’s story includes an induction and a positive cesarean birth. 

On Friday 08 Jan I went for my 40 week midwife appointment, I had not had any early labour warning signs and was going to request a sweep if it was not offered. My midwife had been off sick for my last four appointments so I saw another new face at my appointment. When I arrived she asked what had been planned regarding an induction for me, I was a bit taken back as an induction had not discussed with me at my previous appointments despite my risk factors as my BP had been under control for many weeks since being put on medication. I was not under consultant care and I hadn’t had any reduced movement since 29 weeks. She asked how I felt about an induction and I advised if it was necessary for baby then I would accept one, but otherwise would be happy to have a sweep and leave it a bit longer to see if things can start off on their own. She rang the labour ward and spoke to a doctor who said an induction should have been discussed from 37 weeks to have taken place by 40 weeks if there was no signs and that one needed to be booked ASAP. I used EBRAN and discussed with the midwife the risks and benefits and was booked for an induction the next morning at 8am and was told I wouldn’t be coming home until baby was here. It felt a bit of a shock but I got ready for the hospital the next day.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30am and I had the pessary inserted at 9:30am and was told the next 24 hours was a waiting game to see if it had worked. When it was inserted I was told my cervix was not yet reachable but it has been put in as close as possible and it didn’t mean it would not work. I was examined the next morning on the Sunday to be told there was not much progress and so I had to have the gel inserted instead and rechecked in 6 hours. When I was rechecked I was told again there was not much progress so the gel would need to be inserted for a second time. Between the pessary and gels I was making sure I bounced on my ball, went for walks, me and my husband played UNO and listened to our favourite music so when it came to the second gel check to be told it still hadn’t progressed much and they were not in a position to break my waters I was really disappointed. I had also felt tightenings and had some lower back pain so was convinced I was on my way. I asked what the next option was and they said they can’t offer me the hormone drip without breaking my waters and because of how far along I was they wouldn’t offer me to go home and come back in a couple of days to try the induction process again (which honestly I was slightly relieved about as for me it was an extremely uncomfortable and invasive procedure that didn’t leave me feeling great) but that if nothing progressed more over night I would be going for a c-section in the morning.

This was a lot to process as although through this course I learnt about c-sections and know birth plans change all the time I just didn’t think I would end up having one. Again I used EBRAN but this time more to understand the decision than to question it as the staff that looked after me had been amazing and I knew they were only offering this as it was really the only option left to me without causing a greater risk to baby as my body wasn’t ready to get them out on its own but the longer baby was left the more risk there was to them.
Throughout the night I continued to have tightenings which meant I didn’t sleep well but I was hopeful by the morning something had kick started. Unfortunately when I had my observations in the morning the midwife confirmed that they still weren’t contractions and not much had changed from the night before. I decided not to have another vaginal examination as it felt pointless and would make me unnecessarily uncomfortable before the c-section.

I was prepped and went down for the arrival of my baby about 8:45am, the staff were amazing and put me at ease as I’ve never had any kind of operation. The c-section was completed with some small complications but my little boy was in my arms by 10:11am. He weighed 10Ibs 4oz which was a shock as it wasn’t highlighted that he would be a large baby so I think my body knew it would struggle getting him out naturally. We stayed in hospital two nights as I had some feeding issues and they wanted to monitor baby due to me being a GBS carrier although the risk was reduced due to the c-section but we were allowed home on the Wednesday evening.

Although I was not mentally prepared for a c-section and what the recovery entails I am recovering well and have already been out for a little walk with him. The biggest thing I’ve struggled with in recovery is the six weeks of daily injections I have to have at home but I couldn’t be more thankful to have my little boy here 💙

Thanks to Beth and The Bump to Baby Chapter as it helped me process each stage and stay as positive as possible throughout what felt like a whirlwind of 5 days. Now onto The Baby Chapter 😊

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Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course

Mellissa’s Birth Story

Mellissa’s Birth Story

I just wanted to send you a message to thank you for this brilliant course and to share my experience. Like many ladies, my birth story was completely different to the preferences I’d had in mind. My due date was 22/12/20 and I was sent by my midwife straight to the hospital the following day to check whether my waters had broken. They had, but not enough for me to have noticed.

I had no other signs that I was in early labour and my cervix was closed. I was offered the gel insert to encourage my contractions to start, then spent the next 6 hrs walking around the ward, keeping ‘UFO’ and bouncing on the birthing ball. Nothing having happened after 6 hrs and I was offered the oxytocin hormone drip to encourage dilation and early labour. I was attached to a baby monitor to make sure there was no stress on the baby. My hope of having a water birth were now over at this stage due to being connected to the monitor.

I was disappointed but I kept referring back to the course to remind myself of the alternate options I would now have. My contractions eventually started and became more intense. I managed to breathe through my contractions solely on codeine, no other pain relief. After 5 hrs I measured 2cm dilated, this meant the Dr could break my forewaters and hopefully my body could take over and start to dilate quicker. This did not happen, I was assessed again after 5hrs and still at 2cm. By this time I was exhausted, I’d had no sleep and very little to eat other than my labour sweets! Baby was fine throughout this whole process so we decided to give it another 2 hrs on the drip and see if I could get to at least active labour.

They inspected me and I’d only managed 3cm, this baby was just not meant to be born naturally. I was given a category 2 C-section and we met our beautiful baby girl, Jessica Eve, at 19:53 on 24/12 and we were ecstatic.

There was so much useful information on this course that I had no idea about before starting it but one of the main points to take away from this is to ‘let go of what you cannot control’. Once you have that mindset, you’re prepared for anything that happens on the day.

For more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.

Amy’s Positive Birth

Amy’s Positive Birth

⭐️Positive birth story from a FTM – it’s a slightly long one! ⭐️ 

It’s taken me a little while to get round to writing this, but I’d like to introduce Isla Paige McDonagh, born via emergency c-section on 27 October at 1:55pm weighing 9lb 13oz.

My due date was 24 October, and I’d had an unsuccessful sweep 2 days before. I felt disappointed that things weren’t ideal, but I focussed on positive affirmations that I would meet my baby girl soon. The day after my due date, I’d noticed some very minimal leakage and this continued on and off until the Monday. I rang the assessment unit, who advised me to come in for an assessment in case my waters had broken. Baby was monitored and it was my hind waters that had broken. Because it had been over 24 hours since they had broken without going into labour, I had to be induced due to the risk of infection to me and baby. At this point, I had a little cry to the midwife, but I remembered my breathing techniques and asked questions to make sure I understood what was going to happen. I was given a pessary at 6pm and then managed to get some sleep (after watching the induction videos from the course to keep me calm) before going onto the hormone drip just after midnight. My contractions started pretty much straight away and I managed to cope with them by breathing calmly and thinking that every contraction was one closer to meeting my daughter. As they started to get a bit stronger, I moved onto gas and air and ensured that I was sitting upright and forward. 

As my contractions began to get stronger, I got a lot of pain in my lower back which meant that I couldn’t get comfy, and my midwife thought that baby had moved back to back as she was moving down. I managed on gas and air for a few hours until I opted for an epidural (not part of my birth plan), but using my learning from the course, I made the decision for an epidural so that I would remain calm and relaxed during labour instead of tense. My husband arrived just after I’d had my epidural and I continued to dilate well (I ended up at 9cm dilated in the end) and I managed to get some sleep which was a relief! 

Every so often, baby wasn’t coping well with the contractions. I then had an allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics and when I was sleeping, Isla’s heart rate was erratic and she was getting more distressed. After discussing options with the midwives and consultant it was decided that an emergency c-section was the best way forward – this wasn’t my ideal birth plan, but I was able to remain confident that we’d meet our baby soon. The team were fantastic, explaining their roles whilst they were setting up the theatre. Unfortunately, my epidural top up didn’t work quick enough, so I ended up under general anaesthetic. My husband was able to give Isla her first feed of colostrum whilst I was in recovery, and then I was able to meet my baby girl. The midwife was able to help me with skin to skin and to start breastfeeding – something I’ll never forget how amazing it felt. We ended up having 2 nights in hospital after my c-section and so Isla and I could be treated for infection, so whilst it was slightly rubbish being away from my husband, the midwives were amazing at helping me establish breastfeeding and thank goodness for being able to FaceTime people! Whilst the birth wasn’t the one I’d hoped for, the knowledge I’d gained from the course helped me massively at each stage to know I was doing the best thing for me and baby.

For more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.

Emma’s Positive Cesarean Birth Story

Emma’s Positive Cesarean Birth Story

Positive Birth story- 39 weeks elected C section FTM

Introducing our gorgeous girl Effie Frances born Monday 23rd November weighing 8lb 1oz. Due to being a higher risk pregnancy because of high BMI I had increased growth scans and knew from 32 weeks that baby was breech. This didn’t come as a massive surprise as I was breech and could tell from baby’s movements that she wasn’t head down. 

I was given the choice of an ECV as breech vaginal birth was kind of taken off the table. I wasn’t keen on the idea anway and it was implied that although some midwives have had training in breech delivery, the normal course of action is elected C section if ECV is unsuccessful. Had I wanted to deliver natural breech I could have pushed for this but I’ll be honest I wasn’t precious about having a natural delivery so the decision was probably easier for me to make. 

An ECV was offered but after a consultation I opted against it due to its 50/50 success rate and by this point (38 weeks+2) baby was still breech and I didn’t want to put the baby through anything unnecessary so opted for a c section. I was told that the section would be booked for the following week as I’d be then 39 weeks which came as a shock as we were then faced with the reality that we’d have baby the following week! To my surprise, later that same day the hospital called and the c section was booked in for Monday 23rd afternoon! 

My partner and I watched the ceasarean parts of the course which we found useful and also tips on breathing which really helped whilst I was prepped for theatre and during the section. 

The whole process went really well and the team at St. Mary’s in Manchester cared for all of us brilliantly. The section itself wasn’t as scary as I’d imagined and luckily I had few complications which made the surgery and aftercare pretty straightforward. I won’t lie and say it isn’t without its discomforts but I think section and natural delivery both have these!

The experience of seeing our baby girl being born will be one I’ll never forget. I was worried about her latching as read section babies can struggle and it can take a while for milk to come in but she latched almost straight away during skin to skin in theatre. My advice to any other elected c section mums is it’s not as worrisome as you imagine, you can still have a really positive birth experience and you’re surrounded by professionals so ask questions if you’re not sure. Even in a theatre environment you can still request certain things like music, skin to skin, cord cutting etc so you still can have that involvement. 

So far I’m healing well and was in hospital from 11am Monday, 4pm section and discharge at 5pm yesterday. I’m sore but can get around, help at home is a definite must and hoping to get out for short walks in about a week or so. Anyway sorry for the essay and good luck to all you mums to be and fellow c section ladies!

For more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Know what you can do to stack the odds in your favour for the birth that you want. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited, prepared and confident for birth.

Juliet’s Birth Story – Cesarean for Breech

Juliet’s Birth Story – Cesarean for Breech

Bonnie Alexandra was born at 12:12 Friday 30th October at 39+2 weeks, via elective C-Section (breech bubba) at Ninewells hospital in Dundee. She made her grand entrance to the song “this will be (an everlasting love)” by Natalie Cole 🥰

Although it wasn’t the birth we were hoping for initially, we managed to keep a really calm and positive mind set thanks to Beth’s advice on TBTBC online, especially advice about controlling what you can and letting go of what you can’t. 

Even our midwife commented on how chill we were about accepting certain hiccups we came across during pregnancy!

We felt confident in using the EBRAN to make decisions about things like doing an ECV, giving bubba vitamin K after birth, choosing a section over breech vaginal birth etc and we used the breathing/relaxation techniques during surgery to stay relaxed (as best we could) as well as some lavender oil on a flannel (which I never would have thought to bring in but I’m so glad we did!) My partner felt confident in supporting me and keeping me calm not only during birth but also during pregnancy as he watched all the classes with me! 

We learnt so much and are so glad we decided to do The Bump to Baby Chapter course. Definitely recommend it especially as a first time mumma.

For more information about The Bump to Baby Chapter’s Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Online Course. Videos, checklists, audios & a support group all created by a midwife to get you feeling excited and confident for birth.