Affirmation Apparel

Dress like the SUPERHERO that you are in BB Power Apparel.




💥 100% profits from the Tees go to charity… no joke. That’s 💯 we’re sending to Birth Rights (Birth Hero Tees) and Tommy’s (Superhero Tees)

💥 We want to give you women in our little community an extra level of togetherness. Wear these Tees like your cape when you want to feel strong. Think of it like armour. And know that there are others who are standing with you wearing theirs. We stand together 💥 👯‍♀️

💥 They look bad ass, are super comfy and can be worn in pregnancy and post natal.

💥 Recyclable packaging.

💥 Founded by women, run by women, supporting women, empowering women 💪🏼

With so much love

Beth xxx

Midwife and Founder of The Bump to Baby Chapter

100% of profit donated

100% of profits on our Tee’s are going to two amazing charities. Tommy’s and BirthRights, who have both massively changed the lives of so many families during the pandemic and beyond. We are very proud to be supporting them both.

Knowledge is POWER too!

If there are two things we live for at Bump to Baby Chapter, it’s powerful births and empowered women. If you haven’t already felt the power and ease that knowledge around labour, birth and postnatal care can have, then look no further. For just £34 you could be changing your life forever, no exaggeration.