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Antenatal Classes and Hypnobirthing

Being a midwife, I see so frequently how antenatal classes and hypnobirthing make a difference to women and couples, both in the delivery room and after with their baby. So I have put together these courses with the goal that you…

  • Have antenatal classes from a midwife who SEES BIRTH and CARES FOR women and partners in the delivery room and the immediate time after. Who works in Gloucester so that all the information you will get is up to date and relevant to where you will be giving birth.
  • Have a POSITIVE birth. One where no matter how your baby is born you will look back and feel like it was the most empowering experience of your life to date.
  • Have classes from someone who has been through birth and is a mother, so nothing is sugar-coated and all is honest and real.
  • Know what to expect with having a baby and as new parents. To know what is normal and what is not. How to keep your baby safe and well.
  • Have a tribe of mums/dads so that you can share the highs and lows of parenthood with and you have someone to message in the 2am club.

So here are your two courses:

    1. Hypnobirthing 

  1. Antenatal classes (Both Cheltenham and Gloucester venues)

 Antenatal classes

Antenatal Classes include:

    • Stages of labour
    • Cesarean birth
    • Induction of labour
    • Post natal care

Antenatal classes will include all of your practical information. These classes will take you right from the first contraction through to birth and all that’s in between, through to being at home with your baby doing the first bath or facing the challenges of feeding.

I’m keen to add to the social factor as it is so important to find your village. The classes are really chilled, so relaxed that our Gloucester class get to make use of the bar at the hotel. The partners usually make use of this to have a beer at break.

I co-host the buggy walks in Cheltenham every week, to provide a platform for new mums to have a solid support network from other mums. As a group we also always have a post natal meet up over drinks (and normally cake) as a chance to catch up with your new arrivals.

These antenatal classes are recommended for first time parents.

When, Where & Cost?

The antenatal course runs over four evenings between 7-9/9.30pm. We also arrange the reunion on a date suitable for all.

The cost of the course is £225 per couple.

It is recommended that you book your antenatal classes to start around week 28-34.  Also, if you book within these times then your friends that you meet on the course will be having their babies around the same time.

You can come to an antenatal course at The Hatherley Manor Hotel, Gloucester or The Roastery, Gloucester or Baker and Graze, Cheltenham.

Antenatal Classes Gloucester

The relaxing, chilled and vintage look of The Hatherley Manor Hotel, set in the tranquil countryside provide (Thursday) evenings filled with good company, tea/coffee, a bar and shortbread! They have free parking, offers plenty of character and oozes serenity. The perfect combo for these modern antenatal classes. It is  located for easy access from Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury.

The Roastery is situated in Quedgeley. This venue is chilled, spacious and laid back. There’s drinks and cake so an ideal evening to spend with friends and learn all about birth and becoming new parents.

For date options and to book online click here.

Antenatal Classes Cheltenham

Here at The Bump to Baby Chapter I want to make antenatal class evenings that even your non-pregnant friends will want to come along to. This is why I have chosen the relaxed, quirky and chilled out setting of Baker and Graze. It sets the tone for a laid back antenatal class filled with friends, Baker and Graze’s Cheltenham famous doughnuts, smoothies and coffee. Obviously there will be lots of info to prepare you for your birth and your life with a new baby too.

For date options and to book online click here.


Hypnobirthing should be on EVERY woman’s agenda when pregnant. Hence why this course is recommended regardless of what number baby this is for you. You only have to hear what mums say to know that doing a Hypnobirthing course is a no-brainer. It’s something, as a midwife, I feel is so important that all couples booked onto antenatal classes at TBTBC can have 30% off when doing a hypnobirthing day too (email me for the code). Despite the name, it is not the clock swaying, sleep inducing witchcraft that immediately comes to mind. So what actually IS it I hear you say…?

Hypnobirthing is an antenatal programme, focussed on changing your perception of birth from the ear-piercing scream induced images we have from OBEM to the instinctive, empowering and positive experience that birth should be. It focuses on how to have a positive birth, NOT a natural birth (although hypnobirthing does reduce the chances of intervention) so that you will look back on your baby’s birth as an experience you will want to remember and cherish. It is for those ladies who want to feel in control, who want to make informed choices and have confidence in what’s going on.

The Hynobirthing courses here are hypnobirthing essentials, so are shorter than other courses. This is because they are designed for either second or more time mothers who do not need as greater detail as a first time mother. Or for first time mothers/couples who have already done or are booked onto an antenatal course. This course acts as a great refresher for any pregnant mother who wants to refresh their hypnobirthing from last time or use hypnobirthing for a more positive birth this time round. This course is solely focussed on reducing fear, preparing coping strategies for all births and staying in control of your birth.

These days include:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Deep relaxation
  • Tips for a positive birth
  • Birth affirmations
  • Understanding hormones and the body and how it is built to give birth
  • Understanding the mind and how your mind plays a role in your birth experience
  • How your birth partner can support you
  • Goody bag with all the essentials to continue your hypnobirthing.. practice, practice, practice!
  • Ongoing support till you have had your baby
  • Lunch

When, Where & Cost?

The Hypnobirthing Essentials day runs over a Saturday, 10 am – 4.00 pm.

You can come on a hypnobirthing course at any point from 20 weeks. The earlier you start, the more time you have to practise the techniques.

The cost of the course including lunch is:

Women Only Course – £185

Couples Course – £220

Venue for Hypnobirthing Cheltenham is at The Greenways Spa, Shurdington Road, Cheltenham or Cowley Manor Hotel, Cheltenham.

To check dates and book the Hypnobirthing Essentials, click here for women only and click here for couples

If you’d prefer one to one sessions please get in touch.


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The Bump to Baby Chapter
#MyBumptoBabyChapter and an AWESOME review from Rachel and Alex who had their baby boy just over a week ago... isn’t he scrummy ❤️ Congratulations to you both!!!

“8 days in and finally got 5 minutes....

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Beth and her amazing @thebumptobabychapter classes! Both myself and Alex thoroughly enjoyed every session; for Beth’s never ending knowledge on everything labour and baby related, her total honesty that made the scary bits weirdly not seem so scary anymore; and her general funny and welcoming attitude 🥰 we were genuinely sad when our sessions came to an end as they had been the highlight of our week!

We learnt so much during our classes that really prepared us both for the birth and aftercare of our little Archie 😍 even during my brief moments of panic where I stopped using my breathing effectively, Alex was right by my side to remind me and to breath through it with me to get me back on track, honestly couldn’t have done it without his support and encouragement!!

Beth was also completely respectful of our decision not to post anything pregnancy related until after the safe arrival of our little boy, strategically putting us on the end of our group photo so we could be cropped out!! Might seem a daft thing to say, but for anyone that wishes to do the same, please don’t be put off attending these sessions as your wishes will absolutely be respected ☺️

It also gave us the opportunity to meet the loveliest couples, which has been great to share experiences both pre and post baby at all hours of the day.... and night 🕢😴!! So excited to get a date in the diary for a reunion with all our beautiful bundles 😍”
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