❤️ positive birth story from a first time mum❤️

My little Jacob was born yesterday at 7.36pm weighing 7lb 13. The only reason I’m having time to post this today is because he’s got a little infection and has been taken to the neonatal ward for a few days. Initially I couldn’t go with him and was very upset but i can go and see him as much as I like now and he’s doing well, should be home in a few days 

On Monday (2 days overdue) I had an unsuccessful sweep and was told my cervix was too far back to reach and completely unfavourable. I felt really discouraged because was looking forward to meeting baby and didn’t want to wait much longer! 9 hours later at 0130am my waters broke. I was so shocked! Got checked in hospital and told to go home and wait for labour to start. By the time I got home at 4.30am I was having mild contractions and by 9am they were coming every 5 minutes but still manageable. However by 1130am they were 2 minutes apart and I was starting to struggle. I called hospital and they told me to try and hang on another hour but 30 minutes later the TENS machine had lost its edge and I went in. The car ride and arrival is a bit of a blur. On arrival i was 2cm dilated but because things were progressing so quickly they were happy to keep me on the delivery suite.

3 hours later I was 6cm so got into the birthing pool. 3 hours after that my little boy was born. I was initially given gas and air but gave up on it after a while as i felt too funny and it was preventing me from focusing. Pushing the head out was something I’ll never ever forget 😂 all the midwives told me I was incredibly calm and focused and I only have this course to thank for that, the breathing was a life saver!! 

I literally got my perfect birth and feel so lucky. Water birth, little pain relief, starting labour at home and having my partner with me the whole time. It was also a relatively quick labour for a first birth which again was great. I learnt so much from this course and honestly don’t know if I would have survived pregnancy without this group. I love that you can post anything no matter how embarrassing and TMI and you always get positive responses. As I said earlier, I’ve struggled a bit today with my little boy being a bit unwell and the prospect of staying in hospital for a few days, but obviously I know this is the right thing for him and the course has taught me to stay positive and see the best in things. 

Thank you Beth!! I’ll be back in the group for baby number 2 (no time soon 😂) without a shadow of a doubt!!!

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