Breastfeeding, especially in the early days, can leave you pinned to the sofa beneath a hungry baby. Your recovery from birth can often be overlooked as you focus on the needs of your new little one, but it is so important to look after you too! A breastfeeding basket can help to ensure that your needs as a new mum are met alongside your baby’s. A breastfeeding basket is simply a basket or caddy filled with essential items and placed in the areas you are likely to be feeding, like reachable from your sofa, to help you have access to them when needed. Here are our 7 must-have items for yours!

  1. A Water Bottle

    The first rule of breastfeeding is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Taking care of yourself is so important, and breastfeeding is thirsty work. Ensuring you are drinking enough will also help your body to increase and maintain milk supply. If you find drinking water gets boring, add some berries or cucumber to give it a light refreshing flavour.
  2. All the Snacks

    Anything tasty and easy to eat one handed; granola bars, nuts, biscuits, dried fruit, popcorn.
  3. Pain Killers*, Postnatal Vitamins, and any Medication you take*

    Having them here is a handy and convenient way to help you remember to take them.
  4. Affirmation Cards

    Breastfeeding journeys can come with their challenges, for something so natural it certainly doesn’t always feel that way. It is so important to be kind to yourself, and remember how incredible you are. We love this set from No Milk Like Mamas , or you could make your own!
  5. Muslins

    You’re going to get through a lot of these in the early months of motherhood, they are perfect for spills and spit ups so make sure your basket is stocked with a few.
  6. Magazines or a book

    Sometimes when you sit down to feed a little one, you really are in it for the long haul. Scrolling a phone can be a way to while away the time, but if you’re wanting to get away from the screen then your favourite magazine or a … book can be a great way to allow you to sit and relax whilst also feeding your baby.

7. Breastpads

In the early days, you are gonna need ‘em, so stock up and make sure you’ve got plenty to hand for those soggy changes.

*Make sure you have checked with your doctor before taking any painkillers or medications or supplements. The Breastfeeding Network also has great information on what drugs are breastfeeding safe.

For more tips on breastfeeding, read our blog on Breastfeeding Tips or Milk Squirt Squirt Squirt Squirt Squirt. And, whatever your feeding experience is or whatever path it takes, remember – Mama You are Amazing.