✨Quick labour
✨tens machine
✨Gas and Air

So firstly I’d like to introduce our little boy Theodore Hunter James Marsh…. arrived on his due date 5/3/21 @ 3.40am weighing a lovely 8lb 7oz. 💙

A massive thank you to Beth Kitt for this course as I truly feel I wouldn’t of been half as prepared to take on labour without the knowledge you give in this course. I started having period like cramping on Thursday morning 4/3/21 around 11am …. didn’t think much of it so took on the advice from the course and went on a nice little waddle (I’d say walk but the size of my bump- it was deffo a waddle) and kept active without over doing it…. around 1pm I decided to go for a nap all of 45/50 minutes.

Forward to 4.30pm the pains had ramped up a little by this stage so I took a warm bath…. didn’t last long due to having sever itching in late pregnancy (they are still unsure of what it could be- and it was put down to my body having enough of being pregnant) 🤷🏼‍♀️ anyway… got out the bath etc. Next thing around 5.30pm I started to time my contractions with an app…. these were coming and going around every 9 mins to start with…. I’m thinking that’s fine not an issue …. I didn’t want to go into hospital too soon due to Covid and not being able to have my partner there until active labour so we got to work at home by doing my breathing (partner was THE best ever at keeping me controlling my breathing with each contraction) as they were getting pretty strong come 6.30 and about every 5 mins….. I decided to call the labour ward and let them know about my contractions to which they said perfectly fine … when they get to being every 2-3 mins apart and lasting around 45-60 seconds give us a call… so on goes the TENS machine to help me out.

Fast forward to 9.45pm ish I got my partner to call the ward saying i needed some pain relief…. and we were told to make our way in. By this time i am praying I am 4cm dilated so that my partner could stay with me.
Got to the hospital…. around 10.30 shown to our labouring room and after what felt like eternity a midwife came back and did a vaginal examination- VOILA 4cm 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

After this things started to heat up…. I continued with just the tens machine and breathing until 12.30 then I needed Gas and air to take the edge off…. perfect. Got into the birthing pool around 12.45…. an hour later 1.40am I am feeling the urge to push!!
Midwife was fantastic and said to go with my body, listen to it and do whatever it wants…. so I started a little push here and there with my contractions …. to which she checked me and I was 9cm dilated!!! At this point I have raving at my body on how it managed to get from 4cm to 9cm in no time at all.

At this point my waters popped in the pool and the word meconium was mentioned…. so out the pool I had to get for extra monitoring … and onto the bed. I tried to lie on my side but for me this didn’t work out…. and as they couldn’t find babies heart rate with the CTG straps … he needed to have a clip on his head to up went to feet into stirrups 😂 By this point I am shattered…. and I find myself saying to the midwife I can’t do this anymore… to which she replied yes you can you’re nearly there!

After pushing for 2 hours and what felt like a lifetime…. I pushed our little bundle of joy into the world… I did have to have an episiotomy as he decided to come out sideways…. yes you read that right bloody sideways- he wanted to exit using the biggest and widest part of him… All I can say is I’m super proud as a FTM for using just Gas and Air …. trust me I wanted an epidural but the labour was so quick I didn’t have time 😂

So ladies trust your bodies, they really are amazing… you have this and you can do this 💪🏻💪🏻😘

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