⭐️ FTM Positive Birth Story with a bit of drama at the end ⭐️ 

(Sorry if it’s long) 

Monday 2nd November at 38weeks+2 after a day of giggling in front of the tele with my better half my waters broke around 10:15pm. I had the cliche pop and gush moment not long after getting into bed. 

We called triage and they advised us to come in to confirm that my waters had gone and to check me and baby. 

Even with maternity pads and towels I still managed to gush through onto the car seat on the way to hospital 😬 

Baby and I were checked over and we were all ok, so it was back home for us to hopefully get things going naturally with an induction booked for 24hours later. 

Tuesday 3rd November I was contracting all day. No back pain and just period style cramps. I downloaded the Freya app and monitored my contractions and on 2 occasions it advised I was likely in established labour but things slowed down and were a bit on and off at times, so I kept up with my breathing throughout the day and went back to hospital at 10:15pm that evening for my induction time. 

On arrival my partner was sent home and I was set up on the maternity ward. My contractions continued to be regular but manageable with the breathing techniques learnt through the course. I bought a TENS machine and popped that on whilst I got changed in my bay but I personally found it uncomfortable so I whipped it back off.

Babes and I were monitored on the EFM for half an hour or so and at 11:30pm I was examined. To my surprise I was told I was a comfortable 5cm dilated. This meant I didn’t need to be induced 🙏🏼 and I would be able to give birth in the birth centre and in the pool, which was my ‘ideal birth plan’. 

The midwife gave me a sweep and I had a large show. I was left for things to ‘ramp up’ so I just continued to breathe my way through each contraction and stayed as relaxed as I could in the strange environment I found myself in all alone (thanks Rona). I also remembered to pee a lot!!

By 2:00am my contractions were starting to feel a lot stronger and I was needing to focus on my breathing more and more, so I buzzed for the midwife. I used Beth’s 4 and 7 breathing technique with the window next to my bed (great tip)! 

Me and baby were placed back on the EFM and monitored for half an hour again. I don’t think I was able to lie down once during that time and using ‘U.F.O’ I stood up, lent over the bed, walked where I could and thrust my hips to help cope with contractions. 

I was examined again and informed I was 9cm dilated 😳  

With still no pain relief other than a couple of paracetamol I was pretty shocked. 

The midwife said she would call the birth centre and get me moved over. It was 2:45am and I immediately called my partner and told him he needed to get to hospital and fast. 

As soon as I ended the call I felt my body starting to push. I buzzed for the midwife again and I told her my body was starting to push. 

After what felt like an age, at just after 3am I was wheeled to the birth centre and into my birth room. It was already set up with dimmed lights, soft music, an aromatherapy diffuser, lights and the pool ready for me to get in. It was everything I had hoped for. I met my amazing new midwife Lauren and she instantly made me feel calm and at ease. She helped me into the pool where I maintained ‘U.F.O’ and I started going with my body and pushing with each contraction, focusing on breathing as best as I could. Lauren said she would have offered me gas and air but by that stage it could have hindered my focus so we pushed on, literally! 

I started to panic that my partner would miss baby’s birth so I called him at 3:30am and luckily he said ‘I’m in the lift’ and moments later he arrived. 

He jumped straight into action and was incredible, helping me through each push, repeating what Lauren was telling me. 

I pushed and breathed, pushed and breathed and at 4:07am, our little girl made her appearance. 

With no pain relief I felt like one strong mama 💪🏼 

What happened next is where the drama starts. As we lifted baby up my cord snapped and the pool filled with blood. Baby was in shock and unable to take a first breath so the second midwife came in but as they whisked her away I heard my little girl cry. She was brought back to me and placed in my arms. I sobbed with joy! 

Unsure why my cord had snapped I was given the injection to deliver my placenta, which I had to go to the loo to ease out. 

After some skin to skin and breastfeeding my midwife brought my placenta back into the room to explain something quite distressing. I was informed that I had an undiagnosed type 1 vasa previa and a short cord. Essentially this is when the umbilical cord fails to attach into the correct part of the placenta and instead attaches to the fetal membranes and vessels. 

The vessels are at high risk of rupturing during labour and delivery which will lead to massive fetal blood loss and can be fatal. 

We were extremely lucky that this didn’t happen and that everything was ok. After doing some reading, when diagnosed with vasa previa, c-sections are usually recommended because of the high risk of birth injury to baby. 

I didn’t process the information until the next day when my next midwife, following a shift change, said how lucky we were and how it filled her dread just thinking about what could have happened! 

So it turns out our little lady is one very lucky special baby and we will treasure her endlessly! 

She is our whole world 🌍 

💜 Lily Emilia Rhodes

💜 Born 04.11.2020 at 38weeks+4 weighing a dinky 6lbs 9oz 

I am so proud of my birth story and wish to give a big thank you to The Bump to Baby Chapter for giving me the power to birth my baby with confidence and without pain relief. It was the most rewarding experience of my life and one I will never forget! 🥰

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