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Beth and her team from The Bump to Baby Chapter are midwives. That’s what makes over here so different from the rest. We work in Gloucester Royal hospital so we’re catching babies weekly or looking after mothers and newborns on the maternity ward.

Being midwives, we see so frequently how antenatal classes and hypnobirthing make a difference to women and their partners, both in the birth room and after with their baby. So we have put together The Bump to Baby Chapter. Winner of The Best Pregnancy Support Service, Gloucestershire.

The Courses

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes will include all of your practical information. These classes will take you right from the first contraction through to birth and all that’s in between, through to being at home with your baby doing the first bath or facing the challenges of feeding.

Cheltenham and Gloucester


A one day course, focussed on birth techniques. It will change your perception on birth to one that you will actually be excited for labour. It focuses on how to have a positive birth for all types of births, although hypnobirthing does reduce the chances of intervention. It is for those ladies who want to feel in control, who want to make informed choices and have confidence in what’s going on.

Push It Real Good Buggy walk

Find your tribe

We also want to make sure that you get to meet some other great Mums. The buggy walks are open to all but are often filled with TBTBC mothers. Weekly buggy walks- welcome to all.

11am meet at Pittville Pump rooms

Midwife Blog


Birth Stories, Birth Tips, Life with a newborn. No judgement here.


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