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The home of midwife led antenatal education and hypnobirthing courses.

The (co) home of the Push It Real Good buggy walks.

Blogs for pregnant and new mothers.. Providing an online mothering community that’s honest and non-judgemental. Written by midwives and mothers.


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The Bump to Baby Chapter

Antenatal classes and hypnobirthing in Gloucestershire. Hypnobirthing midwives giving you real and honest coping strategies & advice straight from the birthing room floor. Blogs for the pregnant and new mother.
The Bump to Baby Chapter
The Bump to Baby Chapter8 hours ago
Beth from MAMA Life London explores how the strength of mind used in exercise can be tapped into for birth. But also how when you have been through birth you take home not just a baby but the belief that you can take on anything!

Beth you are One Strong MAMA 💪

“You can do this, keep pushing on. You’ve been through childbirth.” This is the mantra I repeated in my head over and over again when I pushed my body to its physical limits climbing three of the highest mountains in the UK in 24 hours. My mind and body were both at the point of total fatigue on the second mountain.”
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