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WINNER of The Best Pregnancy Support Service in Gloucestershire 2017 with Gloucestershire’s Family Awards.

The home of midwife led antenatal education and hypnobirthing courses.

The (co) home of the Push It Real Good buggy walks.

Blogs for pregnant and new mothers.. Providing an online mothering community that’s honest and non-judgemental. Written by midwives and mothers.

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The Bump to Baby Chapter

Winner of 🌟The Best Pregnancy Support Service in Gloucestershire 2017🌟, The Bump to Baby Chapter has something for everyone. 🌟For expectant couple wanting to know all you need to know about labour, baby and those early days we have midwife led antenatal courses. 🌟For a second or third time mother wanting to birth without fear after a negative birth experience. There’s hypnobirthing one day classes for the busy Mum. 🌟Free blogs with tips on birth and baby for all 🌟Buggy walks in Cheltenham for new mothers to bring the sisterhood in motherhood. So whatever stage of pregnancy and whatever number baby have a look at the page, website and get involved 🌟
The Bump to Baby Chapter
The Bump to Baby Chapter
'Words are the most powerful drug known to humanity.' - Kipling

I HAD to have a cesarean....
You HAVE to have an induction...

Here's a little secret for you, you actually don't HAVE to do anything in your birth or your pregnancy.

It's your birth. YOU are in control.

Let me give you an example... You go overdue by 14 days, the advice is that you have an induction. You can either...

a) Think that you HAVE to have an induction, you go into the hospital reluctantly knowing that this was something that you didn't want to happen as it wasn't part of your birth plan. Your birth experience is only just starting and you are already feeling that you are out of control.


b) You are now faced with a choice, a decision that you have to make. You can either decline the induction and have a plan put in place to keep your baby safe. Or you choose to accept the induction and you go into hospital feeling empowered that you have made a choice to keep your baby safe.

Two tiny words that make all the difference... There is no HAVE to's or HAD to's in birth. Only choices that you can accept or decline. If you always think like this during your birth then you will always feel empowered, in control and accepting of your birth experience.

I'd love to hear if anyone can relate to these examples from their own birth?? I find that words alone can make such a difference to all expectant mothers but especially those who have birthed before as it makes them feel more confident second/third/fourth time around.

I'll be here at The Greenway Hotel and Spa on this fine Saturday with 8 lovely couples who want to birth like a boss. Words are a massive part of hypnobirthing which is why we use birth affirmation cards (from Anthonissa Moger - The Hypnobirthing Midwife ) that help keep your mindset positive and strong about birth. You get a pack as part of every TBTBC hypnobirthing course.

Just as an FYI to anyone who is wanting to do both antenatal classes and hypnobirthing with us, at the moment booking both courses you get 50% off the hypnobirthing. Come January 1st, you will still get this course discounted but at a lesser rate of 30%. You can book onto any course with a £50 deposit for anyone who wants to secure the bigger discount before 2019.

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